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PDG Homes mockup


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The nav looked better in the mockup... If don't want the text of the nav static, maybe use sIFR? Otherwise, simple transparent gifs would work too. Also, you could try making the bottom compartment 4mm higher to compensate for the hedge showing through. Still an extremely good job, as usual.  :)

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Yea, I like it more, but I don't think it is necessary to use the font in the mockup because of the extra work.


I put together a couple other pages on the site, about/contact and started the careers page.  Check those out, I think it is coming together nice.  Too bad the client still hasn't answered me about it, but I'm just making assumptions and continuing with it.

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Yes, it's definitely coming together. The first word orange in the headers is working well. I'd make the text of the links at the bottom right of the about page regular black though. IMO, coloured links only look good inline. With a list it quickly becomes a big ball of.. orange, in this case. The bullets I would keep orange as an accent.

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Well, I'm at a loss.  I finally got a reply and they say it lacks the "BAM" they are looking for. Now, these are the sites they referred me to.








Am I to interpret that to mean they want some annoying flash shit moving around even though in our meeting they said they don't want it "flashy".  They say they want an edge but not overboard, I thought I  achieved a nice, modern, professional look, but don't really know where to go next. 


Of the sites they sent only 2 look halfway decent to me. 

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Man, I know how this feels. A while ago I took a shot at my first official freelance design job. The guy was pretty much impossible to work with and kept changing his mind. I did four (!!!) complete redesigns. At one point he wanted me change this:




To this:




Can you believe how quirky that looks? He was even toying with the idea to substitute the head with his own...


Not to mention he kept changing his mind on the functionality. Eventually I got so discouraged that I dropped the project.  :(


I don't think I'll be freelancing any time soon. Too much work, too little reward.


Edit: sorry for the hijack..

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