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  1. Cool. Thanks for the link found these great presentations, following your link. http://devzone.zend.com/podcasts/zendconsessions
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    O like this kind music, specially while coding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVXGiGOpDlg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR-pnG26IM0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WWjeGQsDuk edit: Here is a good song for you computer addicted junkes. xD
  3. I see this type of spamming quite often, specially on blogs, its form of psychological spam,since it look legit and you read it, it distracts you from noticing the links. Which is something new the spammers are doing now, they post stuff that looks legit at front, but if you look closer you'll see optimized links for seo. Even something simple as "Hey I like your blog" + link in their name. Is to be scrutinized with interest.
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    So I am getting near done with programming my new website, I was going to add next the login / registration thing no it. I was thinking of adding OpenID, does anyone know a bit about this? I found this PHP libarary for it: http://www.openidenabled.com/php-openid/ So how does this work, Is it really hard to implement or easy? I notice too that PHPfreaks has openID, I've never used it, but I think the internet doesn't need to remember another login, thats why I am considering putting this into my web application.
  5. Self-Quote: Interesting article, http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9141465/Microsoft_s_top_developers_prefer_old_school_coding_methods
  6. Indeed, when someone Asks a question,. then gives an answer in the their post, it just wierd. Very trollish. I think they posted this so they can put links in their sig and get a backlink off the forum.
  7. I believe they have found a better way to use it, its turned into a popular drink that althelete use so they get huge "kcik" energy.
  8. yeah that idea just is not going to work, for one it gives everyone easy access to nuclear materials, 2nd vechicles sometimes leak, you ever see a car leaking oil while it driving? Well now imagine the ecological damage and health concerns with cars leaking radioactive waste. yeah.. Thirdly radioactive waste again, this stuff has to be disposed of somewher, 4th, what if you get into a car accident? Now you might have a small radioactive bomb going off and or radioactive waste all the over road. yeah there is so many problems with that idea, its just not doable. Also if you dont know what nuclear waste is, I belive the uranium has to be spray with water constantly to keep it from "melt down" scenario, that water afterwards becomes radioactive and green , yeah and has to be put into barrels and burried. Such a waste of water, how do you soppose if someone would store tanks of waste water in their cars safely? not only that is a fine waste of water, so now we got a another probablem were wasting our all clean drinking water and turning into green slushies.
  9. Maby some, guess it doesn't matter, just an observation. Those youtube comments are just the icing of the cake what he really has to defend himself against, he probably gets threats too I imagine?. When religious people cant use their scriptures as proof of god existing, they result to name calling, trolling and violence. Sort of like peta.
  10. 448191 have you noticed on the video comments that there is people registering fake accounts and saying really rude stuff and trolling trible to distract people? I guess he most be pissing some people off. Of course this only further proves his point where he says over and over about people who believe in religion are intolerant and will attack anyone who doesn't believe in their religion. haha.
  11. Yeah he throws those jokes in like a pro when he's talking. This ones pretty good.
  12. No its not ridiculous, anything that oil does a few humans can do to. I already gave an example of the farm, a tractor filled up with some diesel can to the same work as a 100 men can do in few short hours to plant or harvest a few acres of food. The pyramids? Same thing, theose mofo's moved those rocks with human labour and it took them a hundred years. We could do the same today in only year or so with oil powered machines.
  13. I got a good laugh out of that. I bet the barrel came up with that one! 25,000 hours is 2 years and 8 months of labour. Hardly nothing to joke about, your getting an incredible deal when you pay 50 bucks to fill up your car. lol
  14. Money like Gold and today's modern money, are actually only stores of energy, you slave away at some job, you get paid, you can blow the money or save it, if you save it then your saving your output, your energy, which at any time you can spend the money to buy stuff from other people who spent their human labour/energy to make. So no gold should not be free. A barrel of oil has the power to do the work of 25,000 hour of human labour, so it worth alot. In farms they can load up their tractor with some disale and have the whole acres of farm land seeded in a few hours, in the old days you would have to hire a 100 men and they would slave over that field for a few days, effectivly ending up with the same outcome. Lastly dont forget the energy it took for those men to do it, they have to eat and intake calories. Energy in, Energy out! But with oil we get more energy in then we spend. Thats the only reason in the last 100 years our population has exploded. Its completly all being powered from fossil fuels. Its completely unsustainable.
