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  1. It was .NET.  I've never gotten the hang of what needs to be included or how you link things or compile or whatever it is you have to do with that nightmare.  Plus most of what I need to get at was apparently buried in some DLLs.

  2. What an awful POS.  So much bloat and it is SO FREAKING SLOW.  I could rewrite one of our apps here at work in half the code and twice the speed in PHP.  I don't even understand where they are connecting to the database or actually doing any database interactions.  It must all be packed into DLLs or something.


    It's so frustrating!  :suicide:

  3. I'm building a site now and I just got off a call with them.  They were reporting that the site was slow and a few things didn't look right.  They were using IE6.  I had them download IE8 and I just got an email saying that the site looks "much better now!" and it's not slow anymore.


    Imagine that.  I think I'm going to throw an error to users that are using IE6.

  4. I was in the middle of transforming some of the codes and got pulled away.  I think I got the big ones but if someone sees an obvious one missing, please let me or one of the admins know (I think the mods can modify smilies as well).  They're all uploaded, just need to be played with.


    And thanks nrg_alpha for all the work.  They look awesome.

  5. I have an iPhone 3G, but I think the same policy applies:




    CBS Sports

    ScoreCenter (ESPN)





    3 pages of games





    Night Stand


    Cydia (my phone is JailBroken)



    The only app that I've purchased is a game called Streetball.

  6. And yet, two really large auto companies who's overhead bankrupted them will somehow run more efficiently under government oversight.

    The government has no desire to remain at the head of those companies for very long at all.  From what I've seen, they plan to right the ship and get the fuck out in under 18 months.

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