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  1. haha You quoted me when I edited my post. I dont think its real on the projector. Some other people in the video comments their think so too. I think its just CG being done a computer with a video.
  2. Is this being done on the buildings with some kind of a projector?, or with CG on a computer? The people are walking around the building and note even reacting.. But If I see the one building doing that thing at 1:26 in the video I probably be like WTF. lol
  3. I'm not sure what you mean, do you mean assemble as in the coding? Or how did I get so many links? The site actually has been online for a year already. Which I had already had the database. But a year ago I was really bad at coding, so the site was really really buggy and propably full of security holes. Although, people come to the site and submit their proxy sites to it. I'm regurarlly having to delete submissions also since the sites people submit seem to be offline as fast they come online. The coding was a bit easy, since there is only a flat category tree. But some of the other pages like this one, use recursion to generate the list. The site also uses Smarty.
  4. Yes I'm pretty sure it Logrotate, I've noticed on many occasions while up at night logrotate come appear in TOP, then after that Gzip. Its Gzip that hogs all the cpu, the thing is, its around 1 hour for it to gzip all the logs. Now since I have Squid Cache in front of my Apache, So I disabled apache logs, since everyone will appear from, its not much use anyways. I found this. /etc/logrotate.d/ which it appear its rotating mysql, sshd logs, squid etc.. Which I didn't think about would be making logs. So how I can tell logrotate to just delete say the mysql logs instead of gziping them?
  5. On my server there is thing called logrotate that starts around 4am, its hogs all the cpu and the server becomes unresponsive. The thing is I have no logs on my apache, I have disabled it, so what is it gzipping every night? I have no idea. How can I track this down and figure out what it is? I would like logrotate to just delete the logs whatever the heck they are I dont really care what they are, they can't be important can they. So where I do start? is there like configuration file for logratate that says what it is rotating?
  6. The link didn't really help actually, I've spent the past 2 nights tyring to figure this out myself. (I love a problem). So far I got this. Which works. I've added now a Depth to the table, Somehow I will use that to create a tree structure of the whole parent node. haha I bet no one here can figure out this works? Its like almost like binary. [attachment deleted by admin]
  7. The 1st post of this thread (2006) really the shows the times then. Back then mysql + PHP was hard to find specially in free hosting mysql was almost impossible to find, I even remember some "Free mysql" hosts popping up at those times. Today its common, in fact every web host has it, even free hosts. So saying "Here are some web hosts that have php + mysql" really sounds stupid in today's context!?
  8. Gayner something else you do to make sure that $god is set before calling it. Welcome to the wonderful ternary operator. <?php // make $god equal $_GET['god'] if its set else make it empty "" $god = isset($_GET['god']) === true ? $_GET['god'] : ""; // you could add some filtering right there also // $god = isset($_GET['god']) === true ? mysql_real_escape_string(strip_tags($_GET['god'])) : ""; if($god == "Enter"){ // stuff }
  9. btw I thought you were getting a software patent and were making some kind of software? Yet you dont know these basic things. Everyone want to start at the top.
  10. Well yeah if you have whitespace before the first <?php tag, then php will send the headers right away. It will assume you started the page with html. Either you will have to restruture your page, maby do the that bit of logic in the first php tag, or a cheap hack might be to use ob_start(); which stop sending of the header, until it hits ob_end_flush(); Then when you hit that header() redirect, use ob_end_clean() before it (Discards the html) then just send the header and exit; This an example: <?php ob_start(); $test = '1'; ?> <p>Hello world foo bar</p> <?php if($test == '0'){ echo "And goodday"; } else { ob_end_clean(); header("Location: http://google.com"); exit; } ob_end_flush(); ?>
  11. This requires to understand how the html page is sent. The first part of a page is called the headers, which is sent first, then after that you can buffer out the html. So logically you cannot set a header, when the header for the page has already been sent. That whats PHP does when you open can close php tags with html, once you close the PHP tag and put html, the header is sent. After that point, you cannot set any more thigns that modify the headers, like cookies, sessions, and header(). You might want to installed LiveHTTPheaders for Firefox, if you use firefox, then you can what a header looks like.
  12. To you have php tags opening and closing above it with html? Turn on error_reporting(E_ALL); in the top of the script. Does it say, Cannot set headers, headers already sent? if so you cannot put a header in a place where you already have outputted html. Thats why you should separate your html from business logic.
  13. Then just take the code and put it into htmlentities, it will turn all the things like < and > into < > So that <?php becomes <?php which makes it safe, but on the page it will appear as <?php You might googling "htmlentities online" to find a online tool to do it manually.
