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Apache does not start on Windows 10


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Hi All,


I recently changed from a Windows 8 system to a Windows 10 one.


I installed uWamp bundle on that new computer, and Apache won’t start. MySql does.


I googled the net for solutions, and none of the following did the trick :

Uninstall/Disable Skype

Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4


Stopping WWW publication service is also suggested but I could not find it in my system.


What should/could I do now ? Thanks !

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Problem solved. Double-clicking httpd.exe displayed a message saying MSVCP110.dll was missing. Since uWamp uses x86 version of Redistribuable Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2012 (I should have paid attention to this point before posting …), I installed that version. Now Apache starts.

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