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Found 91 results

  1. I have this jquery code below. It basically shows a new div when mouse hover over another div. It works. But I noticed that on page load, it sometimes shows 1 or 2 products already hovered and showing the ".show-details" content. This doesn't happen on every page and sometimes it's only 1 product and sometimes it's 2 products. And they vary in the positions on a page. Do you know why it's doing that and how to fix it? By the way, I have ".show-details" set to display: none by default in the CSS file. <script> $(document).ready(function() { $(".product-small").hover(function() { $(this).find('.show-details').fadeIn("fast").css({ display: 'block'}); }, function(){ $(this).find('.show-details').fadeOut("fast").css({ display: 'block'}); }); }); </script>
  2. loading image during ajax process not working properly: my code smthing like this... div to show content and loading image- <div id="adS" style="float: left; width: 70%"> <div id="loading-image" style="background-image: url('images/processing.gif'); display: none;"> </div> </div> jquery code- $(function() { $("#lets_search").bind('submit',function() { var gen = $("input[name='radGen']:checked").val(); var mt = $('#selMtQ').val(); var agf = $('#agf').val(); var agt = $('#agt').val(); var rel = $('#religQ').val(); var cast = $('#selCstQ').val(); $('#loading-image').show(); $.post('adSearch.php',{gen:gen,mt:mt,agf:agf,agt:agt,rel:rel,cast:cast}, function(data){ $("#adS").html(data); $('#loading-image').hide(); }); return false; }); }); The loading image show only one time on click event.. not every time when i click search li... Need help...
  3. hi guys im trying to hide a specific class selector in jquery. where the id and the type attributes are generated dynamically. but dont know how to select and hide it so, as to do a ajax call. can anyone help. here is the code for the jquery: $(".hidden_text_area").click(function(){ $(".hidden_edit_4_session").show(); var hide_status=$(".statusboxes").attr('type'); $(hide_status).find(".statusboxes").hide(); }); and here is the code where the type attribute is which i want to select and hide if the user clicks edit button. $status_list='<fieldset><div class="jumbotron"><div id="'.$updateid.'" type="'.$updateid.'" class="statusboxes">' . '<h3 style="text-align:left; color:black;" class="pull-left">'.$title.'</h3>' . '<span class="pull-right">' . '<div class="dropdown">' . '<button type="button" class="btn btn-danger dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" >' . '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-edit"></span></button>' . '<ul class="dropdown-menu">' . '<li><a href="#" class="hidden_text_area glyphicon glyphicon-pencil" title="Edit this status" >Edit</a></li>'.$statusdeletebutton.'</ul></div></span><br><hr><span class="pull-left"style="font-size:14px; text-align:left; color:black;"><legend>' . $data.'</legend></span><br><b style="text-align:right; color:black;"><small>Posted by:- <a href="search_results.php?u='.$author.'">'.$author. '</a> '.$post_date.'</small></b>' . '<br>'.$status_replies . '</div></div>'.$statusui_edit ;
  4. Guys i'm trying to create a infinite scroll feature for a project of mine and i couldn't make it work in the infinite scroll fashion any inputs would be appreciated. Jquery code: $(document).ready(function(){ var load=0; var sess_uname="<?php echo $session_uname;?>"; var f_uname="<?php echo $f_uname;?>"; var sess_count="<?php echo $total_sess_count;?>"; var f_count="<?php echo $total_friend_count;?>"; if(sess_uname==f_uname){ $(window).scroll(function(){ if($(window).scrollTop()==$(document).height()-$(window).height()){ load++; alert('hai1'); if(load *5 >sess_count){ $(".message").text("no more posts to show"); }else{ $.post("st&com.php", {load:load},function(data){ // $(".status_area").append(data); alert('hai'); }); } } }); } }); here is the php code: $load= (int)($_POST['load'])*2; $sess_id=(int)$_SESSION['id']; $friends = array(); $stmt= $conn->prepare("select friend_one, friend_two from friends where (friend_one=:session OR friend_two=:session) and accepted='1'"); $stmt->bindparam(":session",$_SESSION['uname']); $stmt->execute(); $fetch=$stmt->fetchAll(); $count=count($fetch); if($count==0){ $totalids=$project->totalUpdates1($sess_id,$load); here is the class: public function totalUpdates1($id, $load) { $sql2="SELECT * FROM updates WHERE user_id_u=:id order by time desc limit $load,5"; $stmth= $this->_db->prepare($sql2);//Check here syntax of $db $stmth->bindValue(":id",$id); //$stmth->bindValue(":load",$load); $stmth->execute(); return $stmth->fetchAll(); }
  5. http://www.tirerack.com/content/tirerack/desktop/en/wheels.html See the window where it says "Shop by Vehicle"? Is there a script already out there that does the dropdown search by make/model/year? I am only looking for the front-end code; javascript/jquery code in particular.
