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  1. update super set `name` = REPLACE(`name`, ',' , ' ') I have the following code that removes the comma in a MySQL database column & replaces it with a blank. In the above example, the database is named super & the column is named name. This code works great but currently I'm running the script each day & changing it to also remove periods, question marks, etc. Is there a way I can edit the above code that will not only find & replace the , with a blank space, but edit it so it will find the periods, commas, question mark, exclamation mark, etc all in one run? Please help as I am currently editing the above code to numerous other things to find & replace daily. Thank
  2. I'm using a theme that supports a Sub-Filter Menu, and I am having a hard time changing a sub-menu title without losing the functions of the actual prompt. For instance the sub-filter menu has Latest, Likes, Comments. However I want for it to say Latest, Hottest, Comments, when I change the Like to Hottest it no longer shows the post with the most likes in order. I believe this is because the 'Likes' is being called from other php files. Is there a way to add a code that will keep the like function, but display my desired Sub-filter menu title at the same time? An example would be something like this <label for="Likes">Hottest</label> Code below: <ul id="filter_subfilter" class="sort"> <?php if (isset($inspire_options_hp['subfilter_show_latest'])) {?><li><a href="#"><?php _e('Latest', 'loc_inspire'); ?></a></li><?php ;} ?> <?php if (isset($inspire_options_hp['subfilter_show_likes'])) {?><li><a href="#"><?php _e('Likes', 'loc_inspire'); ?></a></li><?php ;} ?> <?php if (isset($inspire_options_hp['subfilter_show_comments'])) {?><li><a href="#"><?php _e('Comments', 'loc_inspire'); ?></a></li><?php ;} ?> <?php if (isset($inspire_options_hp['subfilter_show_random'])) {?><li><a href="#"><?php _e('Random', 'loc_inspire'); ?></a></li><?php ;} ?> </ul>
  3. I have requirements from a client for a code repository, or just a file repository, and I'm not sure that I can find one that matches. Here's what's needed: A way to upload files directly, either with FTP or via browser. No git commands, etc. A way to search those files (filenames and text within files) from the browser A way to compare files (preferably between two folder roots and including all subfolders/files) from the browser I think that's it. A bonus would be to upload a zip and be able to unzip it on the server, but that seems like a stretch. Does something like this exist?
  4. Sir/ma'am, With the script I'm using to run my website, I've been trying to add an additional feature for the users to add/edit. I'll try to provide as much info as I can, hopefully it'll help. Here is the code I'm using to display the user's unique info from the db. <a class="wallet-edit"><?php echo $_SESSION['simple_auth']['INFO']?></a> That displays the user's info from the column 'INFO' perfectly. It's also a js popup to a menu to where I'm hoping to add a single textbox to edit the INFO. The script uses a similar function to edit the password with a popup. I've tried modifying the code to edit the INFO column but it doesn't work. Here is the default code it has to edit the password. I'm not sure if it can be changed to edit another column or needs a new piece of code for that. // user edit $('body').on('click', '.username-edit', function() { $('#modal').html(' '); var output = '<div class="modal-content"><h5><?php echo lang::get("Change password")?></h5><hr />'; output += '<h5><?php echo lang::get("New password:")?></h5><input type="password" name="password" id="password" value="" class="text ui-widget-content ui-corner-all" />'; output += '<h5><?php echo lang::get("Confirm password:")?></h5><input type="password" name="password2" id="password2" value="" class="text ui-widget-content ui-corner-all" />'; output += '</div>'; output += '<div class="modal-buttons right">'; output += '<button id="confirm-button" type="button" class="nice radius button"><?php echo lang::get("Change")?></button>'; output += '</div>'; output += '<a class="close-reveal-modal"></a>'; $('#modal').append(output); $('#second_modal').hide(); $('#modal').reveal(); $('#confirm-button').click(function(){ $('#password').css('border-color', '#CCCCCC'); $('#password2').css('border-color', '#CCCCCC'); var password = $('#password').val(); var password2 = $('#password2').val(); if(typeof(password) === 'undefined' || password == ''){ $('#password').css('border-color', 'red'); return false; } if(password != password2){ $('#password2').css('border-color', 'red'); return false; } password_data = encodeURIComponent(password); $.post("<?php echo gatorconf::get('base_url')?>", { changepassword: password_data} ).done(function(data) { // flush window.location.href = '<?php echo gatorconf::get('base_url')?>'; }); }); }); If the code above can be edited to work with what I'm trying to do, it of course only needs one textbox and doesn't have to be confirmed by a second input. Please help! Thanks!
