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  1. if the sum comes out to be 0, will it not display anything?
  2. take a look at this: http://us3.php.net/strtolower or http://us2.php.net/ucwords
  3. I cannot seem to wrap my head around this. In my database I have a rows filled with information, and one of the columns is pnt, and I want to take the pnt columns for that user and add them together for a total. I have created a function, here it is so far: <?php function findPnt($usr){ //adds up the points to find the total points for a user in the football pool $q = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `foot_picks` WHERE `user` = '".$usr."'"); while($p = mysql_fetch_array($q)or die(mysql_error())){ $tot = $p['pnt'] + $p['pnt']; } return $tot; } ?>
  4. No. Save that money, and put it in a computer fund, and when you go obsolete then you will already have the money for later.
  5. ya, I will get on that later!
  6. lol I will make the script to generate a random number, then ask it to input that number.
  7. is it possible to get this thread deleted?
  8. Use a captcha. Either that or ask a simple question for the user to answer, "What's 2 + 2?" YA, but if a bot that was made for this forum, it would know the answer all the time, so it would have to be random.
  9. ya, when I first started learning php, I would always post "how can I do this", and everyone gave me a link to the manual. Then I finally learned to read the manual before posting.
  10. post some links, I have a debian desktop, and server. I can look at them. The desktop has gnome installed, oh wait, it does not have the internet. My server was helped built, OS wise, by thorpe. Now it runs great, and only restarted it once to install a hard drive.
  11. So it sounds like you enjoy php, and want to create a little project of your own, but you have no motive to create a website. Well you could create a CMS, or Forum, and sell them. You could create all sorts of scripts. You could also try to find something new, and inventive for the web, something that has never been done before. You could make something popular, like myspace, youtube, google, yahoo, and etc. did. There are some ideas.
  12. last I was reading this thread you guys where talking about how horrible the website is, and what not. Now you guys are talking about hacking it, I must say "lol"!
  13. lol, oh so I thought you guys would get it since this is a php forum, type this in after the page query, &rofl=18, so you have ?page=home&rofl=18
  14. well it does not allow empty fields at all.
  15. she requested it, and you are on the right track, but not there yet.
  16. Can you find the Easter egg hidden in this website I built for a client? http://www.yorkielicious.com BTW she change a bunch of crap on there, so it looks like poop now.
  17. I guess, but I am not going to stress over it.
  18. Thats funny, I do not have a database attached to this website at all. Its all on text files.
  19. ok, I am working on removing images to have a print friendly version of every page on the website. I have this so far: <?php //include, and other junk if($pf == "yes"){ $txt = rmImg($line); $txt = bb2html($txt); echo $txt; } //some more include, and other junk ?> Functions: <?php function bb2html($text) { $bbcode = array("<", ">", "[p]", "[/p]", "[img=", "]", "[b]", "[/b]", "[u]", "[/u]", "[i]", "[/i]", '[br]', "[size=\"", "[/size]", '[url="', "[/url]", "[mail=\"", "[/mail]", "-*", "*-", "[h1]", "[/h1]", '"]'); $htmlcode = array("<", ">", "<p>", "</p>", "<img src=\"", "\">", "<b>", "</b>", "<u>", "</u>", "<i>", "</i>", "<br />", "<span style=\"font-size:", "</span>", '<a href="', "</a>", "<a href=\"mailto:", "</a>", " ", " ", "<h1>", "</h1>", '">'); $newtext = str_replace($bbcode, $htmlcode, $text); $newtext = nl2br($newtext);//second pass return $newtext; } function title($text){ $bbcode = array("-*", "*-"); $htmlcode = array(" ", " "); $newtext = str_replace($bbcode, $htmlcode, $text); return $newtext; } function rmImg($text){ $html = array("<img", "/>"); $replace = array(" ", " "); $newtext = str_replace($html, $replace, $text); return $newtext; } ?> However, I have this left: src="style/img/pf.png" alt="Print Friendly"> so how would I go about removing the whole entire image tag, not just the <img, and />?
  20. so I guess that means it is good?
  21. Ok, it uses the name, because the name never changes, and it is less scripting on my end to try to find what bowl_name goes with what id. Now I am little bit confused by your code. How in the world do I use such a thing? I thought ordering by the ID in a different table would be easier that what you have compiled there.
  22. The website uses text files, that are in a folder. When the text file is not found, it uses the default, home. so if exist: ?page=warranty, then finds the file that is named warranty and displays it, if it does not it uses the home file. If you add, &pf=yes, then it removes the style for a print friendly version. Now, I want to know if the site is vulnerable.
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