  6. Hi again PHP Freaks. So I would like to code something similar to the buy menu of Counter-strike: Global offensive in-game module, just in a browser and for a project of mine. I've made the design in photoshop to illustrate better. I just don't know what I should look into to make this kind of menu, I would love if someone could explain me what languages that this would require. (I'm guessing HTML, CSS and jQuery but I am not sure) more specific help like which particular codes would be much appreciated. Here is a picture of what I would like to create. (Also attached) http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee433/rec0ill/CSGOKeyz_zps4195288a.png
  7. Hi, I am struggling to get a htmnl 5 canavas not to work after the back button is pressed in the browser. I have stopped back button being allowed but it stops me using javascript to use go back which i need. The code is as follows. <?php require('globals.php'); if ($ir['wof_spins'] > 0) { error("You have span the wheel this hour"); //this does not work on page back } ?> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=euc-kr"> <script type='text/javascript' src='http://code.jquery.com/jquery-compat-git.js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' src="js/jquery.transit.min.js"></script> <style type='text/css'> .wheel-wrap { position: relative; width: 550px; height: 550px; overflow: hidden; margin: 0 auto; z-index: 1; } .marker { top: 10px; left: 247px; z-index: 1; position: absolute; } .wheel { top: 90px; left: 74px; width: 550px; z-index: 1; } </style> <script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[ $(function(){ window.WHEELOFFORTUNE = { cache: {}, init: function () { console.log('controller init...'); var _this = this; this.cache.wheel = $('.wheel'); this.cache.wheelMarker = $('.marker'); this.cache.wheelSpinBtn = $('.wheel'); //mapping is backwards as wheel spins clockwise //1=win this.cache.wheelMapping = [400, 120, 80, 750, 150, 300, 60, 175, 500, 125, 75, 1000, 120, 200, 90, 600, 100, 250].reverse(); this.cache.wheelSpinBtn.on('click touchstart', function (e) { e.preventDefault(); if (!$(this).hasClass('disabled')) _this.spin(); }); //reset wheel this.resetSpin(); //setup prize events this.prizeEvents(); }, spin: function () { console.log('spinning wheel'); var _this = this; // reset wheel this.resetSpin(); //disable spin button while in progress this.cache.wheelSpinBtn.addClass('disabled'); /* Wheel has 10 sections. Each section is 360/10 = 36deg. */ var deg = 1500 + Math.round(Math.random() * 1500), duration = 6000; //optimal 6 secs _this.cache.wheelPos = deg; //transition queuing //ff bug with easeOutBack this.cache.wheel.transition({ rotate: '0deg' }, 0) .transition({ rotate: deg + 'deg' }, duration, 'easeOutCubic'); //move marker _this.cache.wheelMarker.transition({ rotate: '-20deg' }, 0, 'snap'); //just before wheel finish setTimeout(function () { //reset marker _this.cache.wheelMarker.transition({ rotate: '0deg' }, 300, 'easeOutQuad'); }, duration - 500); //wheel finish setTimeout(function () { // did it win??!?!?! var spin = _this.cache.wheelPos, degrees = spin % 360, percent = (degrees / 360) * 100, segment = Math.ceil((percent / 6)), //divided by number of segments win = _this.cache.wheelMapping[segment - 1]; //zero based array console.log('spin = ' + spin); console.log('degrees = ' + degrees); console.log('percent = ' + percent); console.log('segment = ' + segment); console.log('win = ' + win); //display dialog with slight delay to realise win or not. setTimeout(function () { $.ajax({ url: 'spinwheel.php', type: 'post', data: {"win":win}, success: function(data) { if(!alert('You have won 짜'+win)) document.location = 'http://samuraiassault.com/loggedin.php'; } }); }, 700); //re-enable wheel spin _this.cache.wheelSpinBtn.removeClass('disabled'); }, duration); }, resetSpin: function () { this.cache.wheel.transition({ rotate: '0deg' }, 0); this.cache.wheelPos = 0; } } window.WHEELOFFORTUNE.init(); });//]]> </script> </head> <body> <!-- By http://jquery4u.com / Sam Deering --> <h3><u>Wheel Of Fortune</u></h3><hr/> <table><tr> <td class="contentcontent" width="100%"> <div class="wheel-wrap"> <img class="wheel" src="images/wheel.jpg" /> <img class="marker" src="images/marker.png" /> </div> </tr> </td> </table><hr/><?php echo $goback; ?><hr/> </body> </html> thanks for you help in advance
  8. I am using this to open contents into a modal window, but in the process I am passing it through loop.php to check if the page exists and then load. Is there a way to completely skip the loop.php file and load my clicked link? $(document).ready(function(){ ///////LINK in a Modal Window//////// $('#all').delegate('a.pop-lnk', 'click', function(){ var page = $(this).attr('id'); $('#gr-out').css({ opacity: 0.7, 'width':$(document).width(),'height':$(document).height()}).show(); $('#popup').css({'display': 'block'}); $('#popup').load("../help-file/loop.php?page="+ page); }); }); The id attr I am getting from this code is my page's name but I need to add the .php extension if is possible so I can load the page.
