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  1. I thought that might be the issue... maybe I'm not an idiot then! YAY!
  2. *snip* When you go to that page, it should bring up a google map, centralize to a location in MI, then read a .kml file to map out some other locations around the world (distributors). It's doing all but the last part and I don't know why. I know the files exist and I have all the JS in place. I've even watched Firebug loop through some of the JS (not sure what all of it is doing and I can't tell if it is actually parsing my file or not). Documentation: http://code.google.com/p/geoxml3/wiki/Usage http://sterlingudell.com/bgmm/Project/v3kml.htm http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/v3/demogallery.html I can't fucking stare at this thing for another GD hour and not get anywhere. Edit: and yes, I know I'm using the new version 3 of the API and I could probably get it to work under version 2, but the example above has it working, so I don't see the problem!
  3. So I feel like an idiot not knowing this, but I did some googling and couldn't find it there either. I have an intranet site where I need to link to a file that launches an application (Citrix client app). My link is structured like this currently: <a href="file:///path/to/blah.ica">Application</a> That works in IE, but nothing happens in FF. What is the correct way to structure the link so that it will open in all browsers?
  4. I had this same battle when I started getting into sites where the clients wanted to make their own updates. None of the CMS packages offered the flexibility I was looking for at the time and I didn't have the time to dig through and figure out what needed to be changed. So I wrote my own. I've been adapting it and modifying it for close to 5 years now. It allows me to make custom modules fairly quickly for my clients, but it has the drawbacks of falling behind some of the competition in some of the more generic areas. And it's not nearly as robust in some of those "other features". And I lose money working on stuff like that so it's a very double-edged sword. If I had it to do over, I might start from scratch learning one of the established CMS products and how to customize them. But I'm going to continue to "roll my own" as long as it makes sense at this point.
  5. 1) We don't condone activity like that here. 2) If you have a generic coding question, ask it in an actual coding help board, not the board where we talk about general garbage and non-coding topics. Thread locked.
  6. As a person that works for a company that uses Java as our core technology, I can definitely say that Java is no "ball and chain that no one uses anymore". I was actually under the impression that Java was picking up in popularity as well. There is a lot of movement in the Java community. There is even a framework called Grails (similar to Ruby on Rails).
  7. I like the first one, with the hat.
  8. .... and touche? Or did we have one agreed upon?
  9. You need to start googling. MySQL is a database. It stores data. SQL is the syntax you use to query that data that you have stored and add more data to it (or remove data as the case may be). Neither has much to do with learning PHP.
  10. No, that's an idea smiley.
  11. SQL is a "language". MySQL is a DBMS.
  12. So should I go ahead and add the facepalm one?
  13. I like it as is with the star effect.
  14. ober

    I hate ASPX

    I agree that doing something in a language you're familiar with is much faster. But this was just ridiculous. And when I say everything was trapped in a DLL... well... there weren't ANY SQL queries in any of the pages I viewed and I couldn't find any classes that did the updates, so they must have compiled all DB updates/interaction into DLLs. I'm not talking about picking apart functions, I'm talking about normal interactions. No offense to people from India on these boards, but a group from India wrote the application and it sucks total balls.
  15. Maybe. I don't know. I don't typically shake my head when I facepalm. I guess that's where my thought comes from.
  16. Oh I could think of a lot of posts... I think there might be a ~70 page thread about them somewhere.
  17. I just did all of those things without issue. Maybe it's something on your end.
  18. I like the blink, I don't like the head shake.
  19. ober

    I hate ASPX

    It was .NET. I've never gotten the hang of what needs to be included or how you link things or compile or whatever it is you have to do with that nightmare. Plus most of what I need to get at was apparently buried in some DLLs.
  20. ober

    I hate ASPX

    F it. I installed PHP on the server (they stupidly gave me admin access) and wrote what they wanted in 10 minutes.
  21. ober

    I hate ASPX

    What an awful POS. So much bloat and it is SO FREAKING SLOW. I could rewrite one of our apps here at work in half the code and twice the speed in PHP. I don't even understand where they are connecting to the database or actually doing any database interactions. It must all be packed into DLLs or something. It's so frustrating!
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