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  1. Short answer is I DO NOT know how to limit the input of those characters in the code as well as I DO NOT want to know as I am not a programmer nor want to be or pretend to be one. I do work in IT in a totally different realm. The only reason I have been task to do this, is because I have time to do it. With that said, I hope I answered your questions, in hoping someone else will respond instead of getting the third degree with more questions as to how or why I do what I do!!
  2. update super set `name` = REPLACE(`name`, ',' , ' ') I have the following code that removes the comma in a MySQL database column & replaces it with a blank. In the above example, the database is named super & the column is named name. This code works great but currently I'm running the script each day & changing it to also remove periods, question marks, etc. Is there a way I can edit the above code that will not only find & replace the , with a blank space, but edit it so it will find the periods, commas, question mark, exclamation mark, etc all in one run? Please help as I am currently editing the above code to numerous other things to find & replace daily. Thank
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