  9. I have the below code to open contents in a div or modal window and at the same time showing the url that matches the specified page which works as expected, no problems rising: $(document).ready(function(){ ///////LINK in a Div//////// $('#all').delegate('a.img-lnk, a.txt-lnk', 'click', function(){ $('#main').empty(); var page = $(this).attr('id'); var pageurl = $(this).attr('data-seo'); $('#main').load("../"+ page + ".php"); window.history.pushState('','',pageurl); }); ///////LINK in a Modal Window//////// $('#all').delegate('a.pop-lnk', 'click', function(){ var poppage = $(this).attr('id'); var popurl = $(this).attr('data-seo'); $('#popup').load("../char-inf/"+ poppage + ".php"); window.history.pushState('','',"/char-inf/"+ popurl); }); $('body').delegate('.hide-it', 'click', function(){ $('.hide-it').hide(); $('#popup').empty(); window.history.back(); }); }); Problem: If I give you a url of a link in my page e.g. www.example.com/test1 and paste it in your browser the test1 page will open normally, BUT after that if you navigate to page test2 then the new url becomes www.example.com/test1/test2. Is there a way to turn the url at its normal state which would be www.example.com/test2?
  10. I took on the daunting task of reducing the size of a Magento site. Beast that. At any rate, I have 3 different jQuery libraries loading. 1.10.1, 1.11.1, and 2.1.3. Then 2 different migrates which I would think would fix migration issues if I removed the two older versions. But just removing 1.11.1 gives me the error of 'jQuery is not a function, jQuery is not defined.' many times. Understanding no conflict is being used which should kill $ but not jQuery? What is the easiest way for me to migrate to using solely 2.1.3 and killing off the other two libraries? Perhaps a change log to see what has been removed since 1.10.1 and 1.11.1? I'd appreciate any advice on this one as I'm a php developer and write in jQuery but it is not my forte. Thanks
  11. I am having a bit of an issue with ob_flush in particular. What's happening is I am using jquery UI to create a tabbed div. With in one of the DIV's I print out the live output on an apache ant command using ob_flush, however that also seems to flush jquery as well which breaks all of my formating. Once the ant command is complete, the formatting returns to normal. Does any one know any way around this issue? I am assuming that jquery is being flushed as well. Here is the page I am running, the live output of ant is displaying like I would like but like I said the formatting get's flushed <html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/jquery-ui.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/style.css"/> <script src="scripts/jquery-ui.min.js"></script> <script src="scripts/jquery-ui.js"></script> <script language="javascript"> function clearform() { document.getElementById("json").value=""; } </script> <script> $(function() { $( "#tabs" ).tabs(); }); </script> <title>Add Manual Event Data</title> <?php if (empty($_POST["comment"])) { $comment = ""; } else { $cleaned = test_input($_POST["comment"]); $comment = ($_POST["comment"]); } function test_input($data) { $data = trim($data); $data = addslashes($data); return $data; } ?> </head> <body> <div id="tabs" class="body-check"> <ul> <li><a href="#tabs-1">Event By String</a></li> <li><a href="#tabs-2">Add Event Form</a></li> </ul> <div id="tabs-1"> <form method="post" action="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]);?>"> <center><h1>Add Event Data:</h1></center> <p> <textarea id="json" name="comment"><?php echo $comment;?></textarea> </p> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit"> </form> <?php if (isset($cleaned)){ echo '<div id="ant">'; $json_arg = escapeshellarg($cleaned); $proc = popen("sudo /var/www/html/scripts/set_vars.sh $json_arg 2>&1", 'r'); echo '<pre>'; while (!feof($proc)){ echo fread($proc, 1024); @ob_flush(); @flush(); } echo '</pre>'; echo '</div>'; echo '<script>'; echo 'setTimeout( function ( ) { alert( "Event Added!" ); }, 2000 );'; echo 'clearform();'; echo '</script>'; } ?> </div> <div id="tabs-2"> <h1>Hello!</h2> </div> </div> </body> </html>
  12. I want to fetch items from a database and be able to update their quantity by selecting a number from a drop down selection and press the button "Update quantity" to perform the action. I have the following php code: echo '<table border="4"> <tr> <th>ID</th> <th>Item Name</th> <th>Current Quantity</th> <th>New Quantity</th> <th>Update</th> </tr>'; for($i=0 ;$i<$k; $i++) $z = $i+1; //fetch data from database $id = the id of the row that the entry/item is at $item_name = the name of the item $current_quantity = the current quantity of the item //create a table of entries echo '<tr'> <td>'.$z.'</td> <td>'.$item_name.'</td> <td>'.$current_quantity.'</td> <td> <select id="quantity" name="quantity"> <option value="1">1</option> <option value="2">2</option> <option value="3">3</option> . . . </select> </td>'; echo '<td> <button type="button" value="'.