  5. Hi there, new to the forum Ok so i have a crm and i'm trying to add bits, been pretty succesful at most of it, however i've added a new field "status" and i want to be able to search this field, i've tried copying and changing the existing code, but it doesn't seem to be grabbing it. So here's some exisiting code (that works and searches the field marked "Address" 'address' => array( 'title' => _l('Address:'), 'field' => array( 'type' => 'text', 'name' => 'search[address]', 'value' => isset($search['address'])?$search['address']:'', 'size' => 15, ) ), 'status' => array( 'title' => _l('Status:'), 'field' => array( 'type' => 'text', 'name' => 'search[status]', 'value' => isset($search['status'])?$search['status']:'', 'size' => 15, ) ), I thought a simple name change like above would work, but it doesn't pull anything through, anyone got any ideas?
  6. Hi there, what I have been trying to do is add some additional logic.. My problem is I want to stop displaying the month and day after the year 2000? I know I need to add an if and else statement but this is my first actual project and I am a little stuck.. here is the page, it's a plugin for a timeline http://www.llandoveryheritage.org/project-timeline/ And the file is attached below.. any help would be appreciated. The plugin code was too long to just post in here, didn't want to cause any slow loading issues for people on a slow connection.. Thanks and I appreciate any help. annual_archive.php
  7. Hi everyone. Pretty desperate, first time that I'm working with php. Learning this language, makes sense, however I can't figure out why my code is not working. Emails are not coming in at all. Additional required info (phone number, first name, last name) should be included in the message. Please help. Thank you everyone. <?php $to = "abcd@abcd.com"; $subject = "From Website Contact Form"; $first = $_REQUEST['first']; $last = $_REQUEST['last']; $email = $_REQUEST['email']; $phone = $_REQUEST['phone']; $MESSAGE_BODY = "Name: " . $_POST["first"] . "\n"; $MESSAGE_BODY = "Name: " . $_POST["last"] . "\n"; $MESSAGE_BODY = "Contact No: " . $_POST["phone"] . "\n"; $MESSAGE_BODY = "Email: " . $_POST["email"] . "\n"; $MESSAGE_BODY = "Requirement: " . nl2br($_POST["message"]) . "\n"; $message = $_REQUEST['message' + 'email' + 'first' + 'last']; $from = $_REQUEST['email']; $headers = "From:" . $from; mail($to, $subject, $MESSAGE_BODY, $headers); echo "Your message has been sent"; ?>
  8. Hi I am trying to search an array that comes from a power shell script, the array of strings that returns is ever changing as it receives variables from the script. Therefore I need to use preg_grep to search for the word "not" I am also using another array which inverts this I then need to compare these new two arrays to the original and separate the results $working and not working into a table. I would be most grateful for any advice/solutions. The preg_grep aren't displaying anything. <?php //phpinfo(); ini_set('display_errors', 'On'); error_reporting(0);//E_ALL echo '<html> <style> body { font-family:Calibri,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:100%; } </style> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> <script type="text/javascript"> function uploadJS(){ String.prototype.trim = function() { return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, ""); }; var textAreaValue=document.getElementById(\'ServerList\').value; var trimmedTextAreaValue=textAreaValue.trim(); if(trimmedTextAreaValue!="") { document.myForm.submit(); } else{ alert("Server List Text Area is Empty"); } }; var input=document.getElementById(\'fileSelect\').value; if(input!="") { document.myForm.submit(); } else{ alert("You have not selected a file, please select one to proceed."); } var handleFileSelect = function(e) { var files = e.target.files; if(files.length === 1) { document.forms.myForm.filecsv.value = files[0].name; } } }; </script> </head>'; #Upload Code $target = "D:\Web\Upload/"; $target = $target . basename( $_FILES['uploaded']['name']) ; $ok=1; if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['uploaded']['tmp_name'], $target)) { echo "The file ". basename( $_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']). " has been uploaded"; } else { } if ($uploaded_size > 150000) { echo "Your file is too large.<br>"; $ok=0; } if ($uploaded_type =="text/php") { echo "No PHP files<br>"; $ok=0; } if (!