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First off thanks, great website very informative. I have looked every where on the web and I can't find out how to make a simple news feed based off a MYSQL database, just as you have on your home page. Can you please do a tutorial for it?



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unit test , test cases.


i need to release a module on expressionEngine ( it's basicly a big class ) , and i realy realy need it to be bug free from all aspects . I found alot of tutorials and such , but they make ma confused on how they should work , like phpUnit that is realy big and i have hard times seting it up proprely . Don't get me wrong , i don't actualy need to use phpUnit , any other app would be great and higly apreciated , specialy if it comes from you guys ( i don't have problems understanding any of existing phpFreaks tutorials ) .

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the purpose of this thread is to open tutorial topics to suggestion from some of the users of the forum.  be precise about what you'd be interested in learning - any vague topics will be ignored.  i would also urge new users to get in on this, letting us know what you find difficult to grasp being new to PHP, or what you struggled with most while learning through development.


that being said, have at it with your suggestions.  keep in mind, i will be deleting unhelpful posts.


i'd like a tutorial on unit test , and test cases . makes sense now ?

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There is no generic tutorial you can write that fits everyones application.  Frameworks/applications like PHPUnit are all different, besides, they have their own manual for this.

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What I'd really like to learn, is how to manage (edit/delete/submit) data via php (form) to a database (table).


This would be a greate tutorial, and would really help me, I believe it would also benefit others who are looking to manage sql info via php.


So for example the tutorial would consist of:


A form which can submit names to a database  (Submit)


A form to delete names from the database. (Delete)


And a form which can edit the names in the database (Edit).


names = data


This just an example, i know their might better be ways. I've googled tutorials on this and their just for a specific function, ie. Delete. Theirs none that i know which teach how to do all in one.


Thanks :hail_freaks:

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