$id.'" name="updatebtn" id="updatebtn">Update Quantity</button> </td>'; echo '</tr>'; Where k = number or matches in database The result is something like this: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///ID // Item Name // Current Quantity // New Quantity // Update /// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // 1 // Shoes // 10 // 12 // Update Quantity // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // 2 // T-shirts // 5 // 8 // Update Quantity // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // 3 // Watches // 4 // 2 // Update Quantity // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The first 3 columns are populated by the database and New Quantity by the user. As soon as the user is done with the new quantity he/she presses "Update Quantity" to update the database. Below is the jQuery code i use: $(document).ready(function(){ $('#updatebtn').click(function(){ //i use this value to find the exact entry in the database var id = $('#updatebtn').attr('value'); var quantity_selected = $('select#quantity option:selected').attr('value'); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "js/ajax/updatequantity.php", data: {id: id, new_quantity: quantity_selected} }); //this is for testing alert('ok'); }); }); The updatequantity.php script just takes the new quantity and the row of the entry and updates the value. My problem is: If i press the "Update Quantity" of the item "Shoes", i see the pop-up "ok" and the quantity is updated. But when i try to do the same for the 2 other items (T-shirts and watches), i get nothing. Does my js script has trouble to differentiate between the "Update Quantity" buttons? Is there another approach? ps: i am doing this using wamp on my localhost Thanks in advance.
  13. I am using jcrop to crop images. **This is the form that i upload the image and crop.** <form id="upload_form" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action="upload.php" onsubmit="return checkForm()"> <!-- hidden crop params --> <input type="hidden" id="x1" name="x1" /> <input type="hidden" id="y1" name="y1" /> <input type="hidden" id="x2" name="x2" /> <input type="hidden" id="y2" name="y2" /> <div><input type="file" name="image_file" id="image_file" onchange="fileSelectHandler()" /></div> <div class="error"></div> <div class="step2"> <h2>Step2: Please select a crop region</h2> <img id="preview" /> <div class="info"> <label>File size</label> <input type="text" id="filesize" name="filesize" /> <label>Type</label> <input type="text" id="filetype" name="filetype" /> <label>Image dimension</label> <input type="text" id="filedim" name="filedim" /> <label>W</label> <input type="text" id="w" name="w" /> <label>H</label> <input type="text" id="h" name="h" /> </div> <input type="submit" value="Upload" /> </div> </form> **upload.php file which upload cropped image to *avatar* directory.** <?php function uploadImageFile() { // Note: GD library is required for this function if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') { $iWidth = $iHeight = 200; // desired image result dimensions $iJpgQuality = 90; if ($_FILES) { // if no errors and size less than 250kb if (! $_FILES['image_file']['error'] && $_FILES['image_file']['size'] < 250 * 1024) { if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['image_file']['tmp_name'])) { // new unique filename $sTempFileName = 'avatar/' . md5(time().rand()); // move uploaded file into cache folder move_uploaded_file($_FILES['image_file']['tmp_name'], $sTempFileName); // change file permission to 644 @chmod($sTempFileName, 0644); if (file_exists($sTempFileName) && filesize($sTempFileName) > 0) { $aSize = getimagesize($sTempFileName); // try to obtain image info if (!$aSize) { @unlink($sTempFileName); return; } // check for image type switch($aSize[2]) { case IMAGETYPE_JPEG: $sExt = '.jpg'; // create a new image from file $vImg = @imagecreatefromjpeg($sTempFileName); break; /*case IMAGETYPE_GIF: $sExt = '.gif'; // create a new image from file $vImg = @imagecreatefromgif($sTempFileName); break;*/ case IMAGETYPE_PNG: $sExt = '.png'; // create a new image from file $vImg = @imagecreatefrompng($sTempFileName); break; default: @unlink($sTempFileName); return; } // create a new true color image $vDstImg = @imagecreatetruecolor( $iWidth, $iHeight ); // copy and resize part of an image with resampling imagecopyresampled($vDstImg, $vImg, 0, 0, (int)$_POST['x1'], (int)$_POST['y1'], $iWidth, $iHeight, (int)$_POST['w'], (int)$_POST['h']); // define a result image filename $sResultFileName = $sTempFileName . $sExt; // output image to file imagejpeg($vDstImg, $sResultFileName, $iJpgQuality); @unlink($sTempFileName); return $sResultFileName; } } } } } } $sImage = uploadImageFile(); echo '<img src="'.$sImage.'" />'; ?> My Question: Right now it just upload the cropped image in avatar directory with width and height of 200px. I want to also upload that cropped image in to two other directories 1. avatar1 with width and height of 500px 2. avatar2 with width and height of 700px Any help will be appreciated.
