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Bing or Google?

The Little Guy

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I also found it very hard to simply navigate to a service/product on Google's website, before their entire overhaul, without having to resort to their own search engine to find the damn product/service..


I'll agree to that.  I used to be able to get to things like the maps api or translate tools pretty easy from the front page.  Now I mostly search for the stuff because I can't seem to find it otherwise.


I've NEVER gotten a result in korean or chinese. I get japanese when I search for things like Bento and other japanese things.


I get other language results occasionally, but I've never really considered it much of a problem.  It's usually just a couple here or there, not pages worth.  And if it does look relevant I can usually just click the translate link next to the result.  I'd say for the most part though google is pretty good at showing me English results only.


Google's also pretty good at showing me relevant results right away too.  I'm not a privacy nut that blocks any and all attempts by a website to track/figure me out though so google has a pretty good idea of what I am interested in.  For example if I search "router" google shows me pages of stuff on the computer networking device, were as bing shows a mix between network devices and the woodworking tool.  I've had similar good results when searching other ambiguous terms like that.  I'm sure bing would do just as well if I used it and gave it a chance to figure me out but google already knows all that so it generally works better.


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