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  1. Good visuals, good semantic coding, and only one small problem that I can see. Your gradient at the bottom, with the "top of the page" link is, I feel too tall of a gradient in relation to the footer content. Scale it down some.
  2. Ha HA! Finally, you used light colours! This looks pretty good. Three things: First, add some margin at the top of the page, so it doesn't just run up against the top like that, unless it's a key design element (which as far as I can tell, it's not). Second, what's with the table to the right? I don't really see the use for that. And finally, I don't really see the point of that progressbar. I don't even see it, the page loads so fast.
  3. [code]<div id="wrapper" style="margin:0px auto;">
    <div style="width:643; height:74;" ><img src="#" width='643' height='74' alt="img0" /></div>
    <div style="width:643; height:30;padding:0px;" ><img src="#" width="171" height="30" alt="img1" /><img src="#" width="85" height="30" alt="img2" /><img src="#" width="79" height="30" alt="img3" /><img src="#" width="121" height="30" alt="img4" /><img src="#" width="188" height="30" alt="img5" /></div>
    Actually, no, don't do that. That's bad. It uses inline style definitions and won't solve the problem. Instead, do this:
    <div id="header">
        <div id="header_img"><img src="#" width="643" height="74" alt="img0" /></div>
        <div id="header_img_row"><img src="#" width="171" height="30" alt="img1" /><img src="#" width="85" height="30" alt="img2" /><img src="#" width="79" height="30" alt="img3" /><img src="#" width="121" height="30" alt="img4" /><img src="#" width="188" height="30" alt="img5" /></div>
    Then attach this piece of code to your stylesheet:
    div#header_img_row img {
          margin: 0px;
          padding: 0px;
    By doing that, there won't be any spacing to the images.
  4. [quote author=Ifa link=topic=102289.msg406520#msg406520 date=1154359837]
    Or you can use text-align:right and left
    I don't think that's what he's after. I think that he means blocks of text, like on Wikipedia. Besides, that won't let them stack next to one another, they'll just go one on one line, and one on the other.
  5. Of course not. It's class="nesfact". Style declarations are also not HTML tags-instead of an equals sign, you should have a colon and at the end a semicolon. You have it right in your font-size and color declarations, so I don't know why you didn't do it right that way-though given that the align isn't even a CSS property, it probably doesn't matter.. Also, if you want to have those h1 and h2 tags show up that way inside the newsfacts class, you don't nest them like that-you make them a separate declaration, only you would write them like .newsfacts h1 or h2. That tells it to apply the property to the newsfacts, and then only to h1 tags within that class.

    Basically, your CSS code is terrible. Here's how it should look when it's well-formed:
    [code].newsfacts { background-color: #2299FF; }
    h1 { font-size: 8pt; color:#AA5522; text-align: left;}
    h2 { font-size: 4pt color:#DD9955; text-align: center;}[/code]

    Just a quick tip: pt sizes are for printing, and generally don't work the same accross all browsers.
    And a question: why are you using a table for that? I don't quite get the reasoning as to why you've used it there-if all you're using is one cell, why not just make it a <div> instead?
  6. The contact page is really fairly cluttered. The contact information, after which the page is named, probably shouldn't be at the bottom of the page. Add borders-blocks of colour just aren't cool. Add some spacing to the images-the way that they just run up against the text right now doesn't look very good. Your use of an IFramed Google Calendar isn't very professional either. The font should probably go sans-serif too. Your navigation might want to be re-thought out, maybe make them tabs? The way they are now isn't very pretty. Finally, on your contact page, in the public transportation section, make it so the images don't stick out of the sentence so much.
  7. What's with the space between the colour value and the closing semicolon. Also, I think that I remember reading something about a specific order for that... but I don't quite remember it.
  8. I'd link you to some articles on the subject, but they seem to be experiencing technical difficulties.
    All I can say is that the code is easier, the design is more flexible, it makes semantic sense, and it makes your site more accessible to the disabled.
  9. Well, if I WAS critiquing the functional side, I would critique the invalid/deprecated code and tables, as well as the use of images for text. But I'm not. Instead, I'll critique the graphical side of things. Graphically, it's good, and except for the divider to the left and the ugly horizontal rules in the main content, this looks pretty good.
  10. This forum is for critique, not for soliciting. That being said, on to the review!
    Your site, while looking cool, has an issue in that the code is terrible. And your forums are still the default phpBB skin. Outside of that, this isn't too bad.
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