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My first personal website


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Hello colleguages,



I was wondering if someone here kindly take a look at my site/portofio so to say. Please tell me what features it's missing and needs to be added and please an overall picture of it.


Here it is


Thank you so much!


Best Regards


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If your portfolio is going to have examples of your front-end work, you are advertising your ability to do front-end work.  Your landing page is very difficult to look at from a design perspective. 

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^^ Thank you for the review! Yeah I suck at designs, usually I make websites with ready made design and I just code them but I am the best at making super ugly sites. Can you please reccommend how to improve the landing page? Thank you!

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Yeah I suck at designs,

You and I both!


I would find a nice subtle texture (you could even color it pink with GIMP) to give the background more life.


If you're going to use text-only as links, find a nice webfont  and use a comparable font for your general typography.


Get rid of that silly gradient logo


Proportionalize your layout, emphasizing what's important and what's generic


Consider renaming "Projects" to "Portfolio"


Give your blogs a more meaningful header to give me a reason to read the text


Line up your <label>s and <input>s


If you want people to know you for your coding abilities, provide examples of that. Likewise for front-end design.  If you do both, separate them.


Remember that nothing you put on a webpage is an accident.  Treat it accordingly.

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^^ Thank you very much for the revew once again!


Sure I will do everything you told me. Thank you for telling me about the label tags I remember I once read about them but it was long time ago and I thought they weren't important.


Can you please reccommend with what to replace the logo? Maybe just a header with a link to the homepage, I do not know.


The problem is that I have done very little coding with PHP for clients, only front - end and all the projects I have for back - end are those I made for myself and I do not know if it will be OK to post them in the portfio section.


Thank you again for the help!

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I would find a nice subtle texture


How did I not know about that website!?




I would drop the date/time in the header, the use of comic sans (!important), and also the "created on" date. Everybody has a clock visible whatever operating system, so unless there's some legal requirement to have it then there's no point. Printing the date you created the website is fine for now, but in a year or two (assuming you kept your current design), it's going to make the website seem old. You want to give a modern, up to date impression.


The text on the home page sounds more like a CV's "personal qualities" description. People won't be going to your website to primarily find out about your work ethic, it's about what you can do. Sure you want to promote yourself in that way, but not there. Reserve that space for a strong, easy to understand overview of your abilities. Also the text on your 'contact us' page sounds a little unfriendly. I would reword it to so that it's made clear you can speak Bulgarian, but don't mention anything about not responding to people. Just don't respond to them? If they're going to contact an English-written website in Japanese they should probably expect to not get a reply.


Lastly I don't know why you would ever want to put your blog offline, with a message that just says..?



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^^ @Adam, thank you so much for the detailed review it was incredibly helpful! I will surely do all the things you have suggested.

About the blog page, I wanted to update it but I mixed up the code and now it is not working that is why I took it offline but you are right the sign 'offline' is just silly, I will try to upload it again one of these days!


About the comic sans you mean I should remove the headers with the hand-written-like-typeface, right?


Thank you very much, you are great!

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Ah! But i am not a front-ender :) I just happen to know all the cool places on the net!

How'd you fool them into letting you in? Every time i try t follow, they lock the door behind them.  :cry:

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Maybe it's an idea to create a thread or something to add useful links like thetoolbox ? Or should we just attach our bookmarks to a post LOL


Yeah I think that's a pretty good idea. I bet people have some right handy tools they never think to mention..

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Designing a nice website is easy.  Just find around 20 classy sites such as Guru.com and take inspiration from them.


Just try ideas you see from across the internet.


This sounds like an intro to a really bad info-mercial.

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