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  1. ober

    Whacky HTML !

    Oh come on... I wasn't being serious!
  2. That is just stupid hard. The controls are whacked out. Maybe it's FF and you developed in IE? edit: yeah, more manageable in IE. Game FAIL.
  3. ober

    PHP vs ASP

    Don't look now, but CV has a little feces in his hair.
  4. ober

    Whacky HTML !

    At least their copyright ran out in 2007, so you could steal the whole glorious thing!
  5. ober

    PHP vs ASP

    The .NET platform is used by a lot of companies... why, I have no idea. I personally find it bloated and difficult to grasp, but it may come down to Nightslyr's comments about the page lifecycle. It just seems like there are so many hidden parts and pieces to consider. You might as well be developing a piece of desktop software in regards to complexity and whatnot. I've faced ASP several times in my life and it has won almost every match thus far. And I have over 10 languages under my belt.
  6. 2 desktops (I built mine, wife has an older gateway), personal laptop, and my work laptop. I've tossed 2 older desktops in the past year, as well as enough hardware to build at least 2 more.
  7. v2 is fine. I actually tried to use v3 recently and it's not fully developed. I wasted a day of screwing around before finding and implementing the same thing in v2 in about 10 min.
  8. ober


    I have to do this type of stuff on a regular basis to both internal groups and to clients. After a while, it's like talking to friends. You just get used to it.
  9. Wouldn't this be a better question to ask your host? It's quite possible they don't allow that via FTP. What FTP client? FTP or SFTP?
  10. The key for when you don't have a lot of information to display is to feed the user information that immerses then further in the product. Cross-promote, advertise, give them stats, or give them actions to perform from the profile screen. All of these things can make it seem like there is more to the page.
  11. I'll second that request.
  12. Luckily I haven't ran into that yet.
  13. I take a long look at the company/person and try to decide the best way to come up with an design that tells their story. I often ask the client to provide information/pictures/etc. I also ask them to provide me with a list of sites that they like the design of because ultimately, you want to appeal to their sense of design while guiding them correctly to a valuable product.
  14. I'm a ccleaner fan here as well.
  15. Sorry for the delay!
  16. So is it just the touche and the one above?
  17. I think you owe us a torrent, no?
  18. Ditto here. Are we really concerned about 5k these days?
  19. How many super computers do you know that are still up and working 28 years after they come online? it's already obsolete in terms of technology...
  20. That's a fairly broad question. Many spammers use a variety of methods to send spam, using different encodings, spoofing server information, etc. to get around spam blockers. I would get an OTS product which has a subscription service that is constantly updated. Doing this on your own would be a nightmare to stay on top of.
  21. Google and even Bing do this for you. You don't have to enter anything. It uses Geo-locating technology to determine your location. Even better is if you have an account with one of these services and provide your location.
  22. ober

    Acunetix Help

    I don't know anything about the app, but I'd say that is too long.
  23. Nevermind, I went back to the version 2 API and solved it in 10 minutes.
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