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  1. Why buy it? There are plenty of sites that offer free stock photos. www.sxc.hu is one of them. And I've used Google images to snag a few as well. I'm sure there are others as well.
  2. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3863 Try that. I've used it, but not for JS/AJAX stuff, but it should work.
  3. OK, I was bored enough. Assuming he's not spoofing, no one else matches even his range of IP address.
  4. I have never seen a board with faster replies than this one. If you are not getting a response, maybe it is the way you are asking your question.
  5. Networking... that is how I've landed my 2 professional jobs thus far. My first job out of college came by talking to a guy that was neighbors with a manager at a large company near me. He got me in. I had a 5 year internship under my belt and I was a good fit for the job with the right experience. My second job came on a suggestion by my brother-in-law for a company he had done some work with as a 3rd party. I submitted my resume through their website even though they didn't have any jobs posted and it was similar to the job I was already doing, but in a different market. Again, I had the right skills and talked a good game.
  6. The user that posts the 1,000,000th post will get a lap dance. From Crayon Violent. At his house. In the woods. Next to the zombie farm.
  7. I completely agree. And I've turned down places like this as well. If you're not going to hire enough people to get the work done on time, then I'm not going to kill myself to help you meet a deadline. These are also the types of places that abuse the use of a fixed salary.
  8. My feelings are it will fall to the wayside like all of the other challengers. Google is king of the search. There really is no question about that. Sure, Yahoo, MSN, and a few others get a small piece of the pie, but everyone knows google and its simplicity. I don't see anyone topping it.
  9. I did some poking around too and I'm pretty unimpressed so far. Don't put something out for a beta that intends to compete with the #1 until it's relatively ready for such a feat.
  10. Report it to SMF. We don't make the forums. Also, it appears to be a Linux based bug in Firefox, because it appears fine in FF3 on Windows.
  11. It will actually try to install itself on the client PC. I got nailed on my personal site when I used some 3rd party code. Some of my users had their anti-virus software pick it up.
  12. Probably a trojan injected by a hacker. Delete it and secure your site.
  13. Typically techno/trance for me is the best choice... I also do Rock, Rap, and whatever you would put "Tool" into. I need something with a solid beat and I often type to the beat.
  14. This could lead to a whole new level of stalking. SWEET.
  15. Looks like a pair of boyshorts to me. HOT.
  16. Lies! I did find Waldo though. I didn't find it either... which building?
  17. BWHAHAHAHAHA!! I love South Park.
  18. I'm only a few hours away... why do you ask?
  19. Users cannot reply in the freelance board. This is the best place for this type of question. I personally do not use freelance sites... all of my work comes to me via here or by word-of-mouth.
  20. Login to demo area please. I'm not downloading your stuff until I know it's legit.
  21. ober


    I couldn't agree more with xylex on this. I work for a company that manages patient data and we have an entire department that ensures that we stay compliant and another department that does all the testing on our core functionality. This is not something to mess around with. You can get into some deep shit if you mess that stuff up.
  22. But look at you now... you're FREE.. and THRIVING. Way to break loose from the chains!
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