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  1. http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-306268.html
  2. You couldn't imagine it as an array? Say this string a = "foo"; string b = "bar"; Console.Writeline("{0} {1},a,b); That will create an array like this, array =>( [0] foo [1] bar ) Or should I just get that kind of thinking out of my head right now? I think what Microsoft should however is buy a domain like csharpemanual.net and make clean readable and nice manual website like how PHP.net is organized. That would be god send, becuase I dont know how anyone can read that "library" thing they have made. Its horrendous.
  3. If understand what you trying to do. You will not beable to use the same www (public_html) folder for redirecting the whole site. The .htaccess will interfere with both domains, since there both physically in the same location, the .htaccess will redirect both domain, and you will get infinite redirect loop. Really pain the ass.
  4. keldorn


    Then why not use existing IDEs such as NetBeans (free) or Zend Studio (not free) that already have that? Some people love to reinvent the wheel.
  5. use print_r($array); fro the array to make sure you getting what you expect from the database.
  6. Google tends to ignore urls that look like that. Specially free hosting urls.
  7. I actually eat about a $1.50 a day, So I spend around $40/month on food. You might say no way?? wrong. I've tuned it to fine art using mathematics. For example, I can get a loaf of bread for $1, in that loaf there is typicall 20 slices that 0.05 a slice. A cartoon of eggs (12 eggs) is $2. So when I wake up, I can have an egg and toast with butter. It will cost me probably approx 22 cents. I also buy those huge bags of pasta macrorani stuff, boil of a batch, this cost me like 20 cents, and fill my stomach all day, I just put butter in it with powered morazla cheese. The cheese thing cost $4. I also eat rice sometimes, I buy the 20LB bags, these cost like 20 bucks, it probably will last me the whole year. I can buy a deck of Diamond sliced cheese for $4, there is about 22 slices in a pack so that maby 12 cents a slice, put make a grilled cheese sandwich, 2 slices of bread, + slice of cheese, = 22 cents. The biggest expense is meat, I've have been experimenting different ways to get meat into my diet without blowing over my budget while still getting enough protein. This is what I figured out, I buy a frozen 30LB turkey, then rip it up and stuff into bags and put it into the freezer, It will last me 2 months. The turkey costs like $38.99 or something from local turkey farm around here, so that $20/month for meat. The other 20 I'm eating pasta, eggs, bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, rice, basically your really cheap stuff that costs cents but has good calorie intake. I also drink coffee. I've been eating like this for awhile now, or so a few month, why I decided to change my diet like this was save money, and save money I have. Now I am completly used to it. See the 'reason' why most people have to spend huge bucks on food is becuase you want to spend $10 at starbucks and have pizza pockets, all these fancy packages stuff and $10 steaks for supper. While yeah, your going to spending several a month on food then. So yeah now dont go telling your government you can live this cheap, they will rise our taxes.
  8. Damn, if anyone else was just happening to be walking there at the wrong moment, say doing inventory, . It would of been their last stroll threw the warehouse isle.
  9. You probably will want to create an imaginary folder that doesn't exist, so decide on how you want your urls. For example you could haave example.com/company/about The reason why you will want it like that is so that your mod_rewrite doesn't interfere with your real folders. So say you have an index.php file that take 3 pages, ?page=about ?page=contact page?privacy You would use this regex in your mod rewrite. RewriteRule ^company/([a-zA-Z]+)$ /index.php?page=$1 These urls now would rewrite to your index..or whatever file. example.com/company/contact example.com/company/about example.com/company/privacy There are more things you can do with different regurarl expressions, that just matches letters. You could match numbers also. Some people prefer to match the numbers instead, where that number correlate to a auto-incrmenting id in their mysql table, and the words in the url are just for show and don't anything. An example of that would something like example.com/68/hello-world.html . The mod_rewrite would ignore the everything except the number and transfer that to the script like article.php?id=68 I hope this all makes sense becuase I cannot explain any more than that.
  10. Wikipedia is probably using a Regular expression. Like RewriteRule ^wiki/([a-zA-Z]+)$ /wiki.php?id=$1 Where $1 is everything in the parenthesis.
  11. That actually looks decent without the javascript version. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/67ef8sbd(loband).aspx But for a beginner its still not good for example take this, string a = "Foo"; string b = "bar"; Console.Writeline("{0} {1}",a,b); Okay too me I was thinking what the hell are the numbers? Noramlly in PHP we could things like echo "{$a} , {$b}" . Naturally I found the page for writeLine(); but it still a maze. But I already am very good with php so it only took me minute more to figure out that {0} and {1} are indexes of a & b. So when you put the variables in the side of the method, they become arrays, (Or least maby you could think like that). But for the complete noob there going to be absolutely lost Trying to figure out what {0} and {1} means. I dunno maby it really helps you have experince. The manuals are not designed for the noob in mind are they. It also didn't take me long to figure out that Console.Writeline('') is like saying in PHP $console->writeline(); Maby I should just consider myself lucky, a lot of people have to go to collage to learn this stuff.
  12. Exactly what it is! I was listening to a lot of different podcasts. One about internet marketing. These guys love it when you put their logo for free on your site. Becuase it shoots their rankings threw the roof, and they make huge $$ and get huge VC loan$.
  13. Okay ladies and gents. I use Notepad++  (Waits for pitchforks), yes I memorize and type out functions and methods and do everything without code hints or anything.