($uploaded_type=="text/csv")) { echo "<br>"; $ok=0; } $target = "upload/"; $target = $target . basename( $_FILES['uploaded']['name']) ; $ok=1; //This is our size condition if ($uploaded_size > 350000) { echo "Your file is too large.<br>"; $ok=0; } //This is our limit file type condition if ($uploaded_type =="text/php") { echo "No PHP files<br>"; $ok=0; } //Here we check that $ok was not set to 0 by an error if ($ok==0) { } //If everything is ok we try to upload it else { if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['uploaded']['tmp_name'], $target)) { echo "The file ". basename( $_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']). " has been uploaded"; } else { } } #Start of scripts to check Servers in textbox if(isset($_POST['ServerList'])) { //$arry=explode( "\r\n", $_POST['ServerList'] ); $txttrim = trim($_POST['ServerList']); //$textAr = explode("\n", $text); //$textAr1 = array_filter($text, 'trim'); // remove any extra \r characters left behind $txtarea = explode("\n",$txttrim); $txtarea = array_filter($txtarea,'trim'); foreach ($txtarea as $line => $servername) { //$line => $servername; ##check if querying itself.... } echo '<pre>'; $target="D:/Web/Upload/"; $target= $target . basename( $_FILES['uploaded']['name']) ; $csv = $target; //$filename= $_FILES['uploaded']['name']; $output=shell_exec("powershell -Command D:/Web/scripts/PHPfwrules.ps1 $csv < NUL"); echo '<h6>'; print_r($output); $nomatch=preg_grep('/^not/i',$output); echo $nomatch; $match=preg_grep("/not/",$output,PREG_GREP_INVERT); echo $match; if ($working1= array_intersect($output,$match)) { echo"<link rel=stylesheet type=text/css href=style.css> <table class=results> <tr> <th>Server Name</th> <th>Working</th> </tr> <tr> <td>".$servername."</td> <td>".$working1."</td> </tr></table> "; } else if ($notworking1= array_intersect($output,$nomatch)) { echo"<link rel=stylesheet type=text/css href=style.css> <table class=results> <tr> <th>Server Name</th> <th>Not Working</th> </tr> <tr> <td>".$servername."</td> <td>".$notworking1."</td> </tr></table> "; } } echo' <link rel=stylesheet href=dhtmlwindow.css type=text/css /> <link rel=stylesheet type=text/css href=style.css> <script src=js/dhtmlwindow.js></script> <hr /> <table class=results> <tr> <th>Server Name</th> <th>Working</th> <th> Not Working</th> </tr> <tr> <td>'.$servername.'</td> <td>'.$working1.'</td> <td>'.$notworking1.'</td> <td></td> '; echo '</pre>'; echo ' <h3>Firewall Implementation </h3> <h4>Please enter the server below, you can only select one server at a time. </h4> <!--The form--> <form action="fw2.php" method="post" name="myForm" id="myForm" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <textarea name=ServerList id=ServerList> </textarea> <h5>Please select a CSV file.</h5> <input name="uploaded" type="file" /><br /> <input type="submit" value="Submit" /> <br> </html> ' ; ?> Here is the power shell script: #### Set Parameter for the input filename #### Param( [Parameter( # Mandatory = $true, ParameterSetName = '', ValueFromPipeline = $true)] [array]$Filename ) #### Check if files already exist #### if (test-path c:\ec\company\ports\working.txt) { Remove-item c:\etc\company\ports\working.txt } if (test-path c:\etc\company\ports\NOTworking.txt) { Remove-item c:\etc\company\ports\NOTworking.txt } #### Create Directory if it does not exist #### if ((test-path c:\etc\company\ports) -eq $false) { New-Item -ItemType directory -Path C:\etc\company\Ports } #### Output filenames #### #### Declaring the failure variable as an array #### $failure = @() $computer = gc env:computername $outputfileworking = "C:\etc\company\ports\working.txt"; $outputfileNOTworking = "C:\etc\company\ports\NOTworking.txt"; #### Output servername to the output file #### echo "ServerName:$computer" | out-file -filepath $outputfileworking $path = "$Filename" $csv = Import-csv -path $path ForEach($line in $csv) { $destination = $line.destination $protocol = $line.protocol $port = $line.port $result = ./portqry.exe -n $destination -e $port -p $protocol if ($result -like "*: LISTENING*") { Echo "$destination is reachable on port $port using $protocol" } else { Echo "$destination is not reachable on port $port using $protocol" } } if ($failure) { echo "ServerName:$computer" | out-file -filepath $outputfileNOTworking echo $failure | out-file -filepath $outputfileNOTworking -append }
