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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, not sure what would cover it aha I have a client who would like to be able to update her photos in the gallery weekly, and possibly update any text on the site herself (description etc). What is the best way to go about this? She used a site builder to get it up and running, but I don't have access to the host, so I don't have access to databases or know if they allow PhP. Would an admin panel be the best way about this? If so, would anyone mind talking me through a rough step-by-step of the process?
  2. Hello I have a photobooth app that posts photos with comments to a facebook fanpage. The app posts the photos with no problem but the comments are not being posted. there is a form that you comment on an then when you click upload it submits the form and passes the data to another page. I know that the data is passed correctlt because I have tested it with an "echo" statement and it shows up. for some reason though I cannot take the passed variable and insert it into my comment that will be posted with the photo. I have attached the entire upload code but here is a snippet. If I take out $_POST["lcomment"], and use "a generic comment between single quotes' it works fine and posts the generic comment. but when I try to insert the passed variable as the comment 'message' => $_POST["comment"], I get a null message when it posts to facebook. You can see the app in action here http://eyesocialeyes.com/webcam/ and here is where the photos are being posted on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Izon/190815390965794 . Please help! #Upload photo here $args = array( 'message' => $_POST["comment"], 'img' => '@' . $original, 'aid' => $album_id, 'access_token' => $fanpage_token ); $photo = $facebook->api($album_id .'/photos','post',$args) ; upload.php
  3. Hello All, I have an upload script that I use to upload a photo to a folder and then save the file path to a database. Then I query the database to get the photo and put it where I want on my webpage. The question is what kind of technique should I best practice for outputting the images. More of less, I need them to all be the same shape in the similar containers, for example 400px by 300px, but need the container to take into consideration that the photos may be different aspect ratios or vertical as opposed to horizontal. Any suggestions??
  4. Hello All, I was wondering what is the point of having multiple databases? Why not just have X amount of tables inside of one database? If you have multiple databases that means you have to open and close more than one database on one page. I am wondering this because I was thinking about putting all of my uploaded photos into their own database to make a more searchable and well structured database. Does it make it faster? Thanks in advance!
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