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  1. Yeah, count me in as well. If you need help with it, I'll definately start to look into it more and try to learn more about it and maybe implement some stuff here at work (I've been meaning to do some anyways). Maybe obsidian and I could be the leads on the project as far as help? I'll dig into some research immediately.
  2. Sounds awesome Eric. I have been looking into AJAX quite a bit, and have looked at a good bit of code, but have yet to implement it anywhere. And I agree, it most likely is the next BOOM on the internet (and may already be). I would be willing to write some tuts or something once I get more into it, but I don't have the time or the background knowledge on it to do anything immediately. What is your time scale for the grand opening?
  3. ober


    I'm just saying... someone is going to be more willing to start typing in those boxes for fun than if you put them on another page. Probably nothing big to worry about... but it is a school website, and if the kids at the school use it for anything educational, I'd be willing to bet some of them have at least tried it. Kids that age are very curious.
  4. ober


    Stunning as usual, but I've come to expect that from you. I have to agree about the footer... I like the origional better. I'd also comment on the login portion... I think I like the button for logging in that takes you to a seperate page for the staff login instead of the open form. You're basically leaving yourself open for a hack attempt with those login boxes sitting there... some kid is going to get bored, trust me.
  5. I went to the right thing, but you're right, I was looking at the prices for the workbench. Either way, I wasn't impressed with it. The only feature that Homesite doesn't have that Maguma has is finding a brace pair (oh how I'd kill for that feature sometimes). What I should do is ask my company to buy Zend Studio for me. That would kickass.
  6. I'm surprised that your review is so good. It looks kind of childish, the debugger didn't really work all that great, and when I tried to close it, it hit a memory error that required me to kill it from Windows Task Manager. And I'm not sure where you're seeing $25 for the Pro version. The only price I saw was about $84 USD.
  7. I've been hearing more of the opposite out of the MS camp lately. The XBox 360 is supposed to be almost a full entertainment system. I am like you, however, and do most of my gaming on my PC, but my wife bought me a XBox for christmas 2 years ago and I play on it from time to time when I get bored with the PC.
  8. You could just as easily subscribe to the RSS feed.
  9. I've seen some screenshots from the XBOX 360 and I must say I was impressed. I haven't seen the equivalent from the others, so I won't comment on them.
  10. To the origional poster, you're going to have to move them with a series of SELECTs and UPDATEs. If you want to switch two: [!--PHP-Head--][div class=\'phptop\']PHP[/div][div class=\'phpmain\'][!--PHP-EHead--][span style=\"color:#0000BB\"]<? $query [/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]= [/span][span style=\"color:#DD0000\"]\"SELECT name FROM table1 WHERE id IN (2,3)\"[/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]; [/span][span style=\"color:#FF8000\"]// get the results [/span][span style=\"color:#0000BB\"]?> [/span] [/span][!--PHP-Foot--][/div][!--PHP-EFoot--] [!--PHP-Head--][div class=\'phptop\']PHP[/div][div class=\'phpmain\'][!--PHP-EHead--][span style=\"color:#0000BB\"]<? $query [/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]= [/span][span style=\"color:#DD0000\"]\"UPDATE table1 SET name = $row[0] WHERE id = 3\"[/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]; [/span][span style=\"color:#FF8000\"]// execute [/span][span style=\"color:#0000BB\"]$query [/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]= [/span][span style=\"color:#DD0000\"]\"UPDATE table1 SET name = $row[1] WHERE id = 2\"[/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]; [/span][span style=\"color:#FF8000\"]// execute [/span][span style=\"color:#0000BB\"]?> [/span] [/span][!--PHP-Foot--][/div][!--PHP-EFoot--]
  11. Keep in mind that some of us (me!) have the signatures turned off. It decreases loading times and I don't have to look at all the garbage people would like me to look at or click on.
  12. Several. It remains a male-dominated field, but trust me, there are plenty of female programmers out there. And their numbers are growing.
  13. There are several girls that post on this site... they just haven't found this thread. No biggie. And it's not like female programmers are all that special. "ooooh... they know how to use a computer AND they have a vagina!?!?!?!?!" It's like having you around, except they know how to use a computer! OOOOOOOOOOOHHH ICE BURN! j/k
  14. Ben, male. I've been programming for 8 or 9 years and only got into PHP about a year and a half ago. I'm more of a system programmer (VB, C, ASM, system specific languages like D2T's Morphee or MTS's VXin) at work, but about half of my job is running our internal lab website (data collection and reporting). I enjoy this stuff more. Oh, and I'm married, but she's not a programmer at all and I think I like it that way. I did go to college some very talented female programmers, one of which is a very good friend of mine.
  15. And I'd say you're wrong ;-)
  16. And umm... it doesn't clean it up very well!
  17. Homesite 5.5 here, but voted Dreamweaver MX since it's the only other IDE I've used.
  18. I did try it. I tried it on 2 major browsers (IE and Opera, both the latest releases), and guess what? It didn't do anything. And if you're seriously going to sit there and say that someone should use code that doesn't work in IE, I'm going to sit here and laugh at you. You and I might know better, but half the world still uses IE.
  19. Ooohh... lookie, a CSS2 attribute. How about we talk about something that works well AND degrades well, huh? ALWAYS consider the user when pointing someone to a relatively recent addition to the standard. EDIT: Might I also add that it will not force your printer to print in a landscape mode. You cannot control the user's printer settings through CSS. ALWAYS double check the desires of the OP and the functionality of your supposed answers before posting your arrogant [removed]. edited by czambran: Removed crude language
  20. Short answer, no. Long answer is that it is possible, but only in IE and they have to use a button you put on the page.... and it relies on ActiveX. http://www.meadroid.com/scriptx/intro62.asp I rely on the free version where I work and I can force everyone to use IE to print reports. It works great. I wouldn't push this off to the general public however, since it requires them to accept a software install and use your print buttons. I'd suggest either using PDF or trashing the idea altogether.
  21. This is hacking in its worst fashion, not php CORE hacking. What you're doing is illegal and does break at least 1 digital law. Stop what you're doing immediately. This forum is for those who are writing modules to extend PHP's abilities. What you're doing is more correctly known as "cracking"... malicious attacks on a computer's systems.
  22. You may want to ask this in one of the other help forums. I don't see how this applies to core hacking unless you're writing a module.
  23. The background on the home page is VERY busy and makes it look VERY messy. I'd suggest changing it. The forums look nice and clean.
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