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  1. So why not post yours if you want help?
  2. In some ways it is a very simplified MVC though you are mixing the Model into the Controller layer.
  3. Flash is not available on the iPhone at all and never will be. If you want to be compatible with more devices you should look into the technologies around HTML5 and canvas.
  4. If you have Flash just make a player. I think CS5 even has options to automatically export movies within there own player. Otherwise, you could look at tools like Flowplayer (Google it).
  5. I am currently prototyping some code that will enable named arguments to functions via an array. I have ended up with two different solutions: public function trigger(array $options) { $ops = $this->setOptions([ 'name' => ['required' => true, 'unless' => ['event']], 'params' => ['required' => true, 'unless' => ['event'], 'type' => 'array'], 'callback' => ['type' => 'callable'], 'context' => ['type' => 'object'], 'event' => ['class' => 'Event'] ], $options); } public function trigger(array $options) { $ops = $this->setOptions([ 'name' => (new Option())->required()->unless('event'), 'params' => (new Option())->required()->unless('event')->type('array'), 'callback' => (new Option())->type('callable'), 'context' => (new Option())->type('object'), 'event' => (new Option())->class('Event') ], $options); } Now, I am in the predicament of deciding which syntax I prefer. The first uses native arrays but the underlying code is pretty messy and has the potential of being harder to extend. The second is allot cleaner to implement but does introduce an extra dependency in the Option object. This does however have the benefit of making it easier to extend. Has anyone got an opinion on which syntax they would prefer from a users perspective? In both cases the setOptions() method is provided via a trait.
  6. Is the "From" header a valid email address on the server you are sending the email from? If not, receiving mail servers will always be suspect of it and will generally mark it as spam and send it to the trash.
  7. This topic has been moved to mod_rewrite. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=350630.0
  8. You might want to post the relevant code.
  9. You should really supply a test account for people to use then.
  10. Why not read the documentation and find out? Wordpress has themes. A theme is generally made up of a directory containing css, javascript and other resources such as images as well as templates and a functions.php file.
  11. Wordpress has plenty of documentation, I would start there.
  12. The file might exist, but not where your telling php it is.
  13. That error means php cannot find the file to include.
  14. Cool, so it's working? What is the question again then?
  15. This topic has been moved to Third Party PHP Scripts. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=350599.0
  16. Yes, I did try it. That doesn't mean what I have is correct... Debbie So do us all a favour and post the relevant code along with a description of what expect to happen and what *is* actually happening.
  17. This topic has been moved to PHP Regex. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=350611.0
  18. There is no real way of persisting data across requests in PHP (excepting maybe session which I would not recommend in this case, or caching mechanisms such as APC or memcache). It's quite common to have your application hit the database to get it's configuration on page load.
  19. This topic has been moved to PHP Installation & Configuration. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=350565.0
  20. Of course you can, why not try it?
  21. Far too vague a question to be answered simply. CMS's can be very simple single content areas drawn from a single database field or quite complex page builder built from complex data structures. Also, we have no idea how good of a programmer your are either with php alone or with cake.
  22. You might need to post an example, it's not real clear what your doing. A switch can only check a single variable or constant is equal to a series of values.
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