  14. It might be the ; after the last 2 brackets. I surprised the script ran at all with that? Second you may need to put exit; after header(); so that the script stops completely.
  15. You have to convert the css and html to html entities, For example view the source of this page where I type this <HTML> You can see its actually <html> With PHP you take the input and put it threw htmlentities() , the hard part however is figuring what part is meant to be html, if assuming your post is also meant to have real html since your posting as a admin to the site, (like on wordpress you can put html in the post, becuase you woun't XSS your own website right?) for that you would have put tags around it. Thats where tags like [CODE][/CODE] Can come in handy. You then would preg_match the part where you have the tags like $input = preg_replace_callback('#([code](.*)[//CODE])#si','code_tags',$input); function code_tags($input){ $input = htmlentities($input[0]); return $input; } That would just "do whatever" to that bit of input and then return back into the place it orgitated with preg_replace_callback. Of course next things start getting really annoying when you want return back the input to the wysiwg editor, becuase then you wil have unecode that bit again. Well it gets complicated. I've treid making my own CMS with a backend using CKeditor (some people use tinymce) and had to go threw it all.
  16. Some of those are pretty realistic, in fact the close ups, I would mistake them as real. Next all they need is some AI software, figure out how to create moving parts in the manikin, now you got a terminator. Have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78krbfy9hh0 Yeah the cyborg this is not to far off.
  17. That sounds like an interesting way to get threw DNS censorship like opendns. Just change your dns to any random dns server out there. (There is literal millions wide open on port 53 )
  18. Are you sure that is right? I'm trying CTRL+ Click and its creating copies of the file. xD Oh in SmartFTP its even more of a hassle, which is something I use a lot becuase I'm always coding and uploading php files and building my website. Least in a windows folder you can select parts that are whitespace and drag+select across, no problem. In smartftp, there somtimes is no whitespace, so you have to drag select multiple times and hope that it works.
  19. To do this, you would have to grab all the userids from the thread, throw it into a recusrive array. where is like id=>name Drop it into a option select dropdown with a foreach loop, make the value the id, then select the name, Then create another part in the database row for the thread that marks the name its solved by, when you hit submit , then take the Id from the dropdown and recursively iterate threw the same array again with in_array to make sure its an existing user id. (else anyone could submit bogus ids..hack) Then you would have to take that id then iterate it again threw the array that contains the id=>name, then get then ame like $userid= $_POST['userid'] $names[$userid] then save it in the database, Then when the thread is called on the page, simpley append the extra field in the row that says By name. hmm sounds like a lot of work. I t might void your warranty. xD
  20. I'm using Vista Home premium, the only things that annoy me are the 1. user access controls. (Most write permissions troubles all the time. Specially with my USB harddrive) 2. Trouble multi selecting files in folders. By dragging the mouse over multiple files. Often it assume I only want to grab 1 file. >.<
  21. That sounds scary, maby that offers some more insight into this problem. It might not be related to shared hosting, it could be a virus that steals ftp passwords. That would seem likely, as the passwords are probably not encrypted in any way. I've hearing though that this malicious code when you remove it from your pages, it will repear later on, indicating there might be cron reinserting the code, or a trojan doing it. If you remove it, and just keeps repearing, with no indication where the cron is you would have to nuke (reformat) the harddrive to get rid of it unfortunately.
  22. I would like to give another warning, when your buying pc parts really really make sure you get the right parts. Else you might end up buying a whole pc, buying computer parts is really fun, you might get carried away. This is what happened to me, when I wanted to upgrade my CPU to a Phenom Quad core, my motherboard didn't accept AM2+ socket chips. So then I bought a motherboard, and then.. ended up buying a new case, power supply, harddrive, fans.. I ended up with this. when I just wanted a new cpu for my old computer.
  23. It depends what country your in, In Canada, I order my parts from Tigerdirect.ca , in the U.S you can order from NewEgg.com or Tigerdirect.com . RAM is really cheap. 800 Mhz DDR2 1GB can be bought for $20 Canadian here, thats like probably 18 US dollars. The funny thing is 32 bit windows actually only recognizes like 3.2, (maby thats why it called 32 bit.). I think the other .8 of it is ignored by the computer.... Make sure you get the right ram though, there is several types, but you probably want DDR2, 800 MHz.
  24. Knowing computers, I would say yes it can, it probably place more work on the GPU (video card). But how much I dont know. But if your video card has dual monitor slots, it should be fine anyways. As it was made for it right?
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