  14. Hey dudes what do you think of my website? [ LINK ] I coded it myself in PHP. It took me 11 days.
  15. Has anyone noticed this? Try picking up C#, or some other language. Where is the manual? I like how PHP.net made their manual. Its easy to navigate, quick to read, there is no discractions. Good code examples. Its brilliant. Now try to pick up C#, C, python, ruby or something.. Prepare to for a 1 hour venture into a fucking complicated bullshit manual. This is why everytime I try to learn a new language, I have to go threw stuff like this! It just make want to shoot myself! I quit! damn, anyone else feel like this? Seriously though I can't learn from manuals like that. It just make me wanna give up trying to learn that language. sigh back to the php.. hehe
  16. All Americans are Foreigners, in fact if you get flak by white Americans, then their idiots, becuase their actually descendants of European immigrants. lol
  17. That was pretty good post!< I agree with all of it. (meaning I happen to read all of it too. XD... )
  18. Here is the best security tip you can ever have. Never trust user input.
  19. The only "tldr" I come across in this forum is in the php help section where those noobs in php help, post their css/html and all their code in one swoop without code tags.
  20. Maby, but There is something going on in that country. There is an awful alot of spam/virus/ coming from there.
  21. Do you understand arrays? Using mysql_fetch_assoc(); $sql = mysql_query("SELECT email FROM table") while($line = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql)){ $email[] = $line; } If wrote out the array in code this what email would be: $email = array(1=>array('email'=>"email1@example.com"), 2=>array('email'=>"email2@example.com"), 3=>array('email'=>"email3@example.com") ); print_r($email) would show. Array ( [1] => Array ( [email] => email1@example.com ) [2] => Array ( [email] => email2@example.com ) [3] => Array ( [email] => email3@example.com ) ) Then you access each email like this. foreach($email as $e){ //Remove whitespace in case there is some. $e['email'] = trim($e['email']); $headers = "From: Example <example@example.com>\n" ."Reply-To: example@example.com\n" ."X-Mailer: PHP/".phpversion(); $message = "Hello this is message\n\n" ."I am sending you\n\n"; mail($e['email'],"Title Test",$message,$headers); } Maby to avoid issues that your having put usleep() or sleep() at the end foreach, so its not sending them too fast? foreach($email as $e){ //Remove whitespace in case there is some. $e['email'] = trim($e['email']); $headers = "From: Example <example@example.com>\n" ."Reply-To: example@example.com\n" ."X-Mailer: PHP/".phpversion(); $message = "Hello this is message\n\n" ."I am sending you\n\n"; mail($e['email'],"Title Test",$message,$headers); // Stop from sending too fast. usleep(500000); // wait for half a second }
  22. That doesn't make good business sense. Maby do they run the ISP like that in your country, perhaps thats why Mchl has to webproxies to access some websites. Why would an ISP want people on their network getting it into blacklists? This creates a bad experience for the rest of your customers. You would respond to abuse reports and give the customers warnings. If they fail to comply or fix the problem, cut them off. You never know, maby their computer was a zombie, so they can reformat the computer and fix the security issue, or if they are indeed a script kiddy, well not having an internet connection seems to me to be a good reason to find a new hobby, how about maby actually be constructive, rather then trying to destroy other people's websites. And yes despite popular opinion you can't get banned from a store, you step foot in that store again its called trespassing. I dont see how the logic of a gun fits into that.
  23. Well yeah that will get it blacklisted, see in my country (Canada) if I hack websites etc. If my ISP recieves an abuse report, or maby the likelyhood of a criminal investigation, I could get cut off by my ISP and also be charged for some kind of cyber crime. Some countries like Russia, China, Turkey, Poland. etc They dont and they get away with it. Probably becuase of international law can't reach into their to convict them of cyber crime. Or maby the ISP just doesn't take care of abuse requests. If you running an ISP, wouldn't you cut off customers that are getting your IP space blacklisted? That seems to be good business sense to me. you would want your custermers to be able to view the internet properly without getting blocked all the time. So your own ISP is probably not even cutting off these 'script kiddies' and banning them from any further access on their network. Yes you can end up in blackbook of a company. Its called getting banned. If you steal from store you can get banned from that store. For the same reason, if you running an ISP you would ban customers from every signing up again.
  24. I have had 3 encounters with home.pl in the past, and each time it was something trying to make me download a virus. That doesn't speak well. Polan as whole probably not a bad place, neither is China. Its just some countries have crappy net laws, so a few bad apples can do this criminal online stuff for years smearning the IP space of that country with bad publicity, getting them into blacklists.
  25. I notice one of the domains says '.cn'. I think most spyware/virus/email spam comes from China and sometimes Russia. I have received spam email where they had loaded an image into the email some how bypassing Windows live mail's image removal. The images were linked from a .info domain, that resolved to a Chinese IP address!! Also in my own Server, sometimes I check the IPs of the spam emails that end up in my Squirrel Mail.. They resolve to Russia and sometimes Poland. I have been meaning myself to just block china from my firewall on my computer. I block China on my server, its just Windozo doens't have a decent firewall like IPtables. Cuase obviosily this would be good idea, since it would decrease the likely hood of you getting a virus, if you can't connect to their website to download it. btw (The IP above thats linked) Resolves to Road Runner ISP. I believe thats a residential ISP. So probably that is a hacked/compromise zombie machine hosting that site. petromedika.home.pl resolves to, which is in Poland. These are the countries I would block on your home computer you have something good like Iptables. + Poland + Russia + China
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