  9. <script type="text/javascript"> function listBoxSearch(){ var input = document.getElementById('searchBox'), output = document.getElementById('listBoxF'); if(input.value != ''){ for (var i = 0; i < output.options.length; i++){ if(output.options[i].text.substring(0, input.value.length).toUpperCase() == input.value.toUpperCase()){ output.options[output.options.length] = new Option(output.options[i].innerHTML, output.options[i].text); } } if (output.options.length == 1) { output.selectedIndex = 0; } } } </script> It dosen`t work. It should work like this[DEMO in attached filed] listbox_with_keybord_search.htm
  10. For eg. I would prefer to have a link like this in the head section. <head> <script src="js/code.js"></script> </head> as oppose to like this. <head> <script> var _debug = false; var _placeholderSupport = function() { var t = document.createElement("input"); t.type = "text"; return (typeof t.placeholder !== "undefined"); }(); window.onload = function() { var arrInputs = document.getElementsByTagName("input"); var arrTextareas = document.getElementsByTagName("textarea"); var combinedArray = []; for (var i = 0; i < arrInputs.length; i++) combinedArray.push(arrInputs[i]); for (var i = 0; i < arrTextareas.length; i++) combinedArray.push(arrTextareas[i]); for (var i = 0; i < combinedArray.length; i++) { var curInput = combinedArray[i]; if (!curInput.type || curInput.type == "" || curInput.type == "text" || curInput.type == "textarea") HandlePlaceholder(curInput); else if (curInput.type == "password") ReplaceWithText(curInput); } if (!_placeholderSupport) { for (var i = 0; i < document.forms.length; i++) { var oForm = document.forms[i]; if (oForm.attachEvent) { oForm.attachEvent("onsubmit", function() { PlaceholderFormSubmit(oForm); }); } else if (oForm.addEventListener) oForm.addEventListener("submit", function() { PlaceholderFormSubmit(oForm); }, false); } } }; function PlaceholderFormSubmit(oForm) { for (var i = 0; i < oForm.elements.length; i++) { var curElement = oForm.elements[i]; HandlePlaceholderItemSubmit(curElement); } } function HandlePlaceholderItemSubmit(element) { if (element.name) { var curPlaceholder = element.getAttribute("placeholder"); if (curPlaceholder && curPlaceholder.length > 0 && element.value === curPlaceholder) { element.value = ""; window.setTimeout(function() { element.value = curPlaceholder; }, 100); } } } function ReplaceWithText(oPasswordTextbox) { if (_placeholderSupport) return; var oTextbox = document.createElement("input"); oTextbox.type = "text"; oTextbox.id = oPasswordTextbox.id; oTextbox.name = oPasswordTextbox.name; //oTextbox.style = oPasswordTextbox.style; oTextbox.className = oPasswordTextbox.className; for (var i = 0; i < oPasswordTextbox.attributes.length; i++) { var curName = oPasswordTextbox.attributes.item(i).nodeName; var curValue = oPasswordTextbox.attributes.item(i).nodeValue; if (curName !== "type" && curName !== "name") { oTextbox.setAttribute(curName, curValue); } } oTextbox.originalTextbox = oPasswordTextbox; oPasswordTextbox.parentNode.replaceChild(oTextbox, oPasswordTextbox); HandlePlaceholder(oTextbox); if (!_placeholderSupport) { oPasswordTextbox.onblur = function() { if (this.dummyTextbox && this.value.length === 0) { this.parentNode.replaceChild(this.dummyTextbox, this); } }; } } function HandlePlaceholder(oTextbox) { if (!_placeholderSupport) { var curPlaceholder = oTextbox.getAttribute("placeholder"); if (curPlaceholder && curPlaceholder.length > 0) { Debug("Placeholder found for input box '" + oTextbox.name + "': " + curPlaceholder); oTextbox.value = curPlaceholder; oTextbox.setAttribute("old_color", oTextbox.style.color); oTextbox.style.color = "#c0c0c0"; oTextbox.onfocus = function() { var _this = this; if (this.originalTextbox) { _this = this.originalTextbox; _this.dummyTextbox = this; this.parentNode.replaceChild(this.originalTextbox, this); _this.focus(); } Debug("input box '" + _this.name + "' focus"); _this.style.color = _this.getAttribute("old_color"); if (_this.value === curPlaceholder) _this.value = ""; }; oTextbox.onblur = function() { var _this = this; Debug("input box '" + _this.name + "' blur"); if (_this.value === "") { _this.style.color = "#c0c0c0"; _this.value = curPlaceholder; } }; } else { Debug("input box '" + oTextbox.name + "' does not have placeholder attribute"); } } else { Debug("browser has native support for placeholder"); } } function Debug(msg) { if (typeof _debug !== "undefined" && _debug) { var oConsole = document.getElementById("Console"); if (!oConsole) { oConsole = document.createElement("div"); oConsole.id = "Console"; document.body.appendChild(oConsole); } oConsole.innerHTML += msg + "<br />"; } } </script> </head> How can I make that happen? I rather not show that awful long code in the head.
