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I still don't like the choice of colours.


The font used is boring.


The html really needs work.


http://www.zelocalz.com/help/topics.php - multiple errors


Take a look for yourself using Firefox for all of the pages to see how it looks (probably not what you intended).


Back to the drawing board on this one, I'd say.

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If it were me, I'd change the blue, the yellow, both greens, and the logo font as well.


www.oswd.org - take a look at some other sites to see what colours work well (and get cross-browser CSS as well) all for free.

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browser: firefox v


resolution: 1152x864


ok, still the colors, that green just kills my eyes.  i personally like to use very mild colors if any... whites, greys and a few splashes of color...the font color on the light green is VERY hard to read...


when i click on the register link, the layout goes crazy...


text in user agreement goes way off of the main page (blue) and into the tan section, getting completely lost...


paypal, new to zelocalz and contact all come up with php errors...


check spelling, grammar and punctuation...i noticed categories is spelled categorys...just go through the entire site and then have someone go through it... you would be amazed what a fresh pair of eyes can find...



forgot password comes up with a 404 error...


when browsing the categories, i found that the blue area gets messed up also...


also when browsing, the paypal icon goes off of the blue...


hope this helps...i know that i kinda picked you apart, but i want the same treatment when i ask for a critique...besides, you dont HAVE to take anyones advice, its your site and you do with it what you please... :)

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i think i have fixed all the things you mentioned ardy, i am going to get someone to go through the site and list all the spelling errors and/or punctuation, some of the pages i havent changed since i typed up the original code and wasnt at that time planning on it being a public site. I am also going to hunt down a new font as well

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Another thing. Why can I log on as an anonymous user on your server. That is a threat. I can copy files as I wish. I have read permissions. So say bye-bye to keeping you php files safe or anything of that deal. I would def. turn that anonymous users feature OFF.


Come on, man! :-\

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browser: firefox v


resolution: 1152x864


the font is too small for me...also too small in ie7


i am also not fond of the font color...


for font colors, i have tried:


  • ffffff
  • 000000
  • cccccc
  • ff9966


try one of them...also, try just using a normal font instead of that kartika or whatever...


on the main page, the text

Welcome To Zelocalz, The Island Marketplace!...
is WAY inside the header...


still goes goofy at the bottom of the page...right around the copyright


topics.php:  the google logo is goofy...lots of white...the search bar is partway into the header...


paypal.php:  the paypal image is partway into the header...


Gettingstarted.php:  no way to get back to topics.php


contact.php:  name field is partway into header...no way to get back to topics.php



Ze localz User Agreement
is in the header...


that ought to keep you busy for a while...





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whatever you did made the header stop being wierd...it was doing it i swear-- :P--


also, the text looks better i think, a lot more readable than yellow, but it is too small...


i would change the main body css to this:


font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

font-size: 16px;


that way you have a standard font so that everyone can read the same text in the same way...


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for the most part i used div tags, this site has kinda of been my learning site from basic php and html up untill now, my objective all along was to have just a functional site, it wasnt till recently i decided to go the extra mile and turn it into something that could be usefull to the public. where are these tables your talking about?

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