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Why use .class.php instead .php?


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I name my classes xxx.cls.php and if yyy extends or xxx, xxx_yyy.cls.php just the naming convention I use (helps with the __autoload I use).


Hope we are all on php 5 and using the __autoload function (which I think is the best function ever added to php!) save syou so much time and ensures you don't go including all kind of rubbish you don't need.

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my naming conventions are like this for the same reason ToonMariner suggested - autoload.


I have a 'libs' directory, typical files like:


class.mysql.php - class called 'mysql'

base.component.php - class called 'component' but generally a base/abstract class rather than one that should be used alone.

funcs.general.php - general functions

funcs.math.php - just as it says.


it generally just means shaving time off actually finding stuff as well as allowing more automation when including relevent files.

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As people have touched on earlier, I believe the postfix .class.php is applied to avoid confusion when using the __autoload magic function.  Just a guess.  But say I used display php pages parallel to classes then the confusion would arise when I have members.php and members.php; the former being a page that displays the members using the members class to works with a DAO to return all necessary information.  Think of phpBB they do something.. similar.. however they separate their classes, well, includes, with a folder.  So meh.

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