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    Thanks for being polite, and "Hi" back at ya!
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    Hi :)

    Welcome to the site, Sincerely, Someone who doesn't bother with DreamWeaver
  3. Yes. Here's one way; $Q is an array of queries. function transaction ($con, $Q){ mysqli_query( $con, "START TRANSACTION" ); for ( $i = 0; $i < count( $Q ); $i++ ) { if ( !mysqli_query ( $con, $Q[$i] )) { echo 'Error! Info: <' . mysqli_error ($con) . '> Query: <' . $Q[$i] . '>'; break; } } if ( $i == count ( $Q )) { mysqli_query( $con, "COMMIT" ); return 1; } else { mysqli_query( $con, "ROLLBACK" ); return 0; } }
  4. DO please enlighten us. How many websites do you run, how many databases, and how long since you had a security incident?
  5. Incidentally, if you're not sure what this software is doing, I'm not sure I'd put it on the WWW. The base64 string looks a little like an attempted malware insertion. Probably not a very good one ... it depends on register_globals(), by the look of it....
  6. No, like this: <?php //everything goes here, no more <?php or ?> until after the header() calls, wherever they are.
  7. Which open source what? Open Source Audio Player? What's your audio format? Most browsers play *mp3 natively these days.... <audio src="/sample_music_files/song.mp3" controls="controls" preload="none">
  8. PHPMyAdmin for a web-based solution, HeidiSQL on the client-side. It's fairly DB agnostic ... we first installed it for use against MSSQL DB's....
  9. You'll want to use some valid SQL for this: $select = mysql_query("SELECT "); //this won't work :-( //try this instead $movies_table = "name_of_your_table"; $query = "select no,name,price from $movies_table where price >20 order by price DESC;"; $select = mysql_query($query);
  10. Come on now friend ... it's not THAT hard //lines like these will need changed: echo "<span><a id='page_a_link' href='info5.php?page=$j'>< Prev</a></span>"; //needs phone parameter echo "<span><a href='info5.php?page=$i' id='page_a_link'>$i</a></span>"; //needs phone parameter //to this echo "<span><a id='page_a_link' href='info5.php?page=$j&phone=$phone'>< Prev</a></span>"; //has phone parameter echo "<span><a href='info5.php?page=$i&phone=$phone' id='page_a_link'>$i</a></span>"; //has phone parameter //At the top, because you're only POSTing the first time (and using GET thereafter), you will need something like: if (isset($_POST['phone'])) { $phone = $_POST['phone']; } elseif (isset($_GET['phone']) { $phone = $_GET['phone']; } And you probably should consider some type of validation on the phone variable as well, unless you're certain that it won't be viewed by anyone except people in your own company.
  11. PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<script', expecting '<?php' in /usr/home/stradmadhu/original_post on line 1
  12. If you're sure that products *should* be found on a second page, have the script echo the values of $start and $perpage to you just before the query ... it may be that these values are not what you expect. Also, please consider using the [ code ] BB tags for your code
  13. Just a wild, wild guess ... scope issues. Are you really only loading it that way for the sake of brevity in the top-level document? What does your debugger tell you?
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