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  1. I suppose you *could* try to JOIN them all -- seems too scary to bother.
  2. Or you could use a proper full-text indexing product, like sphinx.
  3. Who is this "anybody" who has complete access to your database that you're trying to control?
  4. Of course, you should really be storing dates as DATEs.
  5. If the changes are minimal, you can just query the underlying tables directly, based on timestamp. This is assuming the admin will be reviewing this kind of this daily -- i.e. you prepare the list to review 'often'. I suppose you could log ( table, uid, user, timestamp ) too.
  6. ENUM is the way to go, if you insist of such column types.
  7. I believe there's an XML export option.
  8. You want a proper fulltext index -- MySQL isn't really good at that -- check out Sphinx.
  9. Sure -- post the EXPLAIN results of each part of the UNION separately.
  10. This is *not* how to do it -- don't pretend that it is. It doesn't work "as expected" -- it works by accident. It's trivial to have your DB wrapper consult your schema once.
  11. Look for sql_mode in the my.cnf file. Of course, you shouldn't disable it -- why not enter 0, or NULL? A string isn't a valid number.
  12. fenway

    Sql Help

    Add * first, then add aliases.
  13. Echo the actual string.
  14. Are you trying to audit their activity? Or show this to the user? How many updates do you expect?
  15. Don't use approximate data types with an exact one will do.
  16. What makes you think they're not distinct -- did you check for trailing spaces / whitespace?
  17. MySQL does offer an embedded server, and InnoDB has a ready-only option for CD-ROMs and such.
  18. You can turn on the slow query log.
  19. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/mysql-command-options.html#option_mysql_default-character-set
  20. Yeah, that would make no sense based on set theory -- I'm curious as to why you'd actually want to do this.
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