  14. Limit selection of check box My code looks like... foreach($res as $res) echo '<div class="ediv"><input type="checkbox" class="echeck" name="pr[]" value="'.trim($res['product']).'"/>'.trim($res['product']).'</div>'; How to set limit of selection of dynamically created checkboxes...??
  15. Hi everyone Im having a nightmare with javascript again grrrr, I'm just not great with javascript / jquery so basically I have a table with inputs to create an invoice, the reason im using javascript to post the form is because i have to allow for infinite items to be added into the database using json stringify as an array, the problem I have is im trying to force that atleast 1 item be added to the table before posting the data. I am using bootstrap and this hasn't been a problem for all of my other forms because i can just add required to the input but because i have to do this one differently using an a href button This form just wont validate (but it will post the data to the php script) so here is my code: Table with inputs: <tbody style="" class="item ui-sortable-handle"> <tr> <td rowspan="2" class="td-icon"> <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-resize-vertical cursor-move"></i> </td> <td class="td-text"> <input type="hidden" name="invoice_id" value="<?php echo $invoiceNo;?>"> <input type="hidden" name="item_id" value> <div class="input-group"> <span class="input-group-addon">Item</span> <input type="text" name="item_name" class="input-sm form-control" required> </div> </td> <td class="td-amount td-quantity"> <div class="input-group"> <span class="input-group-addon">Quantity</span> <input type="text" name="item_quantity" class="input-sm form-control amount"> </div> </td> <td class="td-amount"> <div class="input-group"> <span class="input-group-addon">Price</span> <input type="text" name="item_price" class="input-sm form-control amount"> </div> </td> <td class="td-amount"> <div class="input-group"> <span class="input-group-addon">Item Discount</span> <input type="text" name="item_discount_amount" class="input-sm form-control amount" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="bottom" title data-original-title="£ Per Item"> </div> </td> <td class="td-amount"> <div class="input-group"> <span class="input-group-addon">Tax Rate</span> <select name="item_tax_rate_id" class="form-control input-sm"> <?php //this section may update based upon selections but for now We have none echo "<option value='0'>None</option>"; ?> </select> </div> </td> <td class="td-icon text-right td-vert-middle"></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="td-textarea"> <div class="input-group"> <span class="input-group-addon">Description</span> <textarea name="item_description" class="input-sm form-control"></textarea> </div> </td> <td colspan="2" class="td-admount td-vert-middle"> <span>Subtotal</span> <br> <span name="subtotal" class="amount"></span> </td> <td class="td-amount td-vert-middle"> <span>Discount</span> <br> <span name="item_discount_total" class="amount"></span> </td> <td class="td-amount td-vert-middle"> <span>Tax</span> <br> <span name="item_tax_total" class="amount"></span> </td> <td class="td-amount td-vert-middle"> <span>Total</span> <br> <span name="item_total" class="amount"></span> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </form> </div> </div> <!-- End of items Tables--> The Save button at the top of the page before the table: <a href="#" class="btn btn-success ajax-loader" id="btn_save_invoice"> And lastly my attempt at the javascript / jquery / ajax: <script type="text/javascript"> $('#btn_save_invoice').click(function () { $('#item_form').validate({ rules: { item_name:{ required: true, message: 'This is required' } }, }); var items = []; var item_order = 1; $('table tbody.item').each(function () { var row = {}; $(this).find('input,select,textarea').each(function () { if ($(this).is(':checkbox')) { row[$(this).attr('name')] = $(this).is(':checked'); } else { row[$(this).attr('name')] = $(this).val(); } }); row['item_order'] = item_order; item_order++; items.push(row); }); $.post("<?php echo url()."Clients/invoice_ajax.php"; ?>", { invoice_id: <?php echo $invoice_id; ?