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Seriously, every topic in this forum is about computers. Geez, lets talk about something interesting. :D

[b]Umm, so what kind of music does everyone listen to? [/b] Got any recommendations? Or maybe post some links and we'll all check them out!

My recommendations for you all:
- [url=http://www.cs.uri.edu/~whittakt/public/music/Mountain%20Goats,%20The%20-%20The%20Sunset%20Tree/]The Mountain Goats[/url] - the Sunset Tree (dance music is my favorite song on the record)
The Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker
- [url=http://www.asjohnson.com/~katie/music/Def%20Leppard%20-%20Pour%20Some%20Sugar%20On%20Me.mp3]Def Leppard[/url] - Pour Some Sugar on Me
- [url=http://www.asjohnson.com/~katie/music/03%20The%20Future%20Freaks%20Me%20Out.wma]Motion City Soundtrack[/url] - The Future Freaks Me Out
- [url=http://texas.clubsi.com/Josh/music2/30%20Seconds%20to%20Mars%20-%20The%20Kill.mp3]30 Seconds to Mars[/url] - The Kill

Yea, I'm bored. Soo...what kind of music do you like?
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Woo! A topic up my alley!

I like a bunch of different music, but I'm a metal head mostly. I listen to Metallica, Pantera, Godsmack, Alice In Chains, Disturbed, Ozzy, Mudvayne, Tool and a bunch of others. I also like 80's metal a lot too: Motley Cure, Poison, Def Leppard...

I have about 58 GIGS! of music on my home computer. I'm always listen to music!

Right now I'm listening to Shinedown - Save me, Alice In Chains - Would? and Them Bones, Godsmack - Greed and Bad Relligion, Mudvayne - Not Falling, Trapt - Stand Up. I have band practice later so I have to learn them  ;D

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I like something with a good beat... techno being my favorite.  I like hip/hop or rap or whatever you want to call it.  Not so much a fan of R&B.

Having said that, I listen to everything from country to instramental.   About the only thing I can't really stand is gospel and that "twangy" country stuff.  Bleh.

www.tranceaddict.com is an excellent site for some good techno.
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Just about everything.


[*]The Clash
[*]Daft Punk
[*]Depeche Mode
[*]Godspeed You Black Emperor!
[*]Pink Floyd
[*]Led Zeppelin
[*]Talking Heads
[*]Bee Gees
[*]Roger Waters
[*]They Might Be Giants
[*]Rage Against The Machine
[*]Janis Joplin
[*]Johnny Cash
[*]Krzysztof Penderecki
[*]...and just about anything with tribal drums, monk chants, accordions, or musical saws.
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my favourites, in the theme of effigy's post:

[*]amon tobin
[*]boards of canada
[*]astral projection
[*]ltj bukem
[*]queens of the stoneage
[*]pink floyd
[*]lcd soundsystem
[*]massive attack
[*]set fire to flames
[*]godspeed! you black emperor
[*]flaming lips
[*]perfect circle/tool

i lean more towards techno when working, but i like all sorts of music.  as with ober, i'm not a huge fan of gospel or the twangy country.  more rock-ish country i can deal with.

if anyone wants good track/album reccommendations for any of these guys (if you want to try them out), i'm more than happy to offer them.
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Well, you asked for it  ;D :

AFI (A Fire Inside)
The Beatles
Black Sabbath
Blink 182
The Casualties
The Clash
The Click Five
Deep Blue Something
Garth Brooks
Bob Segar
Bon Jovi
Bowling For Soup
Jesse McCartney
Alanis Morisette
The All-American Rejects
Armor For Sleep
Joan Jett
The Killers
Good Charlotte
Green Day
Def Leppard
The Eagles
Fountains of Wayne
Hawethorne Heights
The Kinks
Marilyn Manson
Motley Crue
Three Days Grace
Panic At The Disco
The Ramones
Rod Stewart
Yellow Card
Simple Plan
Sugar Ray
The Used

There are many more, but I can't think of them all right now.  :o
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I just looked them up, and they're okay. They sound "emo" to me. xP

You should try 30 Seconds to Mars' S/T album. The lead singer is a Pink Floyd fan. Try "Echelon" and "Buddha for Mary." It's deep, I tell you. Deep.
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Yes, but they specifically don't use his fame to promote their band. They prefer to allow the music to speak for itself, which is something I really do admire.

Jared is both a talented actor and musician, but I definately prefer his music (all his movies made so far have been rated R, therefore the only acting I've got to go on is his role in "My So-Called Life").
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Ok, here's my list, a bit of a range of different styles in there I think:

[0] A Tribe Called Quest
[0] Alicia Keys
[0] Basement Jaxx
[0] Blackalicious
[0] Bob Marley
[0] Christina Aguilera
[0] Citizen Cope
[0] De La Soul
[0] Dead Prez
[0] Dillated Peoples
[0] DJ Format
[0] DJ Shadow
[0] DJ Z-Trip
[0] Fatboy Slim
[0] Feeder
[0] Fugees
[0] Gavin DeGraw
[0] Green Day
[0] Hieroglyphics
[0] Jurassic 5
[0] Maroons
[0] Macy Gray
[0] Mos Def
[0] No Doubt
[0] Oasis
[0] Phantom Planet
[0] Prodigy
[0] Ray Charles
[0] Reel Big Fish
[0] Talib Kweli
[0] Tenacious D
[0] The Roots
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hehe you've got some nice artistes there, SA.

i like a whole bunch of stuff...here's a trimmed output of my music folder:
[+]Air Supply
[+]al green
[+]Annie Lennox
[+]A Tribe Called Quest
[+]Barry White
[+]Big L
[+]Billie Holiday
[+]Black Eyed Peas
[+]Black Star
[+]Bob Marley & The Wailers
[+]Bonnie Tyler
[+]Brand Nubian
[+]Camp Lo
[+]Chaka Demus & Pliers
[+]C.J. Lewis
[+]Counting Crows
[+]Cuban Link
[+]Daddy Freddy
[+]Dean Martin
[+]De La Soul
[+]Digable Planets
[+]Dilated Peoples
[+]Elvis Costello
[+]Erick Sermon
[+]Erykah Badu
[+]Foreign Exchange
[+]Frank Sinatra
[+]Geto Boys
[+]Jedi Mind Tricks
[+]Jefferson Starship
[+]Jon B
[+]Jurassic 5
[+]Kanye West
[+]Leo Sayer
[+]LL Cool J
[+]Lords of the Underground
[+]Louis Armstrong
[+]Lucy Pearl
[+]Marvin Gaye
[+]Mary J. Blige
[+]MC Lyte
[+]Missy Elliott
[+]Mos Def
[+]Musical Youth
[+]New Edition
[+]Norah Jones
[+]Notorious B.I.G
[+]Peter Gabriel
[+]Pete Rock
[+]Phife Dawg
[+]Poor Righteous Teachers
[+]Ras Kass
[+]Ray Charles (only some tracks)
[+]REO Speedwagon
[+]Rick Price
[+]Sadat X
[+]Slick Rick
[+]Super Cat
[+]Talib Kweli
[+]Tha Alkaholiks
[+]The Roots
[+]The Wonders
[+]DJ Tony Touch
[+]Trigger The Gambler
[+]Urban Thermo Dynamics
[+]Vertical Horizon
[+]the entire Wu-Tang Clan crew
[+]Zapp & Roger
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