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Social Networking... what would you do?


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I use facebook. But any social networking site would do... Like orkut.com or myspace.com is fine. ???


If you guys could change, add, delete something on any of these sites, what would it be? What do you think would make social networking go to the next level?


I personally would like an option to "nominate" friends or people who did something great for me. A recently had a few friends who threw a surprise party for me and it would be cool to go on facebook and nominate them for being great friends.


What do you guys think? :)

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I think I'd enforce grammar and force people to choose their profile layout from pre-approved graphic designs.


I'd also delete Tom's account.


Yeah, Tom's a tool.


I use MySpace for two reasons:


1. My friends are on it (for some reason)

2. I like being able to put music on my profile with little hassle.  I'm currently digging the Santogold song L.E.S Artistes, which I found on NHL 08.  Damn you, EA Trax.

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In response to some replies


Yes, I am thinking of creating a new social networking site, but the amount of money, work, and effort I'd need to put into it would be tremondous. I can't simply put **** together - opposed to common misconception.


I'm more leaning at a facebook approach. So "tom's account" or "create your own page" goes down the tube.


I really like the idea with the IQ test. It would be more of an added feature where you can test your IQ with others on the site.



.............  Anything else?

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you should check out www.tagworld.com I think they have a good idea going. It's right in between MySpace and Facebook. The site and the profiles are a lot cleaner then myspace, but it gives you a lot more flexibility then facebook. They offer pre-made and approved templates for your profile. They also have a lot of cool ajax stuff...better then facebook in most instances. I would set up an account on there and poke around. Thats how I get ideas for my sites. Take the best features from each, combine, and improve on them.

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