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  1. That was going to be my next question... you're pushing awfully damn hard.
  2. The staff is always looking for ways to improve. Trust me on that.
  3. You can integrate most any gallery... but it will probably take some work. Gallery2 isn't that hard to integrate and I think they use lightbox. You could always code you're on. A gallery is one of the easier parts of a CMS and setting up lightbox is freakin cake.
  4. Yeah.... that would be a no. You kind of need a mail server... and an application that can actually send mail.
  5. Yeah, I think the title change is necessary as well.
  6. It must be a problem only with this board or something because I know how they store the files and there is no way you could get a duplicate name. And that seems to simple to screw up, IMO.
  7. There is a glitch of sorts but I don't think it's related to the software necessarily. Give the file a really off-the-wall name and try again.
  8. Brad Pitt can play me... it's an uncanny resemblance. HA!
  9. czambran and I went a few rounds both before and after I got promoted. We eventually got along, but it took a while. I miss tvc... wonder what happened to him?
  10. *slap* AJAX has it's place, but it shouldn't be used unless it adds a lot of value to the application.
  11. Ron has it right. And I think about half of the current mods were mods when I got promoted. I only got bumped up to admin because I wanted to help change the site around. It was in desperate need of some attention when Ron and I got involved.
  12. As of right now, you can post them in the beta board or misc. This is more of a help board. By the way, it is against the rules to advertise, so please leave your links to yourself.
  13. Sorry, but the point of the competitions was not to have participants post results that could then be used by anyone that wanted to. The point was to give users a chance to show off their coding skills and win a prize for their efforts.
  14. I wasn't talking about that... the actual page creation time is always < 0.08 seconds. I think it's the actual network.
  15. Ditto here on the hometown thing... it's impossible to be a Browns fan.
  16. I will also concur that page loads have increased, more so in the past week or so. But on average, they're still not long enough for me to complain and I have a low tolerance level.
  17. No. Find Knoppix. Use Knoppix. Love Knoppix.
  18. Why don't you just find a host that does that?
  19. I once saw something that basically said "I don't know what this does, I'll figure out what I wrote when I need to fix it."
  20. Hot damn that's freakin slick. Thanks for the link
  21. Steelers... born and bred to enjoy good football. (Eagles suck btw).
  22. HAHAHAHAHAHA... nice one Jeff. Here's another:
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