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First ever website!


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I have been running this website for about six months now. It has no purpose yet apart form helping me practise my PHP coding skills! It is hosted from a free hosting company and I'd just like a few people to take a look and tell me how I could make any improvements




PS. I only really use the site to create PHP stuff so I've not yet moved onto more complicated CSS stuff (planning that soon)

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Thanks guys!

The main reason it is so badly coded is that I made the basic HTML in good code a while ago. Since then Ive started learning PHP so codes have been messed with! I am going to finish the forum and then try to tidy it up.


PS. Does anyone know why including header/navigation is slowing down my site and what is the best way to do it, Thanks

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It looks pretty good. Your CSS/Javascript/HTML is all over the place, and you should think about organizing it a little better so the page isn't as cluttered.


You need to check verify stuff with PHP too. You're register javascript validation works (to make sure they put in all the correct stuff) but if I turn javascript off, I can register with empty data. I can also log in with empty data too, and the login works after I created an account with empty data.


You do use mysql_real_escape_string() on your data, which is good. That flash calender is kind of annoying.


You also probably want to apply html entities to your comments. I can inject html in there, and can do harmful things to your site

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