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PHP/Html Challenge


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Well I was thinking like a virual funding system for roleplay. First a login (without a register page and were I have to add the members). Then a bank page were you can view your account balance/citations/bills. And if you have any citations/bills were you can pay them and your account balance will automaticly be subtracted. And lastly a my account page were you can change your password/ email. Thats basiclly it. But I need to be able to add members, and add citations/bills. Like I said im new to PHP so im not sure if you can really even do this. But hopefully its possible.

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Sounds like a freelancing post. To be fair that would be quite a task for even a good php programmer, it's not a run of the mill thing, quick thing to do. I'm sure what you are asking for is possible but I'm not sure how useful someone posting some code and leaving you to get on with it will be.


Good luck though I hope you can get this sorted. FREE is always best! :tease-03:


Kind regards,



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Moved this to "Application design" in the meantime, seeing as there are some rather important design questions to be asked here.


For instance: This "bank" page of yours, is it meant to do transaction with real money? If so, do you plan on interfacing with online payment services (like Paypal etc), credit cards, or directly with a user's bank account?


It is well and good to have an idea that you want to make into reality, that is the first step towards success after all. However, without a good plan on how to get there, that is all you'll have. Plus a cartload of troubles, if you actually try to make things despite not having a plan.

This means that you'll have to sit down and describe, quite detailed, exactly what you want to have on this site. What sections there should be, what kind of functionality should be present in the different pages, how said functionality should work, what kind of data do you need for that, is that functionality possible in the first place, and so forth.


Once you have the plan written down, you can start to translate it to actual code. Seeing as you've solved (most of) the problems beforehand, the actual coding should be a relatively easy task.

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