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How come no one will buy from me?


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Hi, my site has been up and ready to go for a while now. I am getting an average of about 10 hits a day from msn search users. I just don't understand why no one will buy from me. Does anyone know why? Oh, and it would be nice to critique the site also. Thanks!

URL: [a href=\"http://eGrilles.com/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://eGrilles.com/[/a]

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It could be a variety of things:

1) People don't trust paypal
2) You don't have the products people are looking for
3) You're not advertising enough (only 10 hits per day is pretty poor!)
4) People don't like the bright red
5) Prices aren't right

Who knows... it can take months or even years for websites to really grow and get a good customer base.
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I plan on using something other than PayPal once we are actuly selling stuff. But for right now I think PayPal is the cheapest thing, I mean I don't have to pay anything unless something is sold.

The keywords they are searching for in MSN search is exactly what I sell (looking at the referrers), I don't know why they arn't buying though.

The advertising is getting there. We have been using an SEO company for about a month now. We are pretty well placed in MSN search, they said it will take longer for Yahoo and Google. This month I have had 234 hits. I think over a hundred of that was google. I measure my hits by adding 1 per session but when google crawls it makes a new session ID for each page.

Do you really think they wouldn't buy because of the red? I didn't think it was that loud.

I'll check the prices with other top companies. Thanks for your input.

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I'm going to assume most people would not buy a grill online. They'd prefer to go to a local store and get in attached at time of purchase.

The site itself looks decent, but doesn't look professional enough to be trustworthy in my opinion. I don't think that is why you aren't making sales though. I'd try an ebay store if I were you.
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I don't think the red is that bad.

What I did find kind of annoying was that if I was viewing an item (think I selected Mustang, 2006) then went to go back I got this "Please wait..." message. Wait for what? Just not sure why it would do that.

Also, your dropdowns menus, when your scrolling through the list of cars your text to the right and "Your Most Recent Search" text all jump around. This also pushes your "Featured Items" up and down on the screen.

I would size your dropdowns uniformly so your text does not do that.

As far as sales, well it takes time to build your presence, even with an SEO. Just because you ranking is up there, does not mean people are actually searching for it.

Good luck and hang in there!

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A good way to start your site up is just sell everything of yours on ebay. When you enter in the html make it look like your own website. Put your links to you site anywhere that it looks good so that if they like what you have they might go directly to your site next time. Once you gain some momentum with that you might want to put some ads in some newspapers, swap sheets, and car mags.
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To me - your website seems like a "ghost business". You have NO real contact details.
If I wanted to buy something off you - Id like a telephone number, address of business, proper name of business (yalll something or other?), proper location, contact email address for confirmation etc.
Your contact us - is through an anonymous form - BAD for buying things IMO.
Like if you have 2 websites etc.... why??? Just have one Company business and provide a redirect from another domain name.
Overall I dont see anything physical about your business. I would like to see a photo of your building/premises if you have one - or clearly outline what you are up to.

On a side note - I would change the grey. The red is ok - the grey is offputting in my opinion. I want to see "Business'ie" colours etc.

Your Service Guide page - is named correctly - it should be "Buying Information" etc seeing as you provide info on shipping - which is good - but needs a little more info.

What about outside the US?? Im in europe - if I only see a map of the US - im not going to buy it. Whats your Policies on damaged goods on delivery????

I dont think your website has the correct "Seller" information. Also a page saying "customer experiences" would be nice - this gets onto the idea of ebay and all that - which would be a good line to follow.

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