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Displaying associated array element?

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I have this array:

$cats = array( 
    "A"=>'Business Expansion Specialist',
    "B"=>'Affiliate Page',
    "C"=>'Personal: Hobbies',
    "D"=>'Personal: Pets',
    "E"=>'Personal: Holidays',
    "F"=>'Personal: Sport',
    "G"=>'Personal: C.V.',
    "H"=>'Personal: Other',
    "I"=>'For Sale: Antiques',


And then from a table I get the variable $cat_cd.

$cat_cd contains 'F' so it refers to 'Personal: Sport'

If I want to put that in  $category,   how would I write that?

I thought it might be ....

$category = $cats['$cat_cd'];  

I tried that and it didn't work .






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A rule of PHP is that php vars do not get interpreted if wrapped in single quotes.  Leave them off in this case or use double quotes.

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To add to that, only put variables into (double-quoted) strings if you want a string and it's going to be more than just the contents of that variable. Like writing "$foo" is making it unnecessarily complicated - just $foo is enough. Meanwhile "abc $foo xyz" makes sense because you've got the "abc" and "xyz" bits in there too.

unless you want to cast the variable to a string, which "$foo" would do and $foo would not, but if that's the case then you should cast it like (string)$foo instead

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