  11. Hi My knowledge about this stuff is less than basic, I am using this code which I found, changed it little bit with help of logic as original one was not working and make it work but.... I would like to place frames around avatars while avatars are in horizontal order one next to each other...and under them there is nick names So all this is done on Vbulletin board, within one custom widget This is my code now, what I need is frames and that nick names are centered : $member_count = 6; ob_start(); require_once('./includes/functions_user.php'); require_once('./includes/functions_bigthree.php'); // Get Random Members $newusers_get = vB::$db->query_read(" SELECT ".TABLE_PREFIX."user.userid AS userid, ".TABLE_PREFIX."user.username AS username, ".TABLE_PREFIX."user.avatarrevision AS avatarrevision, ".TABLE_PREFIX."customavatar.dateline AS dateline FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."customavatar LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."user ON ".TABLE_PREFIX."customavatar.userid=".TABLE_PREFIX."user.userid WHERE ".TABLE_PREFIX."customavatar.visible = 1 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT $member_count"); $output_bits = '<table cellpadding="5" align="center"><tr>'; while($newuser = vB::$db->fetch_array($newusers_get)) { $output_bits .= '<td><a href="member.php?u='.$newuser[userid].'"><img src="image.php?u='.$newuser[userid].'&dateline='.$newuser[dateline].'" alt="'.$newuser[username].'"/ width="120" height="120"><br />'.$newuser[username].'</a></td>'; } $output_bits .= '</tr></table>'; $output = $output_bits; ob_end_clean(); And in attached photo you can see how it looks At least point me in a right direction, not sure what tor read or where to look Thank you Goran
  12. hi there is this game i play and i am trying to accomplish a code which adds items coming from the games xml. the game is called zwinky and i'm having a small problem which can maybe be easily fixed. Here are the codes: http://paste.ee/p/JHMow http://paste.ee/p/pIEUt they are written differently. Okay So the problem is a little message when used on my webhost comes up on browser saying : "HTTP/1.1 100 Continue HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 22:52:31 GMT Server: Apache/2.2.11 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8c DAV/2 mod_jk/1.2.28 Cache-Control: max-age=0, must-revalidate Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT Set-Cookie: anx="os=-&g=-&oc=-&sn=dfprdzwinky4&od=none&op=-&fv=1400971951270&ob=-&om=-&lv=1400971951270&ok=-&nv=1"; Version=1; Domain=.zwinky.com; Max-Age=7776000; Expires=Fri, 22-Aug-2014 22:52:31 GMT; Path=/ Content-Language: en-US Content-Length: 92 Connection: close Content-Type: application/xml;charset=UTF-8 User not signed in" as you can see it says "user not signed in" yet i am signed in into the game.. So i believe somewhere in the code the cookies are wrong or the code doesn't have the necessary elements to show that you are being logged in. to get the cookies/ login info you need to create a game account which takes 10-20 seconds: http://registration..../register.jhtml and then using fiddler/charles or any other method displaying the accounts cookies it should show them up. I don't know what is needed to add to the code to make it work here our other topics on this issue never solved which might help: http://forum.ragezon...44/help-920369/ http://www.webdevelo...129-php-execute if anyone could help please! it's not hard making the game accounts and viewing the cookies, please and thank you!!!!
