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After having another look at your site, I have to admit, your background is too plain, and your page uses the typical white bg, black font format, making it look very boring. Since there arent many links to other pages, so I had a quick read through your content, it says something about refreshing the page, and click on tools in order to adjust the option of my browser to see the page. The logo of your page is also very odd, its a blue "i" and the title of your page says "the page cannot be displayed". I tried your page on FF, and suprisingly, it had a whole different look, your logo, from a big "i", it became a exclamation mark in a trangle, and gave me a button asking to "try again".

I believe you should have a same plain page structure and content throughout different browsers, and try to have more links on your homepage in order to let users see other pages on your site. Feel free to post threads here if you dont know how to do that.

Nice try though.


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It seems to be back up.


A few things - you really need to style your text and headings.

The news on the left - looks like google ads. It needs colour, styling, positioning of heading text and background colors.


Similiarly with the headings in the main text. Choose a colour, a bottom border color or something to style it up within the main body of text.


As said here before, the top banner (well the left part of it) should be a link to the home/index of the website.


Hehe - I get the Members list of people. "Fair enough" I hear you say, then I go and spam them with Lost Password Emails :)

Asking for their email address which is not given out might be a better solution.


Warning: imagepng() [function.imagepng]: Unable to open './images/temp/verify.png' for writing in /home/adamwts/public_html/imageverify.php on line 32

on the register page.


I'll leave it there.


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i'd change the very top "Login or Register to take full advantage of this site!" banner completely. the colouring of it makes it look like my popup blocker, so is immediatly offputting and distracting (i tend to stay away from sites that force popups - and whilst yours doesnt give me any, i naturally want to navigate away from the page as soon as i see that)

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Thanks for your replies, keep them coming so I can improve the website. I will improve it all after I have finished the image hosting script I am creating.


Sorry for the downtime, my host is upgrading their cable connection, so I complained and got a free upgrade to one of their better suervers which isn't being affected by this change. So, sorry for any inconvenience.



Adam! :)

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i'd change the very top "Login or Register to take full advantage of this site!" banner completely. the colouring of it makes it look like my popup blocker


Agreed. The first thing I thought about when seeing that bar was some sort of browser notice. It makes me skip that part of the screen and it actually took me a while to realize that it was part of the site's content.


Also, I don't know why, but the news on the right side does in some sort look like ads to me, giving the same result as above - not looking at it.

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Down again:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'adamwts'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /home/adamwts/public_html/conf.php on line 9

Access denied for user 'adamwts'@'localhost' (using password: YES)


What colour should I make the top bar, or how could I make it look so users would see it?

I'd probably figure out some other way to tell the people that they can login or register.

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I like the header its really pleasing to the eye. Then i look below it and think ergh!! Plus loose the text buttons they just dont go well with the header, make them into graphics and have a nice rollover, maybe javascript with a slow fade.


The content area looks like a totally different site to me. The two just dont go together. Looks to me as if the main content is built from a blogging template of some kind? U need to intergrate more of a GUI into content area. You can use CSS to make some nice layouts.


Plus i agree with everyone else loose the bar at the top of the page! It really isnt pleasing and your eyes are drawn to it instantly loosing the focus on he content! Also u already have the same thing at the top of your left hand bar? Why repeat it??


On the 'members area' page. Id recommend that you just put in a login here instead of the user having to click again to get to the login screen!


Lastly, on your members list page how about seperating each row with an alternate background colour? It would make it so much easier to read! Also how about popping in a last login and number of posts...


I hope this helps you will get there in he end! Good luck with your community

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I (and probably other people too) would prefer to be supplied with a demo account in order to test/view the member-only pages.


I im sorry, but I wouldn't be able to do that for security reasons, besides it'll only take 1 minute to signup, and also give you a chance to test any bugs in the registration script that I haven't yet not found.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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