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    This is my website. It is under construction and is expected to fully launch in mid-march. For now check it out, view some videos, laugh at some funny pictures, vote on the content, and reply back on what you think. I spend much time doing some fixes with the help of this site, so thanks to everyone out there!

Tell me what you think!



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Hummm....I think you have too many different font sizes, and font colors.

It works fine. Its just that some of the Title/Heading text is a little hard to read straight off.

Also - I would like to see a common skin on presenting images. I would place a 3-5px border with a light color around images, and then for a:hover change the colour of the border on the image.



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you should use Verdana for your default font. the layout looks ok its just theres a alot of pixels showing which makes the images look unprofessional and gives you the idea that its been made with Microsoft Paint. also the navigator link images are abit big and just throe you rite off.


good site, just imporve the images and I think it will be perfect. :)

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I agree, it does have a bit too many colors and it may be too packed. But what do you mean when you say "Times New Roman" - what's wrong with that? It is one of the most common font and is supported with almost all computers. So why shouldn't I use it?


You should not use Serif fonts in web design, except for highlight text (headers, etc.) Sans Serif fonts are better for main text. Most computers support Arial, Verdana, and Trebuchet (I think).

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About the images looking unprofessional - Well you know, you're right! But the reason they are like this is because they are compressed to allow for more webserver space and for much faster downloads. Without compressing it, it would be 202 kb (total image size), with compression it goes down to 104 kb. - yeah that's a big difference. It's hard to decide the boundry between compression (short load times) and good looking. And as you have mentioned, I tend to lean on the side with too much compression. I hope you know what I mean...

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yes I can understand where you're coming from, but then again you should not have to let your website just becuase there are people out there with dial-up still. also you could try loading the befor anything else by using javascript on the <body onload=""> just a suggestion.



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ok, first off, something hurts my eyes when i read your page...i dont know what exactly, but it does.


it may be all of the white on black, or maybe it is the font, i dont know...


about the pictures, i have found that if you open a picture in ms paint and just save it it cuts down the size of the picture...


or you can crop, resize etc...but the compressed images look like crap...sorry...


also, what is the deal with the tags??? for the vault clip the tags are: commercial out-take, vault, get to it, crazy, extreme, stupid, sexy, free, hot, popular, number 1, humor, flv, flash, media, top rated, hilarious, funny video, flick, thefilmgod


ummmm, no....

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hey ok...


every thing is 2 tightly packed... this means that it is hard to pick out a main thing on your website, i woudl put the popular jokes somewhere else on the page and place news area on the top so that the popular pictures and videos are more together that way

it makes it easy to browse them :)


the light blue and dark red do not go together i think thats whats hurting peoples eyes... use contrasting coulours. and if you have to compress your graphics why not make them simpler ? as in just make it all red rather then fading the red to black?


i also have the problem with the background repeating its self.... turn it off no-repeat :D



also try making the links area look more like its part of site...stands out 2 much... a nice silver will do the trick :D


hope thats help... sorry if its annyoing your with hard work you obviusly put in but if you want people to use it you have to make it viewarble... look at site such as youtube where the layout is well spread out!



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I changed some stuff around. I know there are still many things to change, but I'd like you to check out TheFilmGod.com and tell me how you like the navigation bar with the bold red swiss text, and the popular pictures and popular videos text. It stands out a lot, but I don't know if it's "Too Much."


Check it out and reply!

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Okay. I got a mysql/php view counter to work when you view a video:



The rating was changed to more of a black color with a white border

Navigation Bar has rollover images

Clean Edges for all background pics

"Top Videos" element at top left was fixed

2 Ads were taken off and replaced for site content


Tell  me what you think of the changes. I'd really like to hear any critique. Recently I signed up with another forum to critique my site and one person threw a tantrum after seeing my website. So please, however you feel or however much you hate the site tell me!


Any comments appreciated!

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ok i think i know what is up here


you have blue tabs yes e.g popular... well ur website logo is a flame :S... what i would <b>suggest</b> is that you either change the title to something matchin the blue or change the blue to match the flame... that way the colours will not contrast :)

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