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Visual Studio and Extension Packets.


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3 hours ago, requinix said:

I use mostly PHP Debug and PHP Intelephense.

I am doing the same as @requinix.  I also paid the $15  fee to get the registered/upgraded capabilities of Inteliphense.  Just make sure you follow the instructions for the use of Inteliphense.  Very worth it.  

Key thing to do after you install intelliphense:


Disable the built-in VSCode PHP Language Features.

Go to Extensions.

Search for @builtin php

Disable PHP Language Features. Leave PHP Language Basics enabled for syntax highlighting.

Note that other (3rd party) PHP extensions which provide similar functionality should also be disabled for best results.

VSCode's built in Emmet support is a killer feature when you are writing a lot of html.  


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Thanks to everyone. I understand everything you write and tip about. I appreciate it. Right now it's hard for me to start with this since I was hospitalized again today, but they say I'm out again this weekend. It's nothing serious. Just a little surgery to adjust a little on a prosthesis I have in my body. I'm going to do a little bit with mine anyway, but not exactly with VSC. I have to learn that from scratch, so to speak, and that is not the right thing to do when you have been given a lot of drugs. Therefore, there will probably be some questions from me that are not quite after the book.🤪🙄😴 (maybe)

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On 1/18/2022 at 11:03 PM, gizmola said:

Hope your recuperation goes well.  We'll be here when you are feeling better. 

Yes, it did.  I am on my way back now and feeling better, much better. Thank you for the good thoughts. Before i start over where i left before i went to the hospital i have to deal with some other work. Then i can start over looking at VS and all the possibilities the program have insde with the right extensions package activated. See you.... (all)

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Since I started this thread for my VS code questions, I might as well continue with my beginner thread and get started with questions. I would like a geting started guide that takes me through the basics until I have started with "my projects". I'm not that fond of videos on youtube. They are usually of an Indian who has a strange English accent or a drunk Russian who sounds like he is standing with a knife to his throat and a gun against the thaw in drunkenness. I have a hard time understanding them. Therefore, I want to read and look at pictures.

So if there is anyone who has a few links to share to a needy novice VS Code user who is in training, then I would be very happy 😊😂👍👌

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How about the official Docs:  https://code.visualstudio.com/docs

Once setup ok, go through these short "microsoft recommended" videos.  https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/getstarted/introvideos

They are all pretty short and go over the basics.

I reviewed enough of this video tutorial to know that it is clear, concise and well presented, and doesn't suffer from the issues you described in some previous videos you might have seen previously.   You might consider giving it a shot.  It was made by a guy who worked on the official Python extension at Microsoft, so he really knows the editor very well.



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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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