  15. You guys know 1 barrel of oil has the power to do the work of 25,000 hours of human labour? Lets price oil to its realistic price, say minium wage $10/hour, so one barrel of oil should actually cost $250,000.
  16. That sound more like realistic idea, I heard there is enough Coal to power world for 500 years. (at current levels of energy). THe problem though is it stinks. Something that most advocates of clean energy dont mention or maby realize is the amount of energy it takes to make say a Wind Turbine, How about the energy required to smelt the ore? and then to ship it in flat bed trucks, those need super energy (Diesel). Then to melt it again and form the parts of the wind turbine? Then the power to lift into the air and assemble it. At the end of all that you realize that without oil we couldnt make those even to begin with. I hope that we make enough of this stuff before we run out of oil, or else we'll be really screwed, your not going to beable to mine ore and smelt and move tons of steel around with green energy! Also I heard that Nuclear power is actually not doable, if we sourced all our energy need to Nuclear, we would run out of uranium in only 2 short decades, there really is not alot of it around. (As far we know). Really this stuff called oil, is really free energy, and we're wasting it mowing our lawns, I'm sure the future generations and historians will look back at us 19th century and early 2000's people as complete morons in human history. Secondly lets not forget that our food is now grown with fossil fuel derived fertilizers, Nitrogen is most cases is completly depleted from farm soils, we already used it all up, the fossil fuel to make this stuff is called natural gas. When that runs out, we also will have famine.
  17. A trademark can be registered almost like a domain name. You have to renew them every few years sort of like a domain too. Trademarks are to be a word or image that describes your service, So if someone copies your service with a similar sounding word or logo, then you are now in the clear to take legal action against them for using your service mark in bad faith. However that doesn't protect you from someone copying your content, it just protects your service mark from being used by someone else for the same service.
  18. Make sure to includes animated .gifs into your page, and also a under construction sign.
  19. Scaring people is just another card in the bag-o-tricks to make money, nothing new, but only scum bags make money doing that. The mainstream media is very guilty of this, ask any person working in MSM, they'll tell you its true , stories about crime, and scay things bring in more eyeballs to their station, and hence also on their advertsisers, BLing $. Say you had a blog and you put ridiculous bs that scares people, and you get tons of visitors every month, and it make you like a few thousand a month with Adsense, same thing right? Your not going to stop, your going to keep posting that bs on your website even though you know your total scum bag doing it. These scientists are just avenue of the same business model, maby their revenue is not from ads, but they probably gets lots of money from donations and Gov grants for "research". Which they probably handsomly pocket half of it into their personal piggy bank.
  20. Really I don't see how minuscule little ants like us could do serious change by releasing little "smoke" called co2 from burning fossile fuel. That like comparing the head of a needle on the ground and the sky level would be 10,000 feet up. Here you have a little another speck (a car) with your little pin sized ass driving in it, with a little pin sized smoke coming out of it. right.. lol
  21. I used to really enjoy those Star trek shows, not really sure what happened, they stuck too many commercials in the shows, and in all tv in general and I just lost interest in the TV set altogether and stopped watching it about 5 years ago. I couldn't say whats new today on Tv, since Its been 5 years, the last Star Trek I was watching was Next Generation, then Voyager. Thats probably pretty old, whats the new ones now?
  22. I find that clients can be fickle, they think afterwards they can contact me anytime to change something for free.
  23. Here is something to actually be concerned about, the giant garbage vortex in the pacific ocean. Next time you eat some fish, don't be scared if there is a bottle cap in it . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLrVCI4N67M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uGp4dSIAuo
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