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"Authentification failure" - when trying to access superuser on bash

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hello dear all,


i am running Armbian on a Banana Pi for more than one month - all goes well


No i wanted to do some checks - and i wanted to check the version of the kernel on bash  - with /etc/armbian-version


but this is only accessible when logged in as superuser


At the moment i do not remember the credentials for the super user


so i enter su

and then a passwd - but i get back "Authentification failure"


BTW: with password 1234 i do not succeed.


question: What can i do now!?

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You can't see the OS version without root? That's messed up.

If you don't remember the root password, and sudo is not asking for your normal user account password, then you need to reset the root password. One of these may help.

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su requires the root password.

sudo requires your user account password, but requires that access is properly configured to do anything.

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