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Dealing With Windows 10 Display Settings

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HI All,

On Windows 10 systems (and I guess on others) there is a display setting called something like «Change the size of text, apps, and other items » that the user can set to their liking (100%, 125%, …).

Let’s suppose UserA et UserB each use exactly the same laptop (same brand, same model, Windows 10 installed, same physical screen resolution) and that they use the same web browser with zoom level set to 100%. Let’s suppose also that UserA sets the above Windows 10 display setting to 100%, and that UserB sets it to 125%. For a given web page, UserB will likely see the text in a bigger size than UserA.

Is there a way for a web developer to take this into account with pure CSS in such a way that their website looks the same on both computers ?


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The whole point of using 125% was to make text bigger and, presumably, more legible. What you're asking is to do the exact opposite of what the user wants. So don't.

But there is nothing stopping you from sizing the elements on your page relative to the window size, eg, with percentages or possibly vw/vh units.

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I'm pretty sure - though I could be wrong - that rem and em take browser zoom into account, so if I'm right that could be another thing to look at. Although requinix is correct - the entire point is to make the font bigger. It can be pretty safely assumed that people that use the zoom functionality know they're messing with the designer/developer intent of a site and are OK with it. Kinda like turning off JavaScript in your browser - you do it and you pretty much forfeit the right to complain about site functionality (now days, anyway).

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