>, invoice_number: $('#invoice_number').val(), invoice_date_created: $('#invoice_date_created').val(), invoice_date_due: $('#invoice_date_due').val(), invoice_status_id: $('#invoice_status_id').val(), invoice_password: $('#invoice_password').val(), items: JSON.stringify(items), invoice_discount_amount: $('#invoice_discount_amount').val(), invoice_discount_percent: $('#invoice_discount_percent').val(), invoice_terms: $('#invoice_terms').val(), custom: $('input[name^=custom]').serializeArray(), payment_method: $('#payment_method').val() }, function (data) { var response = JSON.parse(data); if (response.success == '1') { window.location = "<?php echo url()."Clients/invoice_ajax.php"; ?>/" + <?php echo $invoice_id; ?>; } else { $('#fullpage-loader').hide(); $('.control-group').removeClass('has-error'); $('div.alert[class*="alert-"]').remove(); var resp_errors = response.validation_errors, all_resp_errors = ''; for (var key in resp_errors) { $('#' + key).parent().addClass('has-error'); all_resp_errors += resp_errors[key]; } $('#invoice_form').prepend('<div class="alert alert-danger">' + all_resp_errors + '</div>'); } }); }); </script> Please bare in mind the actual posting section of the form Works perfectly! the only issue is the inputs will not validate before post. here is what the page looks like (i have highlighted the parts that I am referring to in the post: I really am thankful for all the help i get, a huge thank you in advance to anyone who helps with this.
  16. I've got a bit of jQuery that is getting the bit of data that I want to search the page for. This is posted below. $(".pagelink").click(function(){ var myClass = this.className; var number = myClass.substr(myClass.length - 1); }); This bit is working ok. It gets the last bit of the element's class name which is a number incremented by the PHP that echoes it out. Now I want to search the page for a div that has a class that contains that var number. There will be a div somewhere on the page with a class that contains that number. It will be called either row0, row1, row2, row3 etc etc. The div is not a descendant element of the pagelink class, it is somewhere else so I don't think the find() variable is suitable. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  17. i'm trying to make a notification tab work but do not seem to get it right. The dropdown is working fine but the ajax call to newfriends.php is not working right, when viewed with firebug there are no results to be seen in the dropdown.Quite confusing. (note the dropdown menu is located in header and can only be displayed if the session is initialised) here is the ajax used in jquery: function load_notifications(view=''){ $.ajax({ url: "notification/new_friends.php", method: "POST", data:{view:"view"}, dataType:"json", success: function(data){ $(".dropdown-menu").html(data.notification); if(data.unseen_notification>0){ $(".badge1").html(data.unseen_notification); } } }); //$(".dynamic-notification").load("notification/pm_n.php"); // $(".dynamic-notification-f").load("notification/new_friends.php"); }; load_notifications(); $(document).on("click",".count_friend", function(){ load_notifications('yes'); }); //loads every 2 seconds for chat setInterval(function(){load_notifications();},2000); here is the new_friends.php content: <?php include '../includes/dbconfig.inc.php'; if (isset($_POST['view'])) {if($_POST['view'] !=''){ $update="update friends set count='1' where friend_one=:session and count='0'"; $stmt=$conn->prepare($update); $stmt->bindValue(":session", $_SESSION['uname']); $stmt->execute(); } $sql123="select id from friends where friend_two=:sess_uname and count='0'"; $stmt123=$conn->prepare($sql123); $stmt123->bindValue(":sess_uname", $_SESSION['uname']); $stmt123->execute(); $request_count=$stmt123->fetchColumn(); //$count_friend=$stmt123->rowCount(); /*$sql_f_count="select *from user where user_id=:session_id and activated='1' limit 1"; $stmt_f_count=$conn->prepare($sql_f_count); $stmt_f_count->bindValue(":session_id", $_SESSION['id']); $stmt_f_count->execute(); $user_details=$stmt_f_count->fetchAll(); $friend_badge=$user_details[0]['friend_count_badge'];*/ require "notification/friend_request_notification.php"; // $new_friends="<span class='dropdown'><a href='#' data-placement='bottom' class='btn dropdown-toggle' data-toggle='dropdown' title='Friend Requests' data-html='true'><span class='count_friend' style=' height:33px; width:30px;'><span class='badge1 label label-pill'>".$count."