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  1. You said you have been using inkscape so why not try it yourself to see if it opens the file you are questioning? You would have had an answer in the time it took you to post and wait for a reply. ?
  2. I think your require vendor file needs to have ../ instead of ./
  3. I have 64 bit computer but I failed a y2k38 test returned a date in 1969 lol, guess I'll be finding solution to this. Of course it is using $date = '2040-02-01'; $format = 'l d F Y H:i'; $mydate1 = strtotime($date); echo '<p>', date($format, $mydate1), '</p>'; but when I use $date = '2040-02-01'; $format = 'l j F Y H:i'; $mydate2 = new DateTime($date); echo '<p>', $mydate2->format($format), '</p>'; I get my expected future date
  4. in original post you have action="submiiresults.php" is it really submiiresults or submitresults?
  5. ginerjm was asking you where you are calling the css from, yes you showed the css code but how is your page to know to use that css code
  6. About all I can tell from the image is that you are correct, count is not showing. Maybe show us your code and we could possibly help figure it out.
  7. should mysql_connect really have quotes around variables?
  8. Please show code you have in addname.php
  9. your form is posting to addname.php but it looks like you are trying to add the data to the database on the same page as form. What is your code that is on addname.php page?
  10. Shouldn't they be square brackets at $fields instead of curly braces?
  11. thank you gizmola, no idea why I didnt think of that. @HemendraSingh, Thank you. I will have to learn how to debug javascript and then I will see what you were getting at for that line of code.
  12. my bad I meant to put this in the javascript forum, can an admin please move it?
  13. I have been working on this code for quite some time var ul = top.document.getElementById("sub-menu"); var li = top.document.createElement("li"); var a = document.createElement('a'); var stradd = " (tours.ini not found)"; var linkText = document.createTextNode("<?php echo $loguname;?>"+stradd); a.appendChild(linkText); a.href = "tours_U/<?php echo $loguname;?>/tours.ini"; li.appendChild(a); li.setAttribute("name", "tours_download[]"); li.setAttribute("id", "li<?php echo $loguname;?>"); li.style.fontSize="12px"; ul.appendChild(li); what I am having trouble doing is setting the color of stradd variable. I cannot figure out how to access just that part to make the font color white (parenthesis included). Where can I find documentation to help me sort this out?
  14. Just compare lines 8-16 to lines 20-28 of your code posted above for contact3.php.
  15. Remove single quotation marks at 618 and 625
  16. Create an array to hold all the limited id's then in your if statement check each id to see if it is in the limited id array
  17. I don't use mysqli but seems the query is written wrong to me. dont you need to use something like $result1 = mysqli_query($DBcon, "SELECT........ ??
  18. the query is mysqli and the mysql_num_rows is not
  19. you have $nrowsx defined already, in your if statement change from if(nrowsx to if($nrowsx
  20. nrowsx will always be equal to zero since it isnt defined anywhere. the code you showed is missing the dollar sign before nrowsx
  21. Your error reporting will do nothing. First it has to be inside php tags. And then I don't think it will help you because I see no php code in your posted code. As for the memory thing are you talking about sessions?
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