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bootstrap; replacing div html


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I have a target div element for a callback,

<div id='placehtmlhere'></div>

The first call fills that empty div element


Later, a second call executes, but this time the layout changes.  If I load the first call parameter (getting the very first

result set again) it changes too.


I there something going on in the bootstrap grid I don't know about?

<div class='container'>
   <div class='row'>
      <div class='col-md-6'>
         <table border='0' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='1'>
                  <div id='placehtmlhere'> </div>
      </div>   <!-- end col 6 -->

Do I need to tickle it... let it know the HTML is changing?  If nothing is apparent, it must be just some bad css coding I guess.  Thanks for any suggestions.


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You css code is right. but check your script code of your php. Check this code again : 


That's JavaScript, and assuming that the browser encounters the proper <script> tag, and 'xmlHttp' is an object with a property named 'responseText', and there are no previous execution errors in the page's JavaScript, it should do exactly what it says it will do. :)

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