</span><img src='img/logo/group-button-white.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></span></a><ul class='dropdown-menu'></ul></span>"; //if($request_count[0]>0){ //$new_friends="<a href='#' data-placement='bottom' class='btn' data-trigger='focus' title='Friend Requests' data-toggle='popover' data-html='true' data-content='".$friend_requests."'><span class='count_friend' style=' height:33px; width:30px;'><img src='img/logo/group-button-white.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></span><span class='badge'>".$friend_badge."</span></a>"; /*}else{ $new_friends="<a href='all_notifications.php'><img src='img/logo/group-button-black.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></a>"; }*/ //echo $new_friends; //} $data=array( 'notification'=>$friend_requests, 'unseen_notification' =>$request_count[0][0] ); and the code for friend requests output: <?php //error_reporting(0); require_once 'includes/dbconfig.inc.php'; $sql = "select * from friends where friend_two=:session and accepted='0' order by friends_date_made asc"; $stmt = $conn->prepare($sql); $stmt->bindparam(":session", $_SESSION['uname']); $stmt->execute(); $numrows = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); $friend_requests=""; if ($numrows < 1) { $friend_requests = "You do not have any friend requests"; echo "$friend_requests"; exit(); } else { foreach ($numrows as $i=>$row1 ) { $reqid = $row1['friend_id']; $user1 = $row1['friend_one']; $datemade = $row1['friends_date_made']; $datemade1 = strftime("%B %d, %y", strtotime($datemade)); $sql = "SELECT * FROM user WHERE uname=:user1 LIMIT 1"; $stmt = $conn->prepare($sql); $stmt->bindparam(":user1", $user1); $stmt->execute(); $thumbrow = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); $user1avatar = $thumbrow[$i]['avatar']; $user1id=$thumbrow[$i]['user_id']; if ($user1avatar =="") { $user1pic = '<img src="img/avatardefault.png" height="50" style="float:left;" width="50" alt="'.$user1.'" class="user_pic">'; } else { $user1pic = '<img src="../user/user/'.$user1id.'/'.$user1avatar.'" height="50" style="float:left;" width="50" alt="'.$user1.'" class="user_pic">';} $friend_requests .= '<li><div id="'.$reqid.'" float="right" class="friendrequests"> <a href="home.php?u='.$user1.'">'. $user1pic .'</a> <div class="user_info '.$reqid.'" id="'.$reqid.'"><small>' . $datemade1 . '</small> <a href="home.php?u='.$user1.'">'.$user1.'</a> is requesting your friendship<br /><br /> <button id="'.$reqid.'" name="'.$_SESSION['uname'].'" sess="'.$_SESSION['id'].'" class="accept_btn btn btn-warning">Accept</button><span class="show-spinner"></span> or <button id="'.$reqid.'" name="'.$_SESSION['uname'].'" sess="'.$_SESSION['id'].'" class="reject_btn btn btn-warning">Reject</button> </div> </div><hr></li>'; } }
  18. Hi all ! The following piece of code works fine. <?php $myVar1 = "best1"; $myVar2 = "best2"; ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> <title>SWFObject 2 dynamic publishing example page</title> <!-- <script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script> --> <script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var myVal1 = "<?php echo $myVar1; ?>"; var myVal2 = "<?php echo $myVar2; ?>"; var flashvars = { myVar1: myVal1, myVar2: myVal2 }; swfobject.embedSWF("AS3_swf_php_comm_1.swf", "myswf", "550", "400", "9.0.0", false, flashvars); </script> </head> <body> <div id="myswf"> <h1>Alternative content</h1> <h2> Best </h2> </div> </body> </html> I wish to convert the following bit : <script type="text/javascript"> var myVal1 = "<?php echo $myVar1; ?>"; var myVal2 = "<?php echo $myVar2; ?>"; var flashvars = { myVar1: myVal1, myVar2: myVal2 }; swfobject.embedSWF("AS3_swf_php_comm_1.swf", "myswf", "550", "400", "9.0.0", false, flashvars); </script> into a file jquery file movie.js thereby removing the above inline code. Please can someone help me convert this or convert it for me. Thanks all !
  19. Hello, I want to add a process that will trigger a show of advertisement or opening a new tab when the user close a the tab or browser. $(window).bind("beforeunload", function(e) { window.open(URL+'ads', '_blank'); return 'You are closing the browser'; }); The window.open and the return message is both not working. I tried also other possibilities but window.open is not working. Anyone knows about this?