  13. Hello! I was assigned to create a simple php game as a part of my grade. I'm not really a php expert and this isnt really working. I copied some of the code from this website, but this isn't really working for me. I don't really know how to solve the problem and connect that two files. Part 1: <html> <head> <title>PHP based example Game - Earth & Wind & Fire (aka Paper-Scissors-Rock)</title> </head> <body> <center> <div id="game"> <a href="?item=earth">Earth<br /><img src="images/sand.png" width="135" height="135" alt="Earth"></a><br /><a href="?item=wind">Wind<br /><img src="images/wind.png" width="135" height="135" alt="Wind"></a><br /><a href="?item=fire">Fire<br /><img src="images/fire.png" width="135" height="135" alt="Fire"></a><br /></div> </center> </body> </html> Part 2: <?php function showComponents($items = null) { $pictures = array( "earth" => '<a href="?item=earth">Earth<br /><img src="images/sand.png" width="135" height="135" alt="Earth"></a><br />', "wind" => '<a href="?item=wind">Wind<br /><img src="images/wind.png" width="135" height="135" alt="Wind"></a><br />', "fire" => '<a href="?item=fire">Fire<br /><img src="images/fire.png" width="135" height="135" alt="Fire"></a><br />', ); if ($items == null) : foreach( $pictures as $items => $value ): echo $value; endforeach; else: echo str_replace("?item={$items}", "#", $pictures[$items]); endif; } function game() { if ( isset($_GET['item']) == TRUE ) : $pictures = array('earth','wind','fire'); $playerPic = strtolower($_GET['item']); $computerPic = $pictures[rand(0, 2)]; echo '<div><a href="http://mapswidgets.com/game.php">New game</a></div>'; if (in_array($playerPic, $pictures) == FALSE): echo "Play as either Earth, Wind or Fire."; die; endif; if ( $playerPic == 'fire' && $computerPic == 'wind' OR $playerPic == 'earth' && $computerPic == 'fire' OR $playerPic == 'wind' && $computerPic == 'earth' ): echo '<h2>You Win!</h2>'; endif; if ( $computerPic == 'fire' && $playePic == 'wind' OR $computerPic == 'earth' && $playerPic == 'fire' OR $computerPic == 'wind' && $playerPic == 'earth' ): echo '<h2>Computer wins!</h2>'; endif; if ($playerPic == $computerPic) : echo '<h2>House wins! =)</h2>'; endif; showComponents($playerPic); showComponents($computerPic); else : showComponents(); endif; } ?> Thanks for your time and help!
  14. This code is taken from http://itfeast.blogspot.in/2013/08/php-convert-timestamp-into-facebook.html How would you actually show this on a page? Say I have a mysql table with date column and I would like to insert the results of this code in there and as well as show it on page, how would that be done? $today = time(); $createdday= strtotime($post['created']); //mysql timestamp of when post was created $datediff = abs($today - $createdday); $difftext=""; $years = floor($datediff / (365*60*60*24)); $months = floor(($datediff - $years * 365*60*60*24) / (30*60*60*24)); $days = floor(($datediff - $years * 365*60*60*24 - $months*30*60*60*24)/ (60*60*24)); $hours= floor($datediff/3600); $minutes= floor($datediff/60); $seconds= floor($datediff); //year checker if($difftext=="") { if($years>1) $difftext=$years." years ago"; elseif($years==1) $difftext=$years." year ago"; } //month checker if($difftext=="") { if($months>1) $difftext=$months." months ago"; elseif($months==1) $difftext=$months." month ago"; } //month checker if($difftext=="") { if($days>1) $difftext=$days." days ago"; elseif($days==1) $difftext=$days." day ago"; } //hour checker if($difftext=="") { if($hours>1) $difftext=$hours." hours ago"; elseif($hours==1) $difftext=$hours." hour ago"; } //minutes checker if($difftext=="") { if($minutes>1) $difftext=$minutes." minutes ago"; elseif($minutes==1) $difftext=$minutes." minute ago"; } //seconds checker if($difftext=="") { if($seconds>1) $difftext=$seconds." seconds ago"; elseif($seconds==1) $difftext=$seconds." second ago"; } echo " | ".$difftext;
