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  1. Will be fixed. Thanks for the input
  2. I will look into creating a user system. thanks guys
  3. I will look into that, perhaps using cookies to track peoples uploads. Better than a constantly changing IP address.
  4. its fairly easy, I'd say for a beginner maybe 4/10
  5. Thanks for feed back, and when you posted your response server was being moved from one cabinet to another, there was a 15min downtime unfortunately. 1. user can click the"logo" go navigate backwards. 2. I don't see a point in that really, if you to get image dimentions you need to upload the file anyway so why upload it twice? if the image is smaller than resize value the don't resize. Thanks =)
  6. you might need to specify a full directory path
  7. try.... error_reporting (E_ALL); right after <?php then post an error
  8. ....nanoIMG.com --time to create 12 days with full debug, and email upload support. --runs on mysql for db, php5, IM =P let me know if you like it, and if you do, use it. my goal is to generate about 3tb of traffic by end of this year. have fun!
  9. did you try.... AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php ?
  10. I'm stuck. I'm trying to add a "counter" system for downloads, say the url is "http://www.domain.com/file.exe" . Now what I need is htaccess to pick up the url and run a php script, and after php is ran go back to actual file and start downloading. The way I have it now, is htaccess picks up the url, runs the php script and reads the file with php as octec-stream. I don't want php reading files each time a user downloads one. Any one have any suggestions?
  11. using the hidden value? <input type=hidden name=myform value="whatever">
  12. detect by ip/hostname... ? if you regex hostname, its usually, bot/crawler/spider/msn/google or something in that area.
  13. the first part does not make any sense as far as php, its javascript pasted into php
  14. search the forum first, this questions has been discussed a gazillion times, along with google you will find all your answers.
  15. try... <?php $firstquarter = array(1 => 'January', 2=>'February',4=>'April');//3=>'March' $firstquarter[3] = "March"; ksort($firstquarter); print_r($firstquarter); ?>
  16. I just tried your from it works fine here.. try it out... <? if($_POST["san"]){ echo "You selected ".$_POST["san"]; } ?> <form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action=""> <label>search <input type="text" name="search" id="search" /> <select name="san"> <option value="main">main site</option> <option value="sister">sister site</option> <option value="other">other site</option> </select> </form> </body>
  17. try... <? if($user_class->house > 0){ echo "<tr><td class='contentcontent' align='center'><a href='house.php?action=sell' onclick=\"return confirm('Do you want to sell your home?');\" >Sell Your House</a></td></tr>"; } ?>
  18. should work just fine... try seeing what "san" is posting... print_r($_POST["san"]);
  19. make sure your form is named properly.
  20. I never said it was right to do, just assuming why it would be there
  21. the directory has to be something like "./toronto/image.jpg" not http://localhost ....
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