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Ehh... Not so good. My biggest problem with it is the movement-there's something moving or spinning or changing in every corner of the page, and it can get distracting. The top banner is really compressed and low-quality, and the color scheme could use a little work.

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yeah, agreed...way too much movement going on.  I like the spinning thing over the logo and you could work with the little runners that move down the header, but make them smaller and make them continue down the header to the bottom and then start over again at the top.  I don't like how they move half way down and then stop and start over again, should be a seamless movement.


like this



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im just going to be super honest. I think that site is dated to the max and sucks pretty bad, does not lend credibility to the bank (im in banking). No way in hell would I ever put a credit card number or my account number on that site if it took one. I see lots of random stuff moving around for no reason, and the graphics are really unclear.


If the functionality is there, great, but id completely rethink the entire design. sorry  :-\

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I don't think its really that bad.  :) You dont have to completely change it, but fix some points. This is what I'm thinking:


Do some cross browser tests! On firefox looks messed up and firefox is one of the most standard compliant and best browsers out there. If it doesn't work on FF its not good!  :P It causes an overlap with the pictures of the cars.


There is too much movement. The best solution is to make the news update solid links to not move. You fill up about the top 1/4 of it and completely forget about it! You can easily put it all down in that column.


The footer is messed up. Might be FireFox! So please check (version 1.5).


Again, I don't think you are completely off from getting it to work. The colors are good. Fix some of things I said and what others say. Think like a user! Does a user want moving news updates while checking their banking account and how much money they recently used up and are broke?  ;)

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No way in hell would I ever put a credit card number or my account number on that site if it took one


The site takes neither account numbers nor credit cards.


I don't think the whole thing need be redone, it surely can be improved. I am working on the top picture and also agree with TheFilmGod that movement are little too much. The footer messed-up? i getting firefox 2.0 will see how it looks.

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The footer messed-up?


Not anymore! It looks mad sexy  ;D ;D ;D! I really like the new footer, and please keep it the way you did it now.


One quick thing, the navigation on left, try making the extra links be shown as hover, like each section has more than one link. And make the actual rectangle (like "branches") go to the main page of that section. Where the extra links are displayed visually, perhaps! Like a mini homepage to that section. I click it and the links pop out  ??? and then I have to read more links and see where I need to go? Its a bit too much work user-wise.


I def. like how you are improving it. Do some extra improvements and its going to look mad awesome!!  ;)

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