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  1. That's a very vague question. Are you creating the file? Is the file being uploaded? Is the file being passed to the server via a different process? Please be more specific.
  2. By the way, it is $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
  3. You are passing it a relative path. You need to provide an absolute path to the fopen command.
  4. My guess is that whatever user is setup on the server to run PHP is not necessarily permissioned (is that a word) correctly to run the perl script. That is typically the case when it works from the command line but not from PHP. And if it isn't a user issue, it's a permission issue within PHP. I actually had this same problem at my previous job and I can't for the life of me figure out what I did to solve it. I think I had to modify php.ini to allow it.
  5. Why are you involving Perl in the first place? Why not go directly to the DB with PHP? Surely you can use an available library to talk to Sybase. Also, if the info isn't going into the text file from the perl script, that seems like a problem with the perl, not the PHP. Do you administer the server? What version of Perl are you running? Is the server setup to allow you to run exec or other system commands? Can you post the PHP code?
  6. Bingo. Relate by ID and sort by time.
  7. Wow... I actually have to agree with TFG here. Insane. But yeah, with a credit score of only 636 and not actually owning anything, you don't have a solid backing for loans. They have really cracked down recently. Hell, I have a house, 2 cars, a credit score above 770 and I would be surprised if they let me refinance my house right now (mainly due to the fact that because the housing market SUCKS, I know owe more on my house than it is worth... but that is besides the point). Sometimes you have to go into debt to build credit and make the banks trust you. Buy a house, a car... something that you can "own" even if you will be paying on it for years. You have to build equity in something.
  8. We've had multiple competitions here in the past. It's currently tabled because of lack of interest and judges. We may start up another one in the future but a re-usable login system seems like a complete waste of good coding time. Any hack and their brother can probably mock up a half decent login system.
  9. Good luck and take care. I do hope you'll stop in from time to time just to check us out.
  10. You could always build content around the generator. Surely you can come up with additional information to share with your visitors?
  11. No degree? Take 20K off whatever you think it is worth. No programming job experience? Take off another 5-10K. Seriously. I'm all about "making it on your own", but I'll be damned if some nerd with a few programming books and a few years of "self-teaching" is going to waltz in where I'm working and make what the rest of the schooled developers are making. Formal training does more than teach you programming basics. It teaches you theory and structure.
  12. Yeah... Mchl just responds to every thread where appropriate.
  13. The iPhone just uses a zoomed view... it does not use the WAP version. (I have one... and I surf the board regularly with it).
  14. The day we start charging for answers is the day I run away screaming.
  15. It's a feature of SMF. I think most forum software does this now.
  16. The only thing you can get from the file is creation and modification times, not method of access.
  17. Use MYSQL. When the user clicks the column name, add a parameter to the URL and check for that parameter when you create the SQL query. That's the best and most efficient way to do it.
  18. Javascript is client side so it cannot access a file outside of the public area.
  19. You should really let the database handle all of this: $sql = "SELECT news_data, news_date, etc FROM news WHERE news_date >= DATE_ADD(NOW() - 6 MONTHS) Handling this through PHP is just inefficient. This should work (I didn't test it) but there are other options as well.
  20. Directly meaning someone requested that file versus you including it or something via another file? It's called hot linking. If you don't want a file to be accessed directly, move it outside of the public area of your webserver: You probably have files here: /home/TLG/public_html/your_files_here_or_in_some_folder Move them to: /home/TLG/some_folder/public_html They cannot link directly to them in that case.
  21. <table border="4"> <?php $a = array("this is row 1","this is row 2","this is row 3","this is row 4", "this is row 5","this is row 6","this is row 7","this is row 8"); ?> <?php for($i=0; $i<4; $i++){ ?> <tr> <td> <?php echo $a[$i]; ?> </td> <td> <?php $j = $i + 4; echo $a[$j]; ?> </td> </tr> <?php }?> </table>
  22. ober


    $x can be used globally within the page, but not across pages. The information needs to be passed via URL or via SESSION variable. I guess the question is if you are allowing them to go back or only go forward? If they can go back and it seems like they can based on your code, I would do this: for($i=1;$i<$_GET['page'];$i++) echo "<a href=\"code$i.php\">$i..</a>";
  23. ober


    ICE BURN, and worth it too.
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