  15. Hello PHP freaks Im trying to display table contents as Uploads or widrawals but would i have to create the functions inside the Widrawals and Uploads in order for it to be displayed in Overview table ? My code for overview table controller so far : By the way I'm using code igniter public function index() { $this->data['site']['currentNav'] = "account"; $query = $this->db->query("SELECT C.card_number AS `card_number` FROM `cards` C WHERE C.accountID = '". $this->account_id ."' AND C.status = '1'"); $this->data['cards'] = $query->result(); $query = $this->db->query("SELECT B.account_number AS `account_number`, B.sortcode AS `sortcode` FROM `banks` B WHERE B.accountID = '". $this->account_id ."' AND B.status = '1'"); $this->data['banks'] = $query->result(); $query = $this->db->query("SELECT T.transaction AS `transactionID`, T.timestamp AS `date`, IF(T.to = '". $this->account_id ."', 'Received', 'Sent') AS `type`, CONCAT(A.firstname, ' ', A.lastname) AS `name`, T.amount AS `amount` FROM `transactions` T JOIN `accounts` A ON (A.id = T.from) WHERE (T.to = '". $this->account_id ."' || T.from = '". $this->account_id ."') ORDER BY T.id DESC LIMIT 10"); $this->data['transactions'] = $query->result(); $this->load->view('_template/header', $this->data); $this->load->view('account/index', $this->data); $this->load->view('_template/footer', $this->data); }
  16. Need help badly! Setting up a new website with user logins. Pretty simple kind of stuff. Started working on letting the user upload a profile photo for their account, managed to get the user to be able to upload the photo in to a file on the site (upload/) and the image name entered in to their user details in SQL database. Worked fine. Only problem is when I try to recall the information, i've only been able to recall everybody's information and not just the logged in user. Here is the code I'm using. Bare in mind, I'm no pro with PHP and SQL so please help with as many details as possible. Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------- <?php // Connects to your Database mysql_connect("localhost", "username", "password") or die(mysql_error()) ; mysql_select_db("database name") or die(mysql_error()) ; //Retrieves data from MySQL $data = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users") or die(mysql_error()); //Puts it into an array while($info = mysql_fetch_array( $data )) { //Outputs the image and other data Echo "<img src=http://www.mysite/users/upload/".$info['photo'] ."> <br>"; Echo "<b>Name:</b> ".$info['name'] . "<br> "; } ?> ---------------------------------- This seems to recall everyones info. I only want the display photo to be shown for the logged in user. I have tried a lot of changes and either the image doesn't show or nothing shows.
  17. <?php include("../../connect.php"); $burger=$row['event_name']; $query=mysql_query("CREATE TABLE $burger (id int(10) AUTO_INCREMENT,event_id char(50), name char(100))")or die (mysql_error()); ?> error : Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key
  18. Hi I was given a assignment in college to write a "markov text generator". My code was working the other day when the errors on the server were shut off, they have however put these errors back on and I am receiving the following error: Notice: Undefined offset: 104 in /users/2017// on line 32 d Notice: Undefined offset: 134 in /users/2017/ on line 32 Notice: Undefined offset: 206 in /users/2017/on line 32 e Notice: Undefined offset: 304 in /users/2017//markov.php on line 32 e Notice: Undefined offset: 400 in /users/2017//markov.php on line 32 h My code is as follows: $textarea = trim ( $_GET['textarea'] ); $textsize = $_GET['textsize']; $textarea = strtolower ( $textarea ); $string = rand(0, strlen($textarea)-1); $string = $textarea[$string]; $textarray = str_split( $textarea ); $count = 1; $newstr = ""; $position = 0; while ( $count < 200 ) { foreach ( $textarray as $char ) { if ( $char == $string ) { $string = $textarray[$position++]; $newstr .= $string; } $position++; } echo $string = $newstr[rand(0, strlen($newstr)-1)]; $count++; } Line 32 is : $string = $textarray[$position++]; Any help would be greatly appreciated
  19. Hi I have a small company so I cant hire programmers with full time or part time. And I got this idea to start a team online, so is there any software that will make the team work easier. I found this software : http://codassium.com/ I didn't get time to take a good look into it but I think it is what I need. so if there is any software can make this work more easy I hope you tell me about it.espically if it's a free software.
