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  1. Looking for the "Like" button... oh wait, this is PHPFreaks - long before that B.S. was created into something silly like "LIKE".
  2. Which section is the footer on the site? And do you want it centered on both columns or just below the left column?
  3. Have you tried just using the mail() function instead of send_mail() ?
  4. Hi Brandon, I think <?php is what we were going for, as in the opening tag of PHP. If we took out the first P and replaced with with the question mark, it may not look right. Do you have an example?
  5. Try to give it a shot now... the forums were recently upgraded
  6. me either, been logged in for quite a while with no issues. Did you clear your cache / temp files by chance?
  7. Create a table, write the code to query the correct template and then output it.... That's kind of a lot of info for a forum topic - I recommend http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials to get started.
  8. Also - technically you can put the Zend library anywhere and set the include to that, just add a new :/path/to/Zend/library to the include_path line. For example, here's one of mine: include_path = ".:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php:/home/drummer/public_html/includes/youtube/ZendGdata-1.10.1/library"
  9. In order to get a Video Chat - you'll need to get a Video Chat Server that uses RTMP for example. There's several different types such as Wowza, or more open source and free: red5. Also, you can use some Adobe products on a server level. At that point, you'll need a flash application and PHP really has nothing to do with it other than perhaps controlling access to the flash applet. There's some pre-built scripts out there already - but you'll most likely need an RTMP / Flash combo to make it work. We can host a wide array of RTMP / Wowza / Red5 servers for you at http://www.serverpowered.com - owned by PHP Freaks / The Web Freaks
  10. Are you wanting to code your own or use something you can install and use? There's tons of CMS out there - wordpress, drupal, joomla that can get you started easily. Otherwise, if you want to code your own - I recommend getting started with the tutorials: http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials and read the forums and learn it from scratch.
  11. I agree with dragon_sa on that - if you don't want it executed via the browser then it's best to move it outside the document root. Alternatively, if you're running the script via CLI / crontab and need to have it in your document root you can check $_SERVER['HTTP_REQUEST'] - if that exists then it's being called via apache and you can simply bail out with an exit(); if($_SERVER['HTTP_REQUEST']) { exit(); } I believe that should prevent it from being run in the browser.
  12. phpfreak

    Hey Hey!

    Hi Joe, welcome back to PHP Freaks - looking forward to your participation.
  13. Howdey back! Welcome to PHP Freaks!
  14. If you're using a command line, you shouldn't have to restart Apache as they are independent and the command line PHP can read changes from the .ini file instantly when you run it again... This is one of the problems I have with frameworks - the way the include files... Hopefully someone can help you with this as it is a pretty common issue, but I don't have a firm answer for you.
  15. I don't believe you have to pay anything to use a framework. I recommend you learn as many frameworks as you can and find which one works best for you. CodeIgnitor was one that I recently was questioned about during an interview - also Zend Framework or even learn Drupal. The more knowledge you have the better off you are. Keep rockin!
  16. You could look into using $_REQUEST and even try to use a switch() in php.
  17. Unless your system knows to handle PHP files with the php binary on your system, you would need to define that in the cronjob. Can you run this manually from the command line? Or are running it using wget or some other method of accessing it through the web browser?
  18. You could use $_SESSION to store the hidden data and then use it on the processing page.
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