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Favorite Smiley?


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So is it just the touche and the one above?


I can always come back and attempt an animated version of the touche later, so for now, we can use this one: touche.gif


And the head banging against the wall one: anim_face_wall.gif


And now the head slap as well: anim_head_slap-02.gif


So these three in this post are already cropped and ready to go, so you can simply save those directly (and rename as needed - example, the head slap is currently called anim_head_slap-02, so call it something you find suitable).


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Ok, I know CV has been waiting for a while for this one. So here's what I have for the exploding crystal ball:




While I like it, I think in hindsight having multiple versions isn't practical. I think the original one is more versatile in that it would fit in better in more circumstances IMO. It has nothing to do with the idea or execution behind it. I just think the original (as a concept) works better.


In any case, thoughts are welcome.



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That animation isn't tightly cropped though.. (I leave space all around for room for flying debris and whatnot). I'll replace it with a more tightly cropped version momentarily.

EDIT -  OK, I overwrote the previous version with the tightly cropped one.

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CV, the smiley directory is not writable, so you'll have to login and change the permissions or use wget to download it as root. I'm afraid neither is possible for you.


yeah...just thought i remembered earlier in this thread one of the reds saying blues had ability to add them so thought i'd add it but no joy.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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