  20. I am retriving records from mysql database that has expiry time limit. The time in the database is saved in "minutes". So for one hour, it'll be "3600" minutes. That's all fine. Now what I am trying to do is create a countdown clock using Javascript/jquery and I have ran into a bit of a problem. 1. I am retriving multiple records from the database that all have a countdown timer. Currently, it's only taking the time value of the first record and using that for all the records. I would like to know how I can make it so that each record will have it's own countdown timer value? 2. Everytime I refresh a page, it will reset the timer. How can I fix this? Here's my code. <?php foreach($rows as $row) { $get_expiry_time = $row['expiry_time']; <div class="record"> <div class="timer"> </div> </div> } ?> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ var countDownTime = <?php echo $get_expiry_time; ?>; function countDownTimer() { var hours = parseInt( countDownTime / 3600 ) % 24; var minutes = parseInt( countDownTime / 60 ) % 60; var seconds = countDownTime % 60; var result = (hours < 10 ? "0" + hours : hours) + ":" + (minutes < 10 ? "0" + minutes : minutes) + ":" + (seconds < 10 ? "0" + seconds : seconds); $('.timer').html(result); if(countDownTime == 0 ){ countDownTime = 60*60*60; } countDownTime = countDownTime - 1; setTimeout(function(){ countDownTimer() }, 1000); } countDownTimer(); }); </script>
  21. I have couple jquery codes in a single file: $(document).ready(function(){ $('#all').delegate('a.link', 'click', function(){ //more code here }) $('body').delegate('.nice', 'click', function(){ //more code here }) }); This works great but is it better to close each function using ; symbol? Even if I do or not the code works ok, BUT whats the correct way?
  22. Is there a way to change the url in the code below using window.history.pushState dynamically to match the "page" variable? $(document).ready(function(){ $('#all').delegate('a.pop-lnk', 'click', function(){ var page = $(this).attr('id'); $('#popup').load("../folder/"+ page + ".php"); window.history.pushState('','','/page'); }); });
  23. Hello there friends I have an select box and I would like to define the alue of the selects with array. Like this: var price_list= new Array(); price_list["-"]=0; price_list["bronze"]=5; price_list["silver"]=10; price_list["gold"]=15; The I have a Selectbox where <form action="" id="metal" onsubmit="return false;" <select id="a" name="metals" class="form-select"> <option value="-">-</option> <option value="bronze">bronze</option> <option value="silver">silver</option> <option value="gold">gold</option> </select> And performig calculations with following script (that works fine if the value is directly in select). And obviously there is another select (#b) but that is just numbers so I didn show it here. $(document).ready(function() { function compute() { var a = $('#metals').val(); var b = $('#b').val(); var total = a * b * 1.22; $('#result').text(total); } $('#metals, #b').change(compute); }); I just get returned NaN If you have an answer then please hit
  24. I'm trying to make a quiz powered by PHP and jQuery, with all the data (questions, answers, ID's, etc.) stored in a database. My current code attaches a radio button to each answer in a list... <li class="Answer '.$QID.'-'.$Value.' '.$Correct.'" id="'.$QID.'"><label>'.$Value.'. <input name="q'.$QID.'" input data-key="'.$Value.'" type="radio"> '.$QA.'</label></li> Taking a tip from a commercial quiz I saw online, I'd like to remove the radio button (and presumably the form it's a part of, using some CSS to make each answer look something like a button... <li class="Answer '.$QID.'-'.$Value.'" id="'.$QID.'">'.$QA.'</li> However, the commercial quiz is written in JavaScript, which is very hard for me to follow. So I'm trying to create something similar using more PHP (and jQuery). I'm now trying to figure out how to "capture" a value for each question, based on the answer selected by a visitor. For example, let's say someone chose B as the answer to the first question. The ID ($QID) for that question and each associated answer is the numeral 1. The value for $QID-$Value for that particular answer is 1-B. Let's say I create a variable - $Answer1 - to store an ID or value for a user's answer choice for the first question. So, in this case, $Answer1 = '1-B' (if we go with $QID-$Value) or simply 'B' if we just go with $Value. I'm not sure exactly how to capture these values. I don't even know what I should be using - PHP, jQuery or AJAX. Just to get started, all I want to do is give $Answer1 the value for whatever answer the user chooses. So $Answer1 should equal 'B' in this case. Can anyone tell me how to do that, or at least tell me if I should be using PHP, jQuery or AJAX to accomplish it? Thanks.
  25. Quick question that I have not been able to find on the internet. Go figure. Can you apply the jQuery :eq(index) to a selection menu? I use it for list items but have been unsuccessful at using it for a selection menu. Probably because they aren't an ordered list? So I've probably answered my own question there. What could I use in it's place for a selection menu? I'm indexing the actual line item referenced to know what to load thusly... $('.tab-content div.tab:eq(' + $('#tab-menu > li').index(this) + ')').slideDown('slow'); Really need to do the same thing with a selection menu but google has not helped me out so far.
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