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  1. OP, I would really suggest you actually learn how to code instead of using a WYSIWYG. The output is absolutely horrendous.
  2. What should be suggested is that you stop using dangerous obsolete mysql code that has been completely removed from PHP and was warned about for well over ten years and to stop running a php version that is hundreds of releases behind and reached end of life long ago. Toss that code in the trash. Every bit of it is bad. You need to use PDO with Prepared Statements. This tutorial will get you going. https://phpdelusions.net/pdo
  3. OP, you were handed a complete properly coded example on the other forum by a gracious expert. Why are you still messing around with this bad code?
  4. It means you posted this in multiple forums and someone already took the time in another forum to answer you so we are not going to waste more experts time answering something that has already been answered.
  5. OP was given answer in another forum.
  6. Exposing your PC to the entire world is a really bad idea. The various wamps are intended for Development, not Production.
  7. What guarantee do you have that it was actually submitted by the users form and the users date picker? There are several ways to make a Post Request without using the users form. Bottom line, it is user supplied data and you well understand to NEVER trust user supplied data. The one case where you can safely get away with a variable in the query is if the date (or whatever) comes directly from the code, but then then that isn't user supplied data is it? But why do it? Consistency is always a good thing. No you didn't. Read the manual and see what you did wrong.
  8. The OP created the column as datetime and is trying to insert a text string. $date_col = "test";//
  9. If you just leave a closing php tag hanging around of course it will break. Why would you remove proper code?
  10. What is the code from blog-approval.php? The tester is not displaying the error you posted. It is displaying a 1 as it should. If you echo'ed the line in your tester you would see a hash. Also, phpinfo() does not require echo.
  11. @gw1500se, there are numerous issues with the tutorial you linked to. It is a very bad example to learn from or use as a reference.
  12. BEWARE This user @haymanpl will threaten you with physical violence if he doesn't like your post. The exact response on the cross post that prompted this user was "Didnt you like the help you were getting on the other forum" (This one).
  13. You have a parenthesis floating outside of Php just above the closing body tag.
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