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Up to 6 Numbers followed by a letter

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I have the following expression but it doesn't work as I wish it to...


I need any 6 numbers followed by an M.... however, it can be any 5 numbers followed by an M... for example

123456M = Valid
1234M = Valid

123445 = Invalid
RANDOM = Invalid


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3 hours ago, DanRz said:

The braces specify a repetition range, like so: {min[,max]}.  If you only set the min value then it is an exact count.

So what you have says match exactly 5 digits, no more and no less. Presumably, you'd want to instead match between 0 and 5 digits, assuming something like 8M is valid.  To do that, you set both values accordingly.



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Bonus fact: the default min value is 0 and the default max value is unbounded/infinity, so if you use that comma (to indicate it's not an {exact} count but a {min,max} range) then you can leave out the min value itself to get the same "up to X" count.



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