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  1. Just like you stored it. You made the database.
  2. If you want do do the calculation you need to store all involved values within the DOM, e.g. in input-elements with a unique ID. Then you can get these values with document.getElementById(<yourID>), just have a look at the manual https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Document/getElementById
  3. at a minimum <div class="carousel-item active"> <?=$row[0]?> <?=$row[1]?> <?=$row[2]?> <?=$row[3]?> </div´╗┐>
  4. Directory traversal https://php.net/glob Image functions https://php.net/image Excel writers: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=php+excel
  5. Your post lacks relevant information what should this mean to anyone? What error messages did you get? What is the actual and the expected behavior? Your code is incomplete, you did not say which return values you got or what you tested against.
  6. so what's the expected behavior? Where is the test case?
  7. And what's not working? Input? Output? Expected behavior? Create a test case.
  8. As you have no `eval()` in your code, this message comes from somewhere else. That's not the handler.php you are showing.
  9. link: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=getCurrentPosition
  10. You can use window.navigator.geolocation.watchPosition or try getCurrentPosition with setInterval()
  11. If i could mark an email as "not spam" myself i could use that to send actual spam. makes no sense.
  12. I wouldn't use these magic numbers in the code, you could just put it into a config file or use a sub-select to get it from the database.
  13. If you read the documentation you will find out that cron jobs are basically just scheduled CLI calls. So if you can run that script via cron you can mostly run it via CLI at any time (at least you should test this anyway). At worst an include 'filename.php' will run that script.
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