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  1. There are more than 2 fonts. The fonts you use in the menu are different from the rest of the site.
  2. Well yeah, soviets are zombies. Luckily they stay in their country for the most part.
  3. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php/topic,95426.0.html
  4. Locking thread. I already moved this once. This is a third party script and you should ask your questions to the creator, not us.
  5. That will not work. I think the only reason the first one works is because it only reads the first part of your "equation", which is a 1.
  6. I was with him the last time he got attacked. I didn't think they were real and then I saw them with my own two eyes. They really do go for the BRAINSSSS first!
  7. 1) Too busy 2) Too many different fonts 3) Too many different colors (pick a color scheme and stick to it) 4) The header image doesn't link back to the index 5) No english translation (intentional?) I give it a 2/10.
  8. Well I'm not really downloading it from anywhere. I have a bunch of HTML files on a network drive. All I need to do is put them in a zip file.
  9. You didn't write it, so how could you possibly know how to fix it or expect us to take the time to fix it when you don't have a clue about how it works?
  10. When you view the directory, in your echo, is it correct? It probably works on one and not the other because the paths are not the same or you don't have permissions to scan a particular folder on one or the other.
  11. You would have to have access to get listings from the other server (not likely unless you control the environment). Then you would provide a list to the user of the available files on the server. Then I think you can use curl or something else to go and actually grab the file.
  12. Piracy aside, I like the 3rd look the best. The others look like one of those parking pages you run into when a host holds a domain. The 3rd one isn't all that great either. Add a background to the outside area, use something other than simple colors, put something (anything really) in the footer. I also don't get the header image. What do smiley faces have to do with torrents?? It is also a very poorly transitioned image.
  13. I like it. Clean, simple, very fast and user friendly. 10/10. My only question is your ability to support it and the limits? How long are files stored? I noticed I can upload without an account. Are "anonymous" accounts limited?
  14. I thought that originally as well. I looked for months for something that I liked. I use freshbooks.com to do the financial side of things right now and I'm using the free account. Even if I bumped up to the next level ($14/mo), I'm still not getting all the features that I want. I don't like the look and feel of the other existing products because they all fall into one of the following categories: 1) Overly complicated for what I need and I don't want to confuse my clients. 2) Missing a feature that I think is crucial to my normal workflow. Besides, if I can make a tool that people would use, I could eventually charge a minimal fee for it for other developers and that money I lost making it is nothing.
  15. I've looked at a lot of them and they don't really fit my "freelancer" style. I basically want a copy of freshbooks.com that is free and allows the client to provide a "to do" list with dates and details, among a few other features. So I'm building my own. It's not even close to ready, but I'll let you all know about it when I'm done. Maybe you guys can be my beta users.
  16. Nope... my company has a hosted software product that has collaboration tools (workgroups, contacts, calendars, file manager, etc) so I'm just going to post it in a global workgroup that the people that need the information can get to. The thing that sucks is that we have a "website" portion to the collaboration tools, but it is broken and it's low on the priority list of things that will be fixed.
  17. I basically want something that will work like Adobe to just take the index file and recursively go down the tree and wrap it up into a nice little package with search and index functions. I'm guessing it doesn't exist without more work than that. Oh well, this will all be online in a better format soon anyways.
  18. Do you have a live version and/or have you viewed the source to ensure that the link is actually being built properly?
  19. @Mchl: I guess there is more to it then pointing an index or folder at this thing and generating the CHM, eh? It might be too much work to redo everything using this tool. @ Jeff, there are over 200 pages at this point and many of them span more than one "PDF page". That would kind of suck.
  20. No, I created it using Adobe. Looking at that though, it looks like it doesn't traverse through the whole site, just the page you are on? Maybe you can direct me to a better tool to build the CHM file then?
  21. I don't see any opening php tags unless that is done outside of what you've shown us. Show more of the code.
  22. We're going to need more info. Where are these "counters" stored? What does a "match" consist of? A description of the DB fields would help. Do you have any code that you've started with?
  23. So until my company puts our help information online (a few months), one facet of our product has an offline set of HTML files (starting with an index file and then a few levels of folders and other html files) that I'd like to package and send to our customers. I tried PDFing it, but it doesn't look great (doesn't carry over some of the styling). I tried putting it in a CHM format, but that removes all the styling. My last option is to either just zip up the whole thing and send it that way unless someone else here has a better idea. So... thoughts?
  24. Symbols are just strings. It's the same as looking for text. Having said that, you may also want to search for HTML equivalents.
  25. All I had to do is mention zombies and I knew CV would run with it.
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