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I've been web designing for a few years now, and I think this is one of my best layouts. The site is still heavily a WIP, but the layout is staying as is (even if I get bad critiques).


I've got many good reviews for the layout, but I always love more opinions (and to stroke my ego, lol). I'm not looking to advertise, because I tried the web designer route before, and it's too much work for what little free time I have in my life.


I think it's just after looking at it maybe 100 times a day makes me grow weary of it and makes me think it looks like crap now, lol.

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Where to start . . .


The layout works well with the content. On the left, where it says SHO UP CLOSE, you may want to change that to UP CLOSE.


In the Upcoming Events, the "tag" font is annoying.  I couldn't tell what it said when I first entered the site.  You may want to tone it down to a more readable font.


the banner is a bit busy, but works.


The dark green that you use when you first mention "Grizzly" is a little too dark.  It almost blends in with the background.

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It's nice, and the header is cool. The only real problem is the low contrast-get some lighter colours in there instead of the dark grey on darker grey. Aside from the fact that some of the image-text words like Latest News seem a little stretched-out vertically, the heavy use of tables, the massive amount of validation errors, and inaccessible form design, the header is cool.

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I was not aware of the validation errors, although I never really put it through a checker. I'm trying to get the site up and running first the way it needs to look/operate first, then cleaning up the code later. You know, kinda like cleaning up algebra in calculus....wait, scratch that, it's nothing of the same  :P


Moberemk, I would like to know what form is inaccessible, and how, if you care to elaborate.


This is why I'm a game designer, and not a web designer though, lol.

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Well, for one thing, your forms have no label elements, which is pretty bad right there. You also use inline styles (something of a no-no) and you have no alt text. One of the big things in form design is trying to keep it as simple as possible, and your lack of labels, inline styles, and tables really don't help matters.


Also, just a word of advice: it's easier to avoid problems early then fix them later. If you're a game designer, you should understand code debugging, right? It's just like that-get it right the first time.

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The width of your layout will result in a horizontal scroll bar in any browser window that is less than 1024 (and a bit) pixels wide.  Perhaps you could consider using percentage widths (and making your header expandable) on your tables to overcome this.  Most of the layout appears as though it would take well to a liquid design.


Higher contrast in your emphasised text wouldn't go astray.


As for accessibility... don't even think about it if you're using tables... just stick with what you know and accept that spiders won't be able to crawl your content all that simply... nor text readers and the like.

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moberemk, I'm working on making it all w3c valid, however, as anyone can tell you, it's a pain in the ass to fix something correctly...quick fixes are so much easier to use, lol.


448191, I was thinking of upping the padding as well. As for the body text, it's personal preference and until I get a complaint from my employeer about it, I think it stays. If you increase the text size the layout should work...I hope :P


jellis, I'm pretty sure I made the layout so it fits in 1024 wide. That was my intention. It's >900 pixels wide, and again, that's a design preference of mine. I like sites that have expandable outside backgrounds, and nice little middles. It's a design preference. A liquid design could work, but it would make the site wayyy too short if you have a high resolution.


As for spiders....f them, lol. I'm tired of what I can and can't do with them. Can't use id as a variable because Google won't archive it...bleh. So much extra work just to get it working optimized. Same thing with tables. Sure, divs are the wave of the future, but for now, tables are very easy and accessable, and cause the least problems cross-browsers, at least to my knowledge.

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