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  1. Whoa! I hovered over a button, and suddenly, I my ears were blasted with noise! Sound in menus are overrated, and frankly the flash animation at the top isn't doing much except distracting and looking flashy. The colors don't really look all that great, and aside from the flash header, there's really nothing special or interesting about the layout-it's just some borders and the occasional image.

  2. Simple enough. All of your content is positioned with floats, but you don't have any clear elements below the content that forces the box to grow to accommodate the full size of the floated elements. Just add a div with clear: both; applied to it just before the end of your centering div, enable the red border again, and you'll see what it does.

  3. It works; seriously, it's always been working. The problem is, while the content is centered, the inside isn't. Add this to your css to see what happens to the box:

    #center { border: 1px solid red; }

    That's your box right there-while it is centered, nothing else within it is. It only looks off-center because of the tables.

  4. The exclusion of sub-800*600 browser resolutions is usually a mistake, but I'll assume that your audience will mostly include power users and gamers.


    You are correct about 800x600, it won't really work but this is 2007, anyone using 800x600 needs to get with the times. It looks fine for anyone using 1024x768 or higher though. :)

    Well, much though designers would love that sort of thing to happen, it just won't. You just have to deal with them for a while to come.


    As for the jumping, I'm talking about when, when the border appears, all the text jumps a little to the right in FF2. Did you not notice?


    Also, triple-posting is generally bad forum etiquette. Just a friendly reminder :)

  5. Nice. It's dark, but there's enough contrast that you can still tell what everything says. The exclusion of sub-800*600 browser resolutions is usually a mistake, but I'll assume that your audience will mostly include power users and gamers. I like the idea of your little news header that changes, but you should really add a way to go back after it changes for slower readers. I like the look of your headers, but maybe for the important ones you should use a different color, so that they are differentiated from the rest of the page. Finally, you should just hide the admin options unless you actually are an admin-clicking an icon and seeing a "Permission Denied" option is useless to the average user, as is clicking a link to an external news article, getting a pop-up AND a way to edit the article. For an admin, it is a nice touch though.


    As for the forums, three major points: the category-specific icons are used in most of the forums but not all of them. While it's a good idea, it makes the forums without pictures stand out. Another thing: frankly, I find the hover effect on the forums fairly annoying. Having the background lighten subtly it's a bad idea, but the border and jumping text is overkill. Finally, at the top of every page you have a breadcrumb trail, a trail that you have left out of your forums-maybe you should look into working on unifying the breadcrumb location so that it doesn't change from page to page.


    Aside from that, you've done a good job on the design and code. The "Beta" tag was a nice Web 2.0 touch. ;)

  6. Try giving the LI elements a class:

    <li class="whatever">DYNAMIC CONTENT</li>
    <li class="whatever">DYNAMIC CONTENT</li>
    <li class="whatever">DYNAMIC CONTENT</li>

    And then giving them a simple CSS width property:

    .whatever {
       width: 100px;

  7. Eh. It's plain and to the point, I suppose. The pictures alongside the content feel a little scattered though; in one or two, the text falls beneath the images, and irregular alignment of the images is distracting. Also, every block of text starts a sentence lowercase, and the paragraph is surrounded by parentheses. Is that a glitch?

    From a design standpoint, it's okay. The site isn't really something that would make me choose you at a glance, and it doesn't really show off your design skills in any significant way. The logo, though... I can't say that I love the way that it becomes slightly obscured by the grey fade-it just doesn't look all that great covered up like that.

  8. Ehh... Not so good. My biggest problem with it is the movement-there's something moving or spinning or changing in every corner of the page, and it can get distracting. The top banner is really compressed and low-quality, and the color scheme could use a little work.

    • Try doing the squint test-when squinting, stop and look and see what you can still see clearly.
      The "Tell a friend" box strikes me as being unprofessional, honestly. I mean, a "forward this job" link, discreetly placed, might work, but as it is, it just doesn't work.
    • The big box of categories just makes things confusing-try narrowing it down to just a search box, or a few generic categories; as it is, navigating to actually find a job would be haphazard at best.
    • The footer is way too wide, and the gaps between the words honestly make it close to being completely impossible to identify that there even is a footer. That's actually an even more general problem-without blocks or borders, the best way to identify groups is proximity, something that doesn't exist at my 1280x1024 resolution. And at 800 x 600 (the most common web resolution there is currently) the site basically becomes broken.
    • The use of tables, while admittedly necessary in certain places on this site, makes for both a code and good practices issue, but also for a minor accessibility issue as well.

  9. Two quick things: The background blue color doesn't really go with your header image. Speaking of, the header logo is a fairly low-quality JPEG. You might want to try to get a higher quality version of it.

  10. Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'FileIOException' with message 'The file "/home/twixcodi/public_html/templatefiles/header.tpl" could not be opened.' in /home/twixcodi/public_html/classes/template/file.php:196 Stack trace: #0 /home/twixcodi/public_html/classes/template/template.php(249): FileObject->open() #1 /home/twixcodi/public_html/classes/template/template.php(215): Template->readTemplateFile() #2 /home/twixcodi/public_html/classes/templateobjects.php(114): Template->parse() #3 /home/twixcodi/public_html/index.php(106): TemplateEngine->Display('Header') #4 {main} thrown in /home/twixcodi/public_html/classes/template/file.php on line 196


  11. Well, see, looking at it, the news items are blocks of text with a block of text above it and a little gradient block below it. You might want to consider either taking out the gradient and adding a larger, solid border between entries, or adding a border above or even encapsulating the entry as well. Just as a way of making it obvious that all of the text there is part of the same article.


    Also, one thing I noticed: you have a continue reading link in the footer of the article and the article itself. You should probably remove the header link-I barely noticed it compared to the one in the article.

  12. It's not bad at all. The site is well laid out, and the text is very easy to read. I like the little guy peeking out around the site-it goes well with the general vibe of the site. However, the top header feels flat, unlike the rest of the site which is full of gradients and drop shadows. Also, the news items could use a bit more containment, so that they don't feel like they are just floating out there so much.

    Also, do you plan on adding more tabs up top? You might want to move the tabs over to the left and have the text more to the right.

  13. Well, for one thing, we're at a site of PHP gurus, so the description is a little redundant.
    That being said, try http://www.interaktonline.com/ for extensions-those things are incredibly useful for me, and you can use IF statements, or recordsets with conditional statements.
    Now, because you're using Dreamweaver, I'd focus on HTML/CSS code, then the PHP, then MySQL (though if you get the interAKT visual recordset creator, that does save time.)

    I sound like an ad, but they really do work.
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