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I'm debating if I like my business site or not and was playing around with photoshop a bit.

My current site is http://www.multimedia-technologies.com

I started a drawing here http://multimedia-technologies.com/misc/mmt.jpg  There is a lot of empty space in the drawing, but it gives you an idea.  I don't know, what do you think?

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It is nice. Really deep colours. I see what you mean now about "subtle" gradients!

Your current side - is good - overdoing it a little/lot on the "sloped lines" and the hover for the menu tho.

With the new one - there is a small bit of confusion IMO.
You have the 3 coloured boxes - BLUE - RED - GREEN
You have 3 coloured (pill shaped) buttons a distance below them - Well I thought they were colour co-ordinated.
E.g. clicking on the green pill shaped button  - Does that go to the CONTACT page or the PC Repairs page??

It would stand out to me intially to go to the PC repair page as it is green. Anyways - its minor.

Perhaps that what Mark was on about the layout under the coloured boxes.

Will be interested to see where you go from here.


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You are correct about the pill buttons, I had columns that were extended info about the services, but changed it.  I guess I kept the colors to match the columns, but I can see how it may cause confusion.  Maybe I'll use a greyscale or stick with one color.  THe main things I wanted to change are the rushed portfolio and contact pages.  I started to fix them on the current site, and then decided i didn't like where it was going, hence the new design changes.
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much better. maybe it was the uneven heights of the columns that seemed out of place...
as you don't have the blue background any longer, i'm not sure though if the header/footer are too wide (slightly) for the 3 columns. doesn't look bad, but just wondering if it'd look better otherwise.

otherwise, spot on.
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very nice. only thing at this stage i'd suggest is in your 'Contact Us' column - i think the address/phone numbers need to be seperated a bit maybe just by bolding/darkening the 'Mailing Address:', 'Phones:' and 'Email:' headings.

otherwise, i'd personally run with the new one as it looks like a cleaner more modern version of the old (even though the old one is bloody good too!)
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[quote author=jcombs_31 link=topic=108044.msg438127#msg438127 date=1158769343]
Yea, I agree on the contact column, but when I bold them it doesn't look balanced.  I'll think about the best way to do it.
bold but using a lighter grey to take the edge off instead might work. it has for me in the past.
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[quote author=businessman332211 link=topic=108044.msg441208#msg441208 date=1159211396]
just something you might want to think about, on the 3 colored boxed, have some kind of css, with hover, that relates to that color, I don't know if it would be better or worse, but it's something I was thinking might look good?  Everything on it looks good though.

I don't see what that would accomplish.
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I like it a lot.
Its very very nice to navigate and read through.

Im suprised however as to why you dont have it xhtml 1.1?

Also - for the Portfolio page (which the same as others - done excellent) you should open up "Visit Site" in a new Browser Window.

It might be nicer to have a a:hover for links in the text - e.g. remove the underline on a:hover.

Its really nice - and gives an excellent idea of prices and functionality.

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