  20. I have received an error when I run this code: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'while' (T_WHILE) in C:\wamp\www\SearchEngine\search.php on line 50 Code: <?php //php code goes here include 'connect.php'; // for database connection $query = $_GET['q'] // query ?> <html> <head> <title> Brandon's Search Engine </title> <style type="text/css"> #search-result { font-size: 22; margin: 5px; padding: 2px; } #search-result:hover { border-color: red; } </style> </head> <body> <form method="GET" action="search.php"> <table> <tr> <td> <h2> Brandon's Search Engine </h2> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <input type="text" value="<?php echo $_GET['q']; ?>" name="q" size="80" name="q"/> <input type="submit" value="Search" /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <?php //SQL query $stmt = "SELECT * FROM web WHERE title LIKE '%$query%' OR link LIKE '%$query%'"; $result = mysql_query($stmt); $number_of_result = mysql_num_rows($result); if($number_of_result < 1) echo "No result found. Please try with other keyword."; else ( //results found here and display them while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) ( $title = $row["title"]; $link = $row["link"]; echo "<div id='search-result'>"; echo "<div id='title'" . $title . "</div>"; echo "<br />"; echo "<div id='link'" . $link . "</div>"; echo "</div>"; ) ) ?> </td> </tr> </table> </form> </body> </html> Thanks.
  21. Hello I got a question , Im trying to add balance after each transaction ,what I tried to do is to echo $account Balance and then use function to deduct the row amount Im really confused and can't figure it out how i would i achieve such thing : The code I've used <td>£ <?php echo number_format ($account['balance'] + $row['amount'], 2); ?></td>
  22. hi just wondering how i would go about checking if a companys name is already in use and if it is show a message at the side saying u cant use this name as its already in use, i know how i would do the error message but i got no clue on how to do the check im guessing you use a sql query but i dont really know. this is the format ive been doing my code in. if (empty($_POST["companyname"])) { $errors['companyname'] = "Please Enter Your companyname"; }elseif(preg_match_all("/[(?\/<>*:.@)]/i",$_POST['companyname'],$matches)){ // list of invalid characters #echo '<pre>',print_r($matches),'</pre>'; $invalid_characters = implode(",",$matches[0]); $errors['companyname'] = 'Cannot use '.$invalid_characters; } elseif(strlen($_POST['companyname']) > 220) { $errors['companyname'] = 'Company name must be less then 220 characters'; } elseif(strpos($_POST['companyname'], 'The') !== false) { $errors['companyname'] = 'Company Names cant start with The'; } elseif(strpos($_POST['companyname'], 'the') !== false) { $errors['companyname'] = 'Company Names cant start with the'; } elseif(strpos($_POST['companyname'], 'THE') !== false) { $errors['companyname'] = 'Company Names cant start with THE'; } else { $companyname = test_input($_POST["companyname"]); }
  23. Hi I'm working in a small project and I need to make a random number that doesn't repeat.The activation codes are stored in the database (mysql database) but the thing is that I want php to do the following: 1- create a random number (I used the function (rand) and it did exactly what I needed ). 2-check if the code is already stored in the database and if it's already there it should create another code (which is not stored in the database). Thanks
  24. Hai guys, I'm busy with a category display script, but do I replace the text for an URL? Example: I've this code at the moment: <?php $query="SELECT `cat` FROM `video` WHERE `id`='".$_GET['video']."'"; $sql=mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error()); while($line=mysql_fetch_array($sql)) { echo ''.$line['cat'].''; } ?> The output for example is: Category1,Category2,Category3. So, what do I need to let the output be like this: <a href="category.php?cat=Category1">Category1</a>, <a href="category.php?cat=Category2">Category2</a>, <a href="category.php?cat=Category3">Category3</a> Thanks for any help!
  25. Hello I'm confused with the behavior of the following code: $t = 9.8; $deltaT = 0.1; while($t < 10) { $t = $t+ $deltaT; echo $t.'<br />'; } For $t = 9.8, it echos the correct result(the last number it echos is 10), but for $t smaller than 9.8, for example $t = 9.5, the last